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The Honourable Aleksandr Ruslanovich, called Yevsha

Aleksandr is the third guildmaster (or "First Speaker") of the Carolingian Guild of Storytellers. He is a member of the Order of the Maunche and is principal of the Carolingian Order of the Moon. He received a troubadour from their majesties Gregor and Christance, and served as Storyteller to the King under Lucan IV, Timothy II, and Brion. He was honoured with the Cypher of both King Timothy II and King Brion. He tends to draw his stories from Russian mythology and his own uninteresting life. He is also manager of the commedia troupe, i Sebastiani

Alan Fairfax

Alan Fairfax lives in the Middle Kingdom

Lord Alessandro the Storyteller

Alessandro has served as First Speaker for the Carolingian Guild of Storytellers and was autocrat of the second Festival of Storytelling.

Aliénor d'Eure

Aliénor d'Eure is a vaguely French noblewoman in a vaguely defined time period, say, 1200-1300's, though the name appears to have been passed matrilineally, as her descendants also share it. :) In other words she is the catch-all persona of a SCAdian named Erin, who plays in the Barony of Carolingia with widely varying degrees of frequency. Aliénor/Erin's interests include sewing, knitting, music, storytelling, and lots of other interesting things that she doesn't have time to pursue.

Mistress Anne of Framlingham

Anne Livermore Rookey splits her time between working in the IT department at Brandeis University and parenting an active daughter. In her copious spare time she is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where she tells stories from medieval verse epics.

Lord Christian von Jaureggk

Christian is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild.

Eleni of Carolingia

The George Herbert poetry is recommended by Eleni of Carolingia, mka Jennifer McCabe, who has no pretensions of authorship whatsoever but enjoys late-period poetry.

Jennifer is a Librarian Ass't (Aquisitions Continuations Library Ass't, to be specific) at Tufts University's Tisch Arts & Sciences Library. Tufts is known as Ivory Keep in the SCA. Eleni is a story/poem-collectress.

Jennifer/Eleni is blonde, blue-eyed, 5'6", and of course interested in Storytelling. Jennifer's married; Eleni's single. Age? Indefinite :)


Julianne Toomey-Kautz works in her real life as an elementary Library Media Specialist and would like to have more time to play around in the Middle Ages as Elisabeth, but recently married and setting up housekeeping and hunting for a new job prohibit this.

Fujimoto Saburo-sensei

Fujimoto is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild.

Fujiwara no Aoi

Fujiwara no Aoi-hime is a tenth century Japanese noblewoman from the capital of Heian-kyo. Her pastimes include producing the perfect colour to reflect the occasion, her mood, and the season, gossiping, and trying to get her Master, Ohashi Katsutoshi-wake, to dress his station.

Kass McGann is a historical clothing researcher specializing in Irish, Highland Scottish and Japanese dress. She runs the site Reconstructing History to educate the Internet public about historic clothing from all over the world (especially Japan and Ireland). In her spare time, she designs web pages.

Brother Marcus Improbus

Although Brother Marcus lives in Stonemarche, he is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild.

The Sir Michael of York

Sir Michael is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild. His recipe for mead set the standard for brewing in the Knowne World.

Lady Morwenna Westerne

Morwenna Westerne was born in Cornwall during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. She traveled to London to be properly educated as befits her noble station. She is a charter member of the Carolingian Guild of Storytellers. She served as Bardic Champion to the King of the East (for the reigns of Brion, Hanse II, and Lucan V). She is a companion of the Maunche and of the Carolingian Order of the Moon. Her stories tend to be drawn from classical sources and she is overly fond of reciting racy Latin poetry.

Abigail Weiner can hardly remember a time when she wasn't studying ancient culture. She has a Masters degree in Old World Art and Archaeology and did her undergraduate work in Greek and Latin literature with a concentration on Roman domestic religion. She has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for over 10 years.


Quiteria is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild.

Sayeeda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi

Tahira is a member of the Carolingian Storytellers Guild.




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