Saffron Lee

A bitter and determined girl. Grit is as much a part of Saffy's nature nature as pessimism. Something oppresses her, but it isn't clear what. The oriental sword that she wears seems to be linked to her past.

First appearance: Chapter 2, in the cellar
In order to meet Saffy, you must locate and gain entrance to the room she is being held in. The extent to which she plays a part in the story will depend on events that take place later, and on your actions.

General Strategy: Much of what you must accomplish in order to win with Saffy is set, and occurs linearly. Assuming you have freed her from the cellar in Chapter 2, you will discover a certain event if you return to the deserted street before dinner on the second day. If you react appropriately to that situation, you will see Saffy in the warehouse in Chapter 5, and possibly again at the end of the game. Conversation is also important.

Important Points: