Zach's DIY Page

    Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay. Here is where I document my DIY projects. As you will see, the list of things to do is longer then the list of projects completed. It just take some time I guess.
Complete  Dual 10 Subwoofer (HT) Re-use the subs I had in my car.
Design a ported enclosure using the factory supplied T/S specification.
Complete  Bravox TMM Computer Speaker  Build a pre-existing design First try at veneering. I used the "cold press" method with Curly Maple from
In-Process Computer Subwoofer (8" DVC Dayton) Use my Kicker 100-Hz low-pass crossovers.
Supplement the Bravox TMM with some bass.
Get  Speaker Workshop  running to measure T/S parameters.
Design a ported enclosure using actual T/S parameters.
T/S measurements and enclosure design complete.
In-Process 2-Way bookshelf

Tang Band W5-704D / Dayton PT2C-8 Planar Tweeter

Use Speaker Workshop to measure T/S parameters and actual in-box impedance.
Design a 2-way system using the FRC tools.
Drivers are on hand
T/S measurements of W5-704D complete
Proof of concept complete.
Started 3-Way /  M-T-M-M-M-W-W

Full Range, high-output

Woofer: Tang Band W5-1138SM 5-1/4" Neodymium Subwoofer

Midrange: Aura NS3-193-8A

Tweeter: Dayton ND20FA-6 3/4" Neodymium Dome Tweeter (TBD, may upgrade for power handling - possibly the Tang Band 28-847SD)

Get Speaker Workshop working to take actual frequency measurements
Tackle a 3-Way design
The thought is since the Aura 3" is a nice wide-range driver that many people use full-range, it should be a good driver to start a 3-way design with. It has a wide usable frequency range that should make the crossover easiest and decent bass so it should blend well with the woofer without being to over stressed.

BONUS: The woofer and midrange are high excursion designs. Both should be able to handle 25-Volts input which is approx. 104 dB. Neither driver will be at the excursion limits, so it should be a clean 104 dB.

Crude proof-of-concept complete and drivers purchased (minus the tweeter). The TB 5.25" and the Aura 3" were bought while on sale at Parts Express.

Need to get confidence from the W5-704D 2-Way to make the investment in a microphone and pre-amp.