Bruce and Jean's Teardrop Trailer
Skinning and Stuff

Doors5/8/05 The doors under construction. I installed the door handle  below the centerline of the door which I would do differently. The door doesn't seal as well with the latch offset. I had to offset it because I picked wide windows.  I used poplar to frame the door because its supposed to be resistant to rot and it holds a screw fairly well. Actually, I used poplar for all my interior framing. I had to rabbet the inside of the window opening to accept the inside window frame. Measure twice, cut once.

Exterior Doors5/15/05 Here's the door and window installed. Make sure and put a 1/8" spacer between the hinge and the body or the weatherseal around the door doesn't sit correctly. The seal is mashed flat at the hinge side of the door and there's a gap at the latch side.

Interior Doors
Interior view of the door.  I've since installed a handle above the latch. The door kept poping open when you close it with the latch because you tended to pull down on the handle as you closed it. Its much easier to close with the new handle.

Installed Hatch5/18/05 The hatch is finally installed. The wires are for lights and speakers.

Trimmed Hatch6/8/05 Hatch skinned, trimmed and lights installed. I'm not real happy with the side trim but it will do for now.

Cabin Cabint Installed
6/9/05 Cabin cabinet installed. Fits like a glove.

Profile Done
6/12/05 Exterior dried in with aluminum trim. There's wrinkles in the front of the skin that I'll have to fix after we get back from our first camping trip.

Cabin Interior
6/23/05 Interior with mattress and curtains. Jean picked the curtins. We had the mattress from camping in the back up the pickup. Looks like I need to iron the curtain.

Galley Plumbing
6/23/05 Galley plumbing and main disconnect. Next time I'll try and sweat more joints. I don't like compression fittings. The wire wrapped around the drain and the outlet is for a future battery charger. There's a CATV wire in there if needed for the future.

Battery Box
6/23/05 Battery box with storage. There's an automotive type battery charger as well as wheel chocks, a grease gun, hammer and leveling blocks in there as well. The main disconnect is sticking through the front of the box. I've since installed a  Promariner battery charger in the cabinet nder the sink.

Deck Plumbing
6/23/05 Deck mounted plumbing. I couldn't figure out why it ran but nothing came out the first time I tried it. I switched the pump around after I noticed a bunch of bubbles being blown into the water tank. It worked a lot better after that.

Minden Bound
Minden bound! Here's our first outing in the trailer. Misty the dog had a great time. We made reservations to the first International Teardop Convention in Minden, Nebraska. There was over 150 trailers there and it was a lot of fun to look at all the different ways to build a Teardrop trailer. I'm active on the Teardrop and Tiny Trailer's website and it was a lot of fun to meet some of the people I'd talked to while building out trailer.

Minden. One of 150.

Scary Guard DogScary guard dog on duty. Nobody distubs my naps!



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