08-18-06 update -- Release 4 is the latest version. The minimum score for a special ending has been lowered to 40. Also more bug fixes and miscellaneous minor changes. Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs over the years! I don't plan to update the game again.

The PK Girl is an interactive adventure written by Robert Goodwin, featuring graphics by CG artist Nanami Nekono, and music by MIDI composers Helen Trevillion and Oya-G. The game's story is divided into seven chapters, with multiple endings and many optional challenges. The game was originally entered in the 8th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition Fall 2002 and placed 6th. (If you happen to be new to interactive fiction, there's also a good page there on What Interactive Fiction Is)

screenshot of The PK Girl

This game was written with ADRIFT and requires the ADRIFT Runner v4.0, a freeware interpreter that runs under most Windows platforms. You can obtain this program at the Official ADRIFT website. You will need v4.0 Release 40 or higher for The PK Girl to play correctly.
(If you are running Windows in a language other than English you may need to set non-unicode program support to English)
For non-Windows users, The PK Girl can be played using jAsea or SCARE as an interpreter, but please note that I have not tested the game extensively on these.

The game itself is also free and can be downloaded at any of the following three sites:

The PK Girl is interactive fiction. While graphics and sound play a supporting role, gameplay is text-based. You communicate your intention by typing in simple commands in English, such as GO NORTH, TAKE THE DOLL, EAT CHEESCAKE, PLAY THE FRENCH HORN, LOOK BEHIND THE COUCH, HIT THE CLOWN, and so on. Many common commands have abbreviations, such as I for INVENTORY. If you've never played this sort of game before, don't worry, it isn't hard. Type HELP during the game for more information. Or consult Adam Cadre's Interactive Fiction -- Getting Started page for a quick run-down on playing IF in general.

Characters in The PK Girl

Click on a character to view a page with info and tips on achieving her ending. It is not recommended that you look at these tips unless you actually need them! Also, a section below provides general hints for the game.

Laurie Hemmings Cassie Hemmings
Monika Ethan
Dustin Aileen
Jerrick Stein Josie Stein
Saffy Lee Bengte
Katryn Bellacue Octalus

Follow this link for extensive HINTS. You can view them one at a time.

About the Multimedia used in The PK Girl

If you're interested in the graphics and sound from this game, below are links to the websites of the artist and composers. You'll find there the images and sound files that appeared in The PK Girl as well as other original works. (All multimedia in The PK Girl was used with permission from the respective artist or composer)


Metamorphose   Japanese site.
All the images from the game can be found here. Click on "artworks" to view them and other beautiful CG.


Destiny's Palace   English site.
Half of the game's soundtrack was composed by this talented individual.
purify -integrated workstation-   Japanese site.
Many of the fast songs were composed by this Japanese artist/composer. However, at the present they seem to be offline. If/when they return, "Gallery" is where you'll probably find them.
Terminal Origin   Japanese site.
Here you can download the song that is played in the research complex. Click on "Music is The Phantom Impact", then on the first link after "MIDI DATA", then on "Infinia")


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