1. A Longing for the Light - Selected Poems of Vincente Aleixandre edited by Lewis Hyde.

2. You Can't Have Everything by Richard Shelton.

3. Morning in the Burned House by Margaret Atwood.

4. Firstborn by Louise Glück.

5. Splitting and Binding by Pattiann Rogers.

6. The Country Between Us by Carolyn Forché.

7. The Selected Poems of Frank O'Hara edited by Donald Allen.

8. The Gold Cell by Sharon Olds.

9. A Stranger to Heaven and Earth by Anna Akhmatova.

10. The Survivor and Other Poems by Tadeusz Rózewicz.

11. Myths and Texts by Gary Snyder.

12. The Spanish Dark and Other Poems by Howard McCord.

13. Ring of Bone by Lew Welch.

14. Making Sure It Goes On by Richard Hugo.

15. Human Wishes by Robert Hass.

16. The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson edited by Martha Dickinson Bianchi and

Alfred Leete Hampson.

17. Shelter by Laura Jensen.

18. The Time, The Hour, The Solitariness of the Place by Louis Phillips.

19. The Transparence of the World by Jean Follain (Translated by W. S. Merwin).

20. Simplicity by Ruth Stone.

21. Awake by Dorianne Laux.

22. The Book of Nightmares by Galway Kinnell.

23. A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

24. Geography III by Elizabeth Bishop.

25. 1933 by Philip Levine.

26. New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver.

27. Bells in Winter by Czeslaw Milosz.

28. Too Bright to See by Linda Gregg.

29. Praise by Robert Hass.

30. Walking Down the Stairs by Galway Kinnell.


Olympia Poetry Network Board Members suggest anything by the following Poets:

Mary Oliver

William Stafford

Rainier Maria Rilke

Denise Levertov

Donald Hall

Tess Gallagher

Emily Dickinson

Gary Snyder

W. B. Yeats



1. Relearning the Alphabet by Denise Levertov.

2. My Town by David Lee.

3. Scene From the Movie Giant by Tino Villanueva.

4. In a Time of Violence by Eavan Boland.

5. To the Quick by Heather McHugh.

6. Sands of the Well by Denise Levertov.

7. Alive Together by Lisel Mueller.

8. West Wind by Mary Oliver.

10. Sun Under Wood by Robert Hass.

11. Mountains and Rivers Without End by Gary Snyder.