Paul Gillie Memorial Workshop Series (2014)


The Olympia Poetry Network presents a series of poetry workshops held in Olympia Timberland Library. Meeting Room. (313 Eighth Ave. SE, Downtown Olympia).  These workshops are free and open to the public.  They are named in honor of our friend Paul Gillie who, for years, brought poetry to the South Sound as a poet, and as a board member of the Olympia Poetry Network and of the Washington Poets Association.


These workshops are coordinated by Joanne Clarkson (360-701-2030)



Monday, September 15 (6:308:00 pm): "40 Things to Do with a Poem." Workshop Leader: Joanne Clarkson.


40 Things to Do with a Poem, is the lead-off workshop in the Fall 2014 Paul Gillie Memorial series sponsored by the Olympia Poetry Network. Poet Joanne Clarkson will present the workshop. From where and how to publish in print and media to gifts, displays, cooperative ventures, Clarkson shares ideas about how to get poetry from poet to audience. Writing exercises will be included. This workshop is inspired by Paul Gillie whose poem, Bread, was proudly displayed in a bakery for months!


Monday, October 6 (6:308:00 pm): "Many Voices, Many Stories: Poetry as Biography and Memoir " Workshop Leader: Linda Strever.


Is there a story that haunts you? Do you want to bring it closer, find its heart, release it? This workshop will focus on the unique capacity of poetry to capture a sense of character and narrative, time and place. Drawing from her experiences in researching and creating Against My Dreams, a collection of narrative poems in the voice of her immigrant grandmother, Linda Strever will provide examples and exercises designed to move compelling stories from conception into voice.

Monday, December 1 (6:308:00 pm): Subject to be announced. Workshop Leader: Suzanne Simons - teacher and writer.