The Blue Dragon Climbs the Wall as Jim Bill Reads

“Everything else except words are stories,” the poet said.
Still the dragon behind him climbs frantically up the wall

afraid of being trapped in reality by metaphors,
or maybe, afraid of his own fiery voice.

Claws splay out like vitriol and malice.
No wit from him, even if the audience laughs,

even if their heads nod in acceptance of the declared truth.
Dragon eyes bulge from the task of the getaway:

who doesn’t want the convenience of
“Happily ever after” or “flying into the sunset”.

by Cynthia Pratt

Cynthia Pratt has a teaching degree from Humboldt State College in California and a master's degree in environmental studies from The Evergreen State College in Olympia. She resides in Lacey, Washington with her husband and works as a Biologist with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Her poems have been published in Jeopardy, Crab Creek Review, Steelhead Special, Exhibition, Pontoon, and other publications. Her poems also appeared on Seattle Metro buses chosen by the Seattle Arts and Bus Program and on the Tacoma buses chosen by the Tacoma Arts Commissions' Bus Poetry Contest. Other awards include those from the Washington Poet's Association, Washington Writer's Association and from the Signpost Press.

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