1. fire eats hawk eats snake eats tail feeds snake vanishes.
2. canyon hides canyon hides canyon.
3. fog hides smoke hides fog; water hides water. smoke hides smoke.
4. canyon hides smoke, smoke hides canyon.
5. cash buys land bleeds trees make cash.
6. stream bathes trout dimple surface mirrors canyon gathers stream.

by Bill Yake

Bill Yake is the author of three poetry chapbooks, Confluence (Radiolarian Press, 1995), Giving Critters Short Shrift (Radiolarian Press, 1996) and The Faces of Birds (Scatter Creek Press, 1998). His poetry has also been published in Wilderness Magazine, Fine Madness, Puerto del Sol, the Seattle Review, convolvulus, and several anthologies. He has poems pending in Willow Springs and Many Mountains Moving.

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