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HunterExpress SL™

AdvantageŽ Camo

The Horton Hunter Express SL 175 is the ultimate crossbow for the serious hunter, regardless of what game you're after. Tough, quiet, accurate and fast, the Express 175# compound split limbs, microflite aluminum barrel and smooth power plant delivers that trophy shot, on target at a sizzling 305 feet per second. That means less arrow drop, greater penetration and better odds of a trophy on the wall and meat in the freezer. The synthetic thumbhole stock has the same warm feel as your favorite rifle and the Express' compact size and superb balance makes it easy to carry and quick to shoot, from a tree stand or the toughest cover. 

Hunter Express SL™
Shown with optional scope SS047
and scope rings SS113

305 F.P.S.
175# peak draw weight
Synthetic thumbhole stock
Microflite aluminum barrel
7/8" Weaver scope base installed
C.N.C. machined trigger
C.N.C. machined aluminum riser
I.C.A.D. string and cable system
E.F.P.S. aluminum speedwheels
Dial-A-RangeŽ trajectory compensator
Weight - 6lbs. 14oz.
Length - 31.2"
Width - 26"

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