Wolf Moon

rustles and scrapings in the dark
chittering music that breeds attention
to absence, outer circle of craving,
blue circle of loneliness

so I thought
this is where God talks
and I am not ready to listen

to the frost-rimed leaves
underfoot, not ready
for sounds of water,
what cold sand says,

or to wolves I saw yesterday
behind a chainlink fence

apart from anything I know
their eyes told me nothing,

looking past me toward the hills
where some indefinable shape
motions me to come on

by Jeanne Lohmann

First published in 4th Street: January/February 2003

Jeanne Lohmann migrated from the midwest to northwest via Denver, San Francisco. She has had a lifelong love affair with poetry, and is committed to that vocation. Jeanne enjoys doing workshops and readings. Her recent collections in print include BETWEEN SILENCE AND ANSWER, and GRANITE UNDER WATER, a prose memoir, GATHERING A LIFE. Have about completed a new mss, A HABIT OF CONVERSATION. Jeanne notes that she "appreciate the way OPN enables and encourages poets in our community."

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