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Hello! You've accessed my pages of various unrelated projects and hobbies. Probably you've come to see either my Spitz fansite, or possibly my PK Girl site. They're both here below.

group pic My Blog
We'll see how long it lasts.
idolcraft thumb Idolcraft
An idol-training simulation with an RPG flavor. Give it a try!
group pic Rurara SPITZ Fansite
Because there aren't a lot of them, I started this site about the Japanese rock band "Spitz".
laurie The PK Girl
This is a game of interactive fiction I made in 2002. It's a text input game with music and some graphics.
card fan My Magic
There are some neat things you can do with cards.
musical notes My Music
Shall I make you hear some of my midis?
blade golem Mage Knight Variants
I used to like this game. Collected about a hundred of those damned figures. I don't think anyone looks at this page (if they ever did).
robots The Great Assembly
Here's a short story I helped my friend write. We're quite proud of how terrible it is.

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