Katryn Bellacue

Katryn is the vice-director of an obscure research organization linked to the kidnappings of youth with psychic abilities, but Katryn's own personal designs do not become clear until the very end. Her estimations and expectations of you are high from the start. She watches to see how you fulfill them.

First appearance: Chapter 4, in the plaza
You will meet Katryn for the first time in the back of a cafe.

General Strategy: Since there are a limited number of scenes in which you can interact with Katryn, it is vital that you make a good impression with her. You will score points for how you handle situations that arise in the course of the story, and for responding appropriately to her come-ons. As Katryn's story is interwoven with Dustin's, it is near impossible to win with her if you have not met Dustin in the bar in Chapter 1.

Important Points: