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The following are several examples of some of the capabilities of ABODE.  ABODE is so versatile because it enables first time users to get results quickly while offering numerous advanced features for design and research engineers.

ABODE Expert User (Single Bearing)

ABODE Expert User for ball and roller bearings will quickly make an expert user out of a first time user.   Expert User will give quick and accurate results for everyone from the sales engineer to the research engineer.

Multiple Bearing Analysis

bulletSimple two bearing system
bulletTwo bearing system with a spring preload
bulletThree bearing machine center example
bulletThree bearing system
bulletEight bearing system with ball and roller bearings and spring preload
bulletMultiple bearing stickout trade study with fixed bearings
bulletMultiple bearing system with spring preload trade study
bulletMultiple bearing stickout trade study in a spring preloaded bearing set

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Azimuth Plots (Single and Multiple Bearings)

Ball Force

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Ball Contact Angles

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Contact Stress

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Contact Deflection

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Gyroscopic Slip Coef.

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Spin-to-Roll Ratio

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Max. SV

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Ball Excursion

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Contact Length

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Contact Width

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Outer Contact Path

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Inner Contact Path

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Roller Profile Plots

Roller Stresses

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Roller Loads

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Roller Deflections

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Roller Contact Width

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Subsurface Stress and Hardness Requirement Analysis


Trade Studies (Single and Multiple Bearings)

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Duty Cycle (Single and Multiple Bearings)

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Tolerance Analysis (Single Bearing)

Roller bearing tolerance analysis


Bearing Stiffness (Single and Multiple Bearings)


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