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"316 Santas passed the counting point in the trade center before security bounced us. So we tried again.

425 Santas passed the second counting point before we thought we were done. But . . .

About the time of the wedding, after the counting point stopped and went in for a drink or twelve, around 50 more Santas (a lost group perhaps) arrived from someplace in the NW.

So the "official" count for the highest number of Santas in one place at one time is 475 Santas.

More showed up later, but more left later, so we can't really figure out total numbers for the evening (probably in the area of 600 Santas overall). But we do know that at one point, while we were at the waterfront hanging out, Santa had at least 475 Santas in one spot. There were rumors of another late arriving group about the time of the tug-of-war, so there is a slight chance we broke that number but no real way to tell."


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