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Take a look at these latest additions to the site:

Information has been culled from a number of places and people but particular thanks must go to Mike Bennett, who was kind enough to donate to the cause a complete collection of Motoring News newspapers dating from 1969 to 1998.

See John Robinson's Motor Racing Home Page for more.

Unless stated otherwise, all text is copyright John Robinson with updates and additions by David R. Flesher. Where possible, sources of information are acknowledged.

Hello, from David R. Flesher, the new site maintainer. I just took over the site from John [August 2000]. Thanks to John and Domenick for the material. I welcome any suggestions and error notifications as I have been updating this on the commuter train!

My car info [Royale RP-18] is in the register. I originally found the site while searching for information about my car - John has a Royale too. I am using this to increase my web development skills. As time allows, updates and improvements will be added. I consider this to be a global FSV community site. Keep sending info from Europe, etc! Information from the HFSVR, the list of names, will not be used for purposes other than intended [Meek attempt at a privacy statement].

If you are a Type IV jockey like me... See the Shop Talk Forums too.

For my email, I use a free service from BIGFOOT.COM to forward my email to my real account. If/when I change providers, my email ID does not have to change to the outside world.

There is a free re-direct to this site, DRIVE.TO/FSV, provided by This eliminates a long-winded URL and provides for future portability. John Robinson's Super Vee site also re-directs to here.

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Formula Super Vee History

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Formula Super Vee Drivers

Super Vee has helped launch many careers, such as Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Lyendyk for example, who raced Super Vees in Europe and the USA before moving onto Indycars. Keke Rosberg raced in both the German and European Super Vee series, after graduating from Formula Vee.

In later years the USA series, which ran for far longer than any other Super Vee series, spawned drivers such as Al Unser Jr. (who won the Bosch sponsored championship in 1981) and Michael Andretti (who won it in 1982). For early results, see the SCCA Champion Archives - scroll down about 2/3rds of the way.

Check out WWW.ZOOMPICS.COM for photos of many different classes from 1977-2000. A who's who of USA racing!

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Formula Super Vee Manufacturers

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Historic Formula Super Vee Register

Since building the first version of the register, a number of Super Vee owners have contacted me with information on both air-cooled and water-cooled cars. Super Vee owners may be small in number at the moment, but they more than make up for this in enthusiasm, and I am very grateful to them for the information. I am particularly grateful to Bill Barham and Domenick Billera who contributed information on U.S.-based cars. Domenick maintains his own Super Vee register and we are attempting to keep the two lists up to date.

Some entries have a link to a photograph of the car and, where possible, I have provided contact information in the form of email addresses for owners.

If in doubt about any car please Get in touch

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Current Racing Series With Super Vee classes

In the UK the Derek Bell Trophy Series is run by the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) and caters for any wings and slicks single seater built prior to 31st December 1979, plus older Clubman's sports racing cars.

The specific classes are:

Due to the popularity of the FIA series for old F1 cars, Class A is mainly Formula 5000 cars. The series is getting bigger all the time (the first race in the first year of the series in 1996 had 5 entries, the last one in 1997 had around 33 cars). As the fields get bigger the problem of the speed differential between the cars gets bigger but we can hope one day they will have enough cars to split the series into two races - fast and slow.

I was grateful (again) to Dr. Michael Kaske who told me of a similar series running the USA also started around 1995. The series is called Formula 70 and runs with Formula Super Vee, Formula Atlantic, Formula 5000, Indy cars of the seventies, and some early Formula Continental. The largest group of cars are the Atlantics, which must be flat bottom cars. Apparently there is one water cooled Super Vee that puts many of the atlantic cars to shame. Every year the group is getting larger. Formula 70 is run by the Monoposto Register , who also run a class for pre-70 Formula Vee in their Monoposto series. Also, there is Cornthians in Texas, and COMMA (Competition Motorsports Association) in Tulsa, Oklahoma and VARA in California. VARA has three SV classes:

Outside of the historic scene in the USA, Super Vees are legal for Sports Car Club of America Formula Atlantic and Formula Continental amateur competition. They are also legal for SCCA C/Sports Racer with full sports car body work.

The German based Historischer Formel Vau series also has classes for Super Vee. Details will be added to this page when I have time.

In the Netherlands, there is a vintage racing club called "HMR" which regulary organize event's at Zandvoort and the Assen. I understand that there are races for which Super Vees are eligible. Run by "Helana van der Wouden" with a website at

I understand that the German Open championship will also include a class for air-cooled Super Vees from 1998, although I have yet to see a formal announcement of this.

In France the wonderfully named "Oldiescup" looks as though Super Vees would be welcomed, although I have not seen the formal regulations. Opposition would include some fairly late model machines, including pre-86 Formula Ford 1600. Also formed in 1998, F3Classic includes pre-1985 Super Vees.

Historic Race Finland organize a series of races which include a number of single seater classes. These are currently dominated by Formula Vees, but Super Vees would also be eligible. A page full of Finnish pics.

In Sweden, there is the SWEDISH RHK-CUP.

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It's here !! - the Historic Formula Super Vee Newsletter

Following a suggestion from Domenick Billera, it is highly likely that a regular newsletter will be produced this year, covering Super Vee activity around the world. Initially Domenick will be contributing news from the USA and John Robinson will be contributing news from Europe. If anyone has Super Vee news Domenick and John may be contacted via the following email addresses:

The Latest News - Super Vee USA and Super Vee Europe

Super Vee USA and Super Vee Europe are two internet-based newsletters which aim to promote the cause of Historic Formula Super Vee. Currently produced by Domenick Billera and John Robinson, contributions from others are welcomed. Contact details are provided at the top of each newsletter.

Super Vee USA Super Vee Europe
Volume 1, Number 1, March 98 Volume 1, Number 1, March 98
Volume 1, Number 2, June 98 Volume 1, Number 2, June 98
Volume 1, Number 3, August 98 Stop Press
Volume 1, Number 4, October 98


Volume 1, Number 5, December 98 Volume 1, Number 3, December 98
Volume 2, Number 1, February 99


Volume 2, Number 2, April 99


Volume 2, Number 3, June 99


Volume 2, Number 4, July 99 Volume 2, Number 1, July 99
Volume 2, Number 5, Sept 99


Volume 2, Number 6, Dec 99


Volume 3, Number 1, Aug 00


Volume 3, Number 2, Nov 00


Volume 5, Number 1, Apr 02


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30th Year Anniversary Reunion Information - June 2001

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Get in touch

[If adding to the register, please include the year, serial number, and something interesting like its history or a web link. Thanks]

Email -- David R. Flesher

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