Cassandra Hemmings

Young Cassie, Laurie's beloved sister, is the target of a planned kidnapping that you witness. But despite her misfortune, her carefree personality continues to prevail even after. She looks up to her older sister much.

First appearance: Chapter 1, in the mall
You will first see Cassie in the ice cream parlor, but you will not learn her name until after she is abducted.

General Strategy: Unlike her sister Laurie, how well you do with Cassie will not depend on what you say in conversation, save for in a few places. The most important points will come when you visit the plaza together. There is a window of time in Chapter 4 during which you can talk to Cassie and consent to take her to the park. (You will not be able to cook dinner with Monika if you take Cassie to the park)

Important Points: