Bicycle/Pedestrian Path on the New East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Alex has been a long time advocate of bicycle access on Bay Area bridges, roadways and public transit systems. He founded the East Bay Bicycle Coalition and the Regional Bicycle Advocacy Coalition in an effort to promote bicycling as an everyday means of transportation in the Bay Area.
As part of the seismic upgrade to the Bay Bridge, the entire East Span of the bridge (from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island) is being rebuilt. Alex and his colleagues have been working with Caltrans and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for many years to get bicycle access across the entire bridge. The new East span, which is currently under construction, should be completed in 2007 and will include a bicycle/pedestrian path. The 15.5-foot-wide path will run along the southern edge of the eastbound deck, and will be positioned one foot above the auto deck so as to shield users somewhat from traffic noise and exhaust.

It is indeed a great honor that this bike path will be named after Alex! Back in January 2003, the MTC introduced a resolution recommending the naming of the path after Alex. Subsequently, a bill, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 39 was introduced to the State Legislature by Assemblywoman Wilma Chan (D-Oakland). This has passed and is now official! The City of Oakland has also expressed their support of the naming.

May, 2007: Alex and Ron took a field trip to Treasure Island to monitor progress on the new bridge span. We were able to drive to the very foot of Yerba Buena Island and get very close to the construction. Here is a picture we took where you can see both the eastbound and westbound structures:

And if you look closely, you can actually see the bike path is already there - attached to the south edge of the span!

Closeup showing the cantilevered bike/pedestrian path.

Here you can see the cantilever design as planned (6428 mm = 21 feet).

Here are some artist's drawings of the bike path (from NewBayBridge.org):

View heading toward San Francisco.

View looking toward Oakland.