Oglala Sioux Tribe


Judicary Programs Page


Judiciary Committee


Chair - John Mousseau

Vice - Anthony Wounded Head, Sr.

Sonia Little Hawk-Weston

Kim Clausen

Stanley Little White Man

Joseph Rosales

Ivan Starr

Lydia Bear Killer

James Cross

Robin Tapio

Rick Grey Grass

Garfield Little Dog

Coordinator:  Paul Forney

Secretary:  Ellen Rodriguez

Meeting Date:  Wednesday’s @ 10:00 a.m.

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•  Chief Judge - Lisa Adams


•  Associate Judges - Criminal, Civil and Juvenile

•  Ray Ann Red Owl

•  Charles Montileaux

•  Sonia Wilson

• Court administration

Valaria Apple, Director
PO Box 280
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
(605) 867 – 5151
(605) 867 – 1549 Fax


“The Oglala Sioux Tribal Courts are vested with the judicial powers of the Oglala Sioux Tribe pursuant to Article V of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and is established to function as the judicial branch of the Tribal Government for the maintenance of Law and Order and the administration of fair and impartial justice on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.”

Valaria Apple is the director for the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court office, there are 14 merit positions within the Court office with many of them with years of experience in serving the people.

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Court provides justice to the member's to the enrolled members of the Tribe.  Some goals of the program is to establish a positive working relationship with the Oglala Sioux Tribe's legislative and executive branches based upon mutual respect and recognition and to form a separate judicial branch of tribal government pursuant to constitutional provision.

• Victims Assistance

Rosalie Janis, Director
PO Box 5025
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
(605) 867 – 5556 cell 454-0005 454-0006 454-0007
(605) 867 – 5557 Fax

Rosalie Janis is the Director for the VAIC, her staff also include Lahoma Trueblood – Advocate, Corrinne Lawrence – Elderly Advocate, Virginia Davis – Asst./Advocate and Deirdre Winters – Secretary.  They have offices located in Pine Ridge and Kyle, SD.

This program provides direct services to victims of crimes, utilizing volunteers, promotes coordinated public or private efforts to aid victims within the communities.  They also coordinates with all relevant law enforcement agencies including the appropriate office of the crime victims are served.  The victims served are victims of assault, child physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, elderly abuse, homicide and other crimes against persons.  The OST Criminal Code is adhered to for the crime victims and they program is direct service for victims of violent crimes.