Joseline Stein

Jerrick's playful young sister takes an immediate liking to you. If you treat her as more than a diversion, her initially shallow affection for you will deepen.

First appearance: Chapter 4 in the mall briefly, Chapter 5 at her house
In order to meet Josie you must do the following:
1. Choose menu option #3 when speaking with Jerrick in the plaza
2. Answer the knock at the door during dinner
3. When Jerrick leaves to handle a call on his cellphone, don't wait meekly in the reception room like he tells you to.

General Strategy: Josie will probably be the last girl that you will meet, if you meet her at all. However, getting her to like you does not take much convincing. Spend as much time with her as you can, whenever you can. You will not get a lot of opportunities.

Important Points: