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Tribal Resources, Financial Resources, Spiritual Sites and Schools

Native American Genealogy Bureau of Indian Affairs Records Native Americans in South Dakota Database and many other SD useful web sites

Tribal Links. Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates · Bureau of Indian Affairs · South Dakota Government Relations has facts on American Indian and Alaskan Natives Population

Oglala Sioux Tribe ~ 2008 Telephone Directory maintained by Cheryl Twiss OST

http://www.wakpasica.org/index.php Wakpa Sica Historical Society, Inc. / Reconciliation Place forms the centerpiece of a comprehensive effort designed to improve race relations and ecomomic conditions facing the 11 tribes of the Sioux Nation. Funded to receive over $18.2 million in grants in 2000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

http://www.oweesta.org/ Oweesta helps build strong Native institutions and programs through lending and Capitolizations designed to build local capacity and provide powerful tools for Native community development 

www.lakotafunds.org/ Lakota Funds is a community development organization actively promoting the socio-economic sustainability of Oglala Lakota Oyate (people)

Red Feather Development Group educates and empowers American Indian nations to create sustainable solutions to the severe housing crisis within reservation communities

The Oglala Lakota College Academic/Public Library and Archives Oglala Lakota College College Center Libraries throughout the reservation support the main library, Woksape Tipi, in providing current information to the Oglala Lakota College Community.

Native Languages of the Americas Preserving and promoting American Indian languages

American Indian Glossary From AIM to xat

American Indian Heritage Month Links to many Native American sites

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Resources for Indigenous Cultures project to allow users to contribute information on Indigenous peoples

Path of the Feather A shamanic A shamanic journey, medicine wheels and spirit animals links

Gathering of Circles Individuals, small groups, and Representatives of groups that come together to re-establish community, to share teachings

Native American Healing Native Americans Speak out on Sacred Healing and Transformational Rituals

Native American Lore links to several stories of Native American Indian lore from several Tribes

Native American Spirituality, Sun Bear Medicine Wheel presented by Star Spider Dancing

Seven Fires Council Education of and about Native American Indians our people, our future ~ our people, our future

Oglala Sioux Tribe Pow Wow at Pine Ridge video 2007

11th Annual Council Tree Pow Wow & Cultural Festival

Gathering of Nations Native American and major web sites (Miss World Indian) Pow Pow Calendar

Regional Upcoming Native American Events in Colorado and surrounding states

The Denver Indian Center serves a diverse group of tribes and offers employment, training services and community resources and referrals and pow wow information

http://www.osprabuffalokeepers.com/index.html Oglala Sioux Parks and Recreation Authority offer unmatched hunting and fishing on the Pine Ridge Reservation near the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota

The SuAnne Big Crow Boys and Girls Club is a 501c-3 non-profit corporation which provides critically needed services and support for the youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Native American online legal services Legal resources by state of Native American Attorneys

Laws and Treaties

house of people who come together again to share and to bring peace and goodness.

John Walsh Watch Dog Registery and family safety guide

Send a Free Native American Ecard with a free Native American music to your friends and family

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Local Schools:



American Horse School  Erin Red Bear Principal 605 455-1209 Email

Crazy Horse School  Principal 605 462-6511

Little Wound School Linda Hunter Superintendent 605-455-6150 Email

Oglala Lakota College Thomas Shortbull, President 605) 455-6000 Email

Our Lady of Lordes School Bob Brave Heart SUPERINTENDENT 605 867-5888 Email

Pine Ridge School Victoria Sherman Principal 605 867-5198 Email

Rockyford Elementary Porcupine School Principal 605 455-6306

Red Cloud High School Nicholas Dressel Principal 605 867-1289 Email

Red Shirt Elementary School Principal 605 255-4859 Email

Wolf Creek School Dr. Curt Voight Superintendent Email



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