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As energy costs continue to rise, it is increasingly difficult for Pine Ridge's most vulnerable residents to afford their home energy expenses. Families with children, senior citizens and individuals with special needs must allocate more of their limited resources to pay their energy bills.

Sometimes they do without necessities like medical care and food in order to keep the lights on.

Energy Outreach OST is dedicated to keeping Pine Ridge homes warm, healthy and safe by raising money for energy assistance. We assist people in emergency situations by helping pay the balances on their utility bills. We also help limited income families to be more self-sufficient by funding energy efficiency measures that lower energy costs in affordable housing across the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Please get involved in strengthening America's Native Americans who are in need. Together we generate the power to help keep out of the cold.  Also visit www.supportliheap.org , a website specifically designed to communicate messages supporting increased LIHEAP funding directly to email inboxes of US Senators and Representatives.


Robert E. Eagle Elk ~ OST District Coordinator Heating Assistance Office.

Box# 1796

Pine Ridge , S.D. 57770

(605) 867-5381



As a nonprofit organization, gifts to OST qualify as charitable contributions and are tax-deductible. Click on our donation form to mail with your donation and for your IRS tax records.

The O.S.T. District Coordinator Office

The District Coordinator office was developed to ensure Accountability with the Nine (9) District Service Centers Offices. Since, The Oglala Sioux Tribe has adopted the M.I.P. Computerized Accounting system it was necessary to develop an office to oversee and monitor the Districts monthly reports for Accountability, Accuracy, and Completeness. The District Coordinator office also monitors the Oglala Sioux Tribes Time Clock policy for the nine (9) District Service Centers offices.

The District Coordinator Office provides the Districts with Technical Assistance whenever it is requested in writing and is needed. The District Coordinator office organizes the Paperwork for the Annual A-133 Compliance Audit for the Districts with the Auditors. The District Coordinator Office provides the (9) Districts with Communication between the Main Tribal Offices and the Districts.

The District Coordinator Office has followed the Ordinances of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (Ordinance 02 -34) and the Oglala Sioux Tribes Financial Management Plan.

The District Coordinator office has worked with the L.I.E.A.P. Office coordinating Low Income Energy matching funds money in the last three years to the Running Strong for American Indian Youth for a total of $198, 000.00 Dollars respectively, for the (9) Nine Districts Indigent People of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Goals and Objectives

The District Coordinator Office has always encouraged the District Service Centers to look for alternative sources of money and funds.

The District Coordinator Office would like to see the (9) Nine District Service Centers become Self Sufficient and develop their own ways of obtaining funding from Grant Writing and Proposal writing and to align themselves with Article 6 of the Oglala Sioux Tribes Constitution and bylaws.

The Objectives for the District Coordinator Office are to get the Districts to the point where they can become self efficient and self supporting and help them to obtain more funding for the (9) Nine District Service Centers where ever it is possible.

Also to see all (9) District Service Centers pass their Annual A-133 Audit.

Also to get the information that the Districts need to get more funding and to get them to assist more indigent people here on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Also to get the Districts the up to date equipment that they need.

Up to date equipment like state of the Art Computer systems and vehicles to utilize for their District Service Center needs.