Oglala Sioux Tribe




Chief Flying Hawk (18521931)

(Oglala Sioux)

"Indians and animals know better how to live than white man; nobody can be in good health if he does not have all the time fresh air, sunshine, and good water."

























 As a young man, Mr. McCreight went west and became friends with many Indian chieftains, Chief Iron Tail (whose face we see on the U.S. nickel), Chief Red Eagle, and Chief Flying Hawk (Chief of the Sioux tribe of North Dakota).  also the famous Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill Cody.  After returning, he invited Them all to come to DuBois with there Wild West Show.  They came on many occasions and Stayed at The McCreights Home which was referred to as the Wig Wam, (there are many articles on it, present day). They would erect their teepees on the lawn of the McCreight's Wig Wam, sometimes with as many as 150 tribe members.
At the Wigwam in June 1908, they held a ceremony in which Sioux Chief Iron Tail adopted him as his "Blood Brother" and named him Chief of the Sioux Nationand gave him His Indian Name which is Tchanta-Tanka (Great Heart).

 In 1929, Chief Flying Hawk, successor to Sitting Bull, officially named ((Major Israel)) Mr. McCreight his successor.  This honor was conferred upon him for his service on behalf of the American Indians and their welfare.  The ceremony was performed before the late John S. Fisher in Harrisburg.  The 400-year old Redstone tribal pipe was one of Mr. McCreight's most valued pieces in his extensive collection. The collection was considered to be the best documented Native American collection at the time. upon Mr. McCreights Death, Mrs McCreight Donated a large portion to Mr. Braverman  Who in turn sold a substantial portion of the collection to Arnold Chernoff, a firearms dealer and Indian artifact collector in 1959, and a second commensurate portion which Mr. Braverman had acquired from the widow of Ted Cole to Mr. Chernoff in 1968.  After his 1968 purchase, Mr. Chernoff displayed both halfs of the collection on numerous occasions in his traveling exhibits.  Mr. Chernoff dispersed a large portion of the McCreight collection to museums and private collectors in the 70's and 80's.
M.I McCreight was born April 21st 1866 in Reynoldsville, PA, He married Alice B. Humphrey July 20th 1887. His real name is Israel named after Major Isreal Uncapher, Neighbors thought it was cute to call him Major and the nick named stuck. In 1888 he helped start a deposit bank in Dubois, PA and was Manager for 50 years. Despite a busy business life, former banker and industrialist wrote many books and innumerable magazine articles.
  Many of his books were True Stories straight from the recollections of his dear Friends and adopted brother Chief Iron Tail and Chief Flying Hawk. The books include, " Who are the Indians ", " Chief Flying Hawk's Tales: The True Story Of Custer's Last Fight" , "Firewater And Forked Tongues: A Sioux Chief Interprets U.S History" , " Buffalo Bill as I knew Him" , " What is War and Why " " Sacajawea " " Authentic story of the Buffalo " " Lo the poor Indian " The Killing of Pat Mcsweeney " " The incident in Cheif Josephs War " " Hickok Hero or Heel " " I bought Buffalo Bones " " Indian History rests in the Wigwam " "Mohawk Letters" and " Hearing Sunset ". Plus Many More!!

Mr. McCreight died in 1958 at age of 93.

Contributed by Marianne McCreight Mitchell (Granddaughter MI McCreight), SD 57301