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2003 -  : Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts : Live audio instructor (part time).

2003 -  : CAT Music College, Osaka, Japan - Special seminars in live audio.

1995 -  : Independent Sound Engineer

1983 - 1995 : Maryland Sound Industries Inc.; Senior Engineer. Duties also included
R&D, bench technical skills and Permanent Installation Design

1980 - 1982 : Essex Community College:
Courses in electronics, computer programming, sociology & psychology.

1976 - 1983 : Front of House Engineer; Eastern regional acts.

1975 - 1977 : Recording Engineer; Flite Three Studios Balt. MD. 24 trk. music/production facility.

(Phone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses, & Additional Info Available By Request)

Bob Goldstein, President - Maryland Sound +1 (410) 448 1400

Marty Hom,  independent tour management (B.Midler, J.Jackson, P.Abdul, Backstreet)

Shuzo Fujii and Motoshige Nishio, owners MSI/Japan  (Tomoyasu Hotei, Miki Imai, Tube)

Buford Jones - Touring Liason Manager, Meyer Sound

Christian Heil - President,  L-Acoustics, France

Paul Bauman - Director, Tour Sound Product & Application Engineering JBL (Harman)
   (former Technical Support Director, L-Acoustics, France

Jeff Cox,  VP LOUD Technologies  EAW Group  (former Pres. Cox Audio Engineering/V-DOSC USA)

Jon Newman, former Director of Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts.

Wullie Roche, independent tour management (D. Sanborn)

Joyce Flemming, independent production management.(R. Martin)

Jill Briggs, independent tour & production management (D.Sanborn)

Bill Zysblat - artist management - RZO (Bowie)

Bob Stern,  independent production management  (N.Young)

Robbie Williams, independent production management & direction (P.Floyd)

Robin Irvine, independent tour/production management (C.Lauper)

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