Related Families

 By Jerry Hersey and Denise Dolbear Lovejoy



1 CHARLES ATWOOD9, son of JOSEPH EMMANUEL8, b. 11 OCT 1925 at Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; enlisted in the US Army Air Force, during WWII, on 24 APR 1944, was in the 343rd Fighter Group Headquarters, rank- Sergeant, a Cryptographer stationed in the Aleutians, at Shemya, Alaska, discharged 4 JUN 1946; m. Winifred Myrle SNELL (See SNELL GENEALOGY) on 23 DEC 1946 at St. John's Episcopal Church, in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; resided in Jackson & Huntsville, AL, Schenectady, NY, Natick, MA, retired to Washington, NC. Employed by Vanity Fair, General Electric, Campbell and Hall Publications, Assistant Vice President of Blue Cross/Blue Shield while in Natick for about 15 years.


ALISON10, b. 20 SEP 1949 at Grove Hill, Clark Co., AL; m. 1) Raymond Vincent SMITH; m. 2) Richard Eric PETERSON on 6 MAY 1978 at Sudbury, MA. No issue. Living in Groton, Middlesex Co., MA.


CHARLES ATWOOD Jr.10, b. 8 JUN 1951 at Grove Hill, Clark Co., AL; m. 1) Karen HAMKE on 4 JAN 1981 at Acton, MA; m. 2) Joanne NICHOLSON on ___ OCT____, at ___, NH; two children by first marriage.


WILLIAM BRET10, b. 25 SEP 1953 at Mobile, Mobile Co., AL; m. Karen TAYLOR on 7 JUN 1981 at Walpole, MA; one daughter; moved to _____, NC.


DENISE10, b. 27 FEB 1956 at  Mobile, Mobile Co., AL; m. Jerry Hersey LOVEJOY, Jr. on 14 AUG 1980 at Abington, MA; see husband for children; living in Plainville, MA.


JOSEPH ERIC10, b. 16 OCT 1957 at Jackson, Clark Co., AL; unmarried; living in ____, NC.  

2.  JOSEPH EMMANUEL8, son of HENRY ATWOOD7, b. 19 MAR 1890 at Mobile, Mobile Co., AL; occupation-accountant, had accounting certificate, kept books at sawmills around the South, opened own business - office supplies & furniture store in Mobile, Mobile Co., AL, business failed during the depression, was supplier of office supplies in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; m. 1) about 1912 to Wealtha Jeanette SPAFFORD (b. 22 OCT 1890 in Missouri, d. MAR 1977 in Mobile, AL); divorced before 1917; m. 2) Minnie Sayre BROWDER on 20 DEC 1917 at  St. Andrews Roman Catholic Church, Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; a traveling salesman for office supplies in 1920 Census, living at 27 Morgan Avenue, Montgomery, AL listed as Joe E. Dolbear age 29 with wife Minnie age 23 and son Joseph B. age 1 yr 1 month; shown in 1930 Census as a commercial dealer in office equipment living in Mobile, AL at age 40 with wife Minnie age 32, and sons Browder age 11 and Charles age 4 yrs 6 months; d. 30 OCT 1957 at Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL; buried at Oakwood Cemetery Annex, Montgomery, Montgomery Co., AL.


By 1st Wife Wealtha


BRUCE SPAFFORD9, b. 20 JAN 1913 in Pensacola, FL; shown in 1920 Census living with mother and brother with their Grandmother Weltha SPAFFORD in Mobile, AL; listed in Mobile, AL 1930 Census with mother and brother; occupation - Corp. of Engineers Federal Gov.; m. ______ Brooke in 1935; one child; d. 26 Dec 1991 in Mobile, Mobile Co. AL.


RALPH LORELL9, b. 5 MAY 1914 in Mississippi; shown in 1920 Census living with mother and brother with their Grandmother Weltha A. SPAFFORD, age 68, widowed,  in Mobile, AL; not listed by name but shown in Mobile, AL 1930 Census at age 15 with mother listed as Martha J., age 40 widowed, a mail order clerk in a dry goods store, and brother shown as Bruce S. Dolbear, age 17; listed at 430 Glenwood St. Mobile, AL in 1995 through 1997 phone books; d. 8 JUN 2003 in AL, according to SSI records listing him as R.L. Dolbear.


Note : ; A WWI Draft Registration card is found for a Ralph Bruce SPAFFORD  dated 12 SEP 1918, and shows him living at 750 South Broad St., Mobile, AL a wholesale lumber dealer, b. 27 AUG 1876,  living with Mrs. Weltha A. SPAFFORD, probably Weltha (SPAFFORD) DOLBEAR’s mother and brother.

By 2nd Wife Minnie


JOSEPH BROWDER9, b. 7 Dec 1918, probably at Montgomery, AL, became ill during first year of college, never recovered; d. 6 Apr 2002, at Macon, Alabama. 


CHARLES ATWOOD9, see above.

3.  HENRY ATWOOD7, son of GRISWOLD HUBBARD6, b. 19 MAR 1850 (agrees with 1850 Census or 1848 accord. to 1860 Census) at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. 16 NOV 1875 to Margaret Henrietta RABBS/ROBBS, probably in AL; lived in Jackson, AL then Mobile, AL after marriage; owned a Cigar Factory; supposedly became crippled; appears in 1880 Census for AL; d. 28 JUN 1895 at Mobile, Mobile Co., AL; buried at Mobile Magnolia Cemetery (Square 21), Mobile, AL according to "Magnolia Cemetery, 1828 - 1971", by Helen A. Thompson, 1974, New Orleans, Polyanthos, Inc, New Orleans, LA.


EDWARD HUBBARD8, b. 21 AUG 1877 at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. Onelia Sarah DE BRIERE; took over Cigar Factory when father died; d. 19 DEC 1947 at Mobile, Mobile Co., AL; buried 22 DEC 1947 at Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, AL (Square 21).     


HENRY ATWOOD Jr.8, b. 1 APR 1881; m. 29 JUL 1918 in Mobile, Mobile Co. AL to Levania/Lavenia E. REA (b. about 1896 in AL; children from New Orleans. LA 1930 Census: Henry G. b. 1921 in AL, Mary L. b. 1923 in AL, b. about 1928 in LA; a pharmacist in a drug store; d. 12 OCT 1935 at New Orleans, LA; buried at St. John's Cemetery, New Orleans, LA.  


WALTER BERNARD8, b. 30 APRIL 1885; m. Mildred SMITH; steam ship operator for Dolbear Shipping Co. (per WWI Registration, 12 SEP 1918 in Mobile, AL) located at 25 Beaver St., NY, NY; WWI Registration also listed his nearest living relative as Mrs. Mildred Smith Dolbear, at 15 Chamberlain St., Mobile, AL . 


JOSEPH EMMANUEL8, see above.


MINNIE LOUISE8, b. 9 FEB 1893; shown in 1900 Census with mother and siblings at Mobile, LA; m. Paul CRIST. 


4.     GRISWOLD HUBBARD6, son of ELISHA5, b. 18 MAR 1805 at Montville, New London, CT; m. Eliza Judith STRINGER ca 1840 in AL; supposedly had traveled to AL ca 1836 to set up a saw mill as part of the family business, and stayed; shown in Alabama Land Records as purchasing 316.6 acres of land through the St. Stephens Land Office on 1 MAR 1859, with the land purchased described as:

1 NE   ST STEPHENS No 7N 2E 27

2 W½SE   ST STEPHENS No 7N 2E 27




Griswold served on served on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War; listed in 1850 Census for Wilcox County, AL as G. H. Dolbbare a carpenter, b. CT age 45, with Eliza age 30, Lydia age 14, Robert age 12, Ophelia age 10, Sarah age 8 and Henry age 6 months, also with S.S. TAYLOR, age 27 b. OH, warehouse keeper; the 1860 Census shows Griswold missing, with Eliza as head of the family, living at Grove Hill, Clarke County, AL; he reappears in the 1870 Census as G.H. Dolbear, a millwright, b. CT age 65, with wife Eliza b. AL age 54, and children: Robt. F. 29, E. Drake 18, F.F. (female) 16, and Clara V. 12; family legend has it that Eliza put an ax into the head of a slave that sassed her, killing the slave, and so Griswold took the blame and left with at least one son to hide in Texas until he felt it was safe to return; this would no doubt have been more likely to occur during the Federal occupation after the war; Eliza J. Dolbear is listed as having one male mulatto slave, age 20, in the 1860 Slave Census; d. between 1880 and 1882 in Clarke Co., AL; 




LYDIA, b. 1836 in AL, possibly a child of one of Eliza’s previous marriages.


 ROBERT FULTON7, b. JUN 1838 possibly at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. Nancy A. HOLDER on 15 OCT 1872 in Clarke Co., AL; listed as oldest of children in 1860 Census; served in the Confederate Army, as a private in Co. J, 36th Regiment, enlisted 16 MAR 1861, discharged 8 APR 1865, wounded in Spanish Fort, applied for pension at age 60 due to disabilities- P.O. Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; "Clarke Co., AL Gazeteer of 1884-85" lists him as a farmer in Jackson 1884-1885; d. after 1901.


MARY OPHELIA PEARL7, b. 2 JUL 1844 (1840 per 1850 Census) possibly at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; M. 1)  A. CULPEPPER; m. 2) Jose' B. PIDAL (of Spain) on 11 MAY 1864 in Clarke Co., AL.  


SARAH CANELLA7, b. 19 NOV 1847 (1842 per 1850 Census) at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. Edmond THOMAS on 17 MAR 1869 in Clarke Co; d. 12 JUN 1884 in Jackson, Clarke County, Alabama; buried at Stave Creek Cemetery, Jackson, Clarke Co. Alabama.


HENRY ATWOOD7, see above.  


ELLIS DRAKE7, b. 8 MAR 1852 at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. Georgia HOVEN on 19 Dec 1875 at Clarke County, AL; a farmer in Jackson 1884-85.


FANNIE F. (FOX?)7, b. 12 JUN 1854 at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m.  Bernado CORRALES (of Barcelona, Spain) on 12 FEB 1872 in St Joseph Catholic Church, Mobile, AL; had one son Jules Joseph, and one daughter Margaret; d. SEP 1917.


CLARA VIRGINIA7, b. 28 NOV 1856 at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; m. John A. HOVEN 14 OCT 1879 at Clarke County, AL.


WILLIAM MCGOWAN7, b. 1 JAN 1859 at Jackson, Clarke Co., AL; d. 30 JUN 1860.

 5.  ELISHA5, son of JOHN4, b. 23 JUN 1778 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Mary FOX on 19 SEP 1802 at Montville (New London), CT; a farmer; d. 24 JUN 1842 at Montville (New London), CT.


ELISHA H.6, b. 14 JUL 1803 at Montville (New London), CT; d. young.


GRISWOLD HUBBARD6, see above.  


MARY ANN6, b. 26 JUL 1807 at Montville (New London), CT; d. unmarried.


DAVID R.6, b. 6 or 10 JUN 1808 at Montville (New London), CT; m. 1) Elizabeth Griswold RAYMOND who died in a few years; m. 2) Ellen Fitch DOLBEARE (dtr of George Dolbeare and Sarah Bradford), his cousin, on 11 SEP 1838 at Montville (New London), CT.


MARTHA P.6, b. 1 JAN 1810 at Montville (New London), CT.


NANCY FOX6, b. 27 MAY 1818 at Montville (New London), CT; d. 3 MAY 1859 at Montville.


FANNY FOX6, b. 1 DEC 1822 at Montville (New London), CT; d. 16 AUG 1848 at Montville.

6.  JOHN4, son of GEORGE3, b. 10 SEP 1745 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Sarah D. RAYMOND on 22 DEC 1769 at Montville; a soldier in the Revolutionary War, responded to the Lexington Alarm; d. 9 APR 1806 at Montville.  


SARAH5, b. 21 JAN 1770 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Adonijah Fitch BRADFORD on 27 APR 1794 at Montville.


JAMES5, b. 14 NOV 1771 at Montville (New London), CT; d. in infancy.


GEORGE5, b. 1 FEB 1774 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Sarah BRADFORD on 17 FEB 1797 at Montville; d. 11 DEC 1852 at Montville.


CHRISTOPHER5, b. 10 JUN 1776 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Rosetta COOK on 17 NOV 1803 at Montville; went West, served in the Black Hawks War; given 800 acres of land, 620 acres were east of Eldera, IL and 80 acres were west of New Auton, IL (both in Pike Co., IL); after war he walked from CT to IL to look at his land, and upon his return, told his son Rozel he could have it if he worked a homestead on it; children include: Lucy, Rozel Cook (m. Priscilla Hoover in 1841); dtr Lucy and her husband started in an oxcart to settle in IL with Rozel, but got as far as Illinois River and died of measles, buried along the river; on Christopher's headstone in Montville, "In memory of Lucy and Elisha Martin; died at Meachem's Ferry, ILL Aug 2, 1831." (Meachem's Ferry is now Montezuma, IL, south of where RT 36 crosses the Illinois River; son Rozel had 13 children; d. 7 MAY 1846 in Montville.


ELISHA5, see above. 


BENJAMIN5, b. 18 DEC 1780 at Montville (New London), CT; d. unmarried.


HANNAH5, b. 16 APR 1783 at Montville (New London), CT; m. William BRADFORD, his second marriage, on 30 JAN 1803 at Montville; d. 3 OCT 1867 in Montville.


ELEANOR5, b. 10 JUL 1785 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Washington FOX.


JOHN5, b. 14 SEP 1788 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Eunice MORGAN on 3 FEB 1816 at Montville.


DANIEL5, b. 14 AUG 1790 at Montville (New London), CT; d. in infancy.


MARY5, b. 25 DEC 1791 at Montville (New London), CT; m. John VALLET.


LEMUEL R.5, b. 13 FEB 1743 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Eleanor RAYMOND (dtr of Mulford and Eleanor (Bradford) Raymond) on 6 DEC 1818 at Montville.


ABIGAIL5, b. 5 FEB 1796 at Montville (New London), CT; d. 25 JAN 1885.

7.  GEORGE3, son of JOHN2, b. 1 JUN 1715 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Mary SHERWOOD on 2 JUN 1742 at Montville (New London), CT; a large landowner, had 4 sawmills, had a farm in Colchester, CT received from his father; d. 27 MAR 1772 at Montville; buried there.


MARY4, b. 19 AUG 1740 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Capt. William AVERY of Groton, CT on 16 SEP 1761 at Groton, CT; d. 4 AUG 1774. 


ABIGAIL4, b. 22 JUN 1743 at Montville (New London) or Groton, CT (History of Montville has 31 JUL 1743); m. Capt. Elisha HINMAN on 24 MAY 1777; d. 30 DEC 1816.


JOHN4, see above.  


SAMUEL4, b. 12 MAR 1748 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Hannah MUMFORD on 20 NOV 1770.


HANNAH4, b. 26 NOV or DEC 1751 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Guy RICHARDS on 17 JUN 1773; d. in 1832; supposedly a Mrs. Lockwood in New London is a gg..grandchild that has some of the Dolbeare silver, and portraits of John and Sarah Dolbeare of Boston .


GEORGE BENJAMIN4, b. 25 DEC 1753 at Montville (New London), CT; m. Margaret FOX.

8.     JOHN2, son of EDMUND1, baptized 11 FEB 1669 at Ashburton, Devon, England; came over with father to Boston, Suffok Co., MA; m. Sarah COMER on 9 JUN 1698 at Boston; a pewterer, an ironmonger, constable, brazier; d. 20 JUN 1740 at Boston, buried at the Granary, Boston, MA.

 According to “Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm, 1769 – 1905”, by Mary E. Perkins, a private printing in Boston, 1905, “ John Dolbeare was a very wealthy brazier of Boston. He belonged to an ancient Welsh family and came to Boston about 1720. He invested largely in Connecticut lands, owning more than 500 acres in Salem and about 2,000 in New London North Parish. He is said to have had the immense number of 24 children. He died in 1725, leaving a very large estate. His son John presented to the Salem church in 1737 a communion tankard which is now owned by Mr. Samuel Allen of New Hartford. George Dolbeare, son of the first John Dolbeare, came to reside in New London North Parish, where he died in 1772. His son Samuel married in 1770 Hannah, daughter of John Mumford, Sr., and his father gave to him the Salem lands, and there he resided till his death in 1832.”


JOHN3, b. 29 JUL 1699 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. in infancy.


SARAH3, b. NOV or 21 JUL 1700 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 17 JUL 1701 at Boston.


ANNE3, b. 22 SEP 1701 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.


JOHN3, b. 25 or 26 APR 1702 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Mary LANDER on 29 NOV 1723; d. JUN 1728.


THOMAS3, b. 9 APR 1704 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 1) Sara (HOLYOKE) ELIOT; m. 2) Sarah (DRAPER) MORSE; d. JUN 1765 at Dorchester.


JAMES3, b. 18 OCT 1705 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. in 1743.


SAMUEL3, b. 17 or 18 MAY 1707 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.


BENJAMIN3, b. 4 DEC 1708 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. in infancy.


MARY3, b. 24 MAY 1710 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 1) Bernard TOWNSEND on 30 JUN 1744; m. 2) Benjamin BATES, Jr. on 18 AUG 1748 at Salem, MA.


BENJAMIN3, b. 23 or 24 JUL 1711 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.


SARAH3, b. 25 JUL 1712 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Dr. William CLARKE, intentions on 7 FEB 1745; d. 29 MAR 1775.


DAVID3, b. 5 JAN 1715 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Charity ____ in 1738; d. 17 JUN 1778.


GEORGE3, see above. 


ELIZABETH3, b. 27 MAY 1716 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; m. Joshua TRASK, intentions 28 MAY 1736.

9.  EDMUND1, son of JOHN-1, b. 1643 at Ashburton, Devon, England; christened on 26 JUN 1744 at St. Andrews, Ashburton; m. 1) Mary SHAPELY ca 1668 at Ashburton, who d. in 1681 at Boston; came over to Boston with wife and eldest two sons in 1678; m. 2) Sarah ______ in 1682, possibly in Boston, MA; lived in Salem MA 1684 - 1691, returned to Boston after 1691; occupation - pewterer; d. at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA between 17 JUN 1706 and 24 JUL 1711.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: “DOLBEARE, EDMUND, Salem, had Elizabeth b. 3 Oct. 1684; Sarah, 29 Jan. 1686; Thomas, 1 Dec. 1687; Barnard, 18 Sept. 1689, d. soon; and Barnard, again, 18 Apr. 1691.”


(by first wife Mary)

JOHN2, see above. 


JOSEPH2, baptised 1672 at Ashburton, Devon, England.


(by second wife Sarah)

ELIZABETH2, b. 28 or 31 OCT 1684 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; m. Aaron INGRAHAM on 17 FEB 1708 at Boston; had at least 3 children.


SARAH2, b. 29 JUN 1685/6 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; m. Thomas WHEELER on 20 OCT 1709 at Old South Church, Boston, MA; d. 21 AUG 1718 at Boston.


THOMAS2, b. 1 DEC 1687 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; d. young.


BERNARD/BARNARD2, b. 18 JUL or SEP 1689 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; d. 27 FEB 1690 at Salem.


BERNARD/BARNARD2, b. 18 APR or SEP 1691 at Salem, Essex Co., MA; d. SEP 1710, drowned in the Colonial Wars.


MARTHA2, b. 23 FEB 1693 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Thomas LINDSDELL on 12 NOV 1712; d. in 1772.


WILLIAM2, b. 2 MAR 1697 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 1) Mary HOOKER on 13 APR 1721 at Boston; had at least one child - Edmund - by this wife; m. 2) Edith BROWN in 1729.


DAVID2, b. 25 MAR 1670 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. 1) Elizabeth HERBERT on 18 MAY 1721 at Boston; m. 2) Ruth TUFTS in 1745; in Alms House\in 1772; had many children by first wife; 2 children by 2nd wife.


AGNES2, (twin) b. 20 MAY 1702 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 1702.


MARGARET2, (twin) b. 20 MAY 1702 at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; m. Consider LEEDS on 24 JAN 1726; d. 16 FEB 1775 at Dorchester, MA.



Related Families


1.  MINNIE SAYRE, daughter of JOHN FRANKLIN, b. 24 DEC 1896 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; listed at age 3 in 1900, and at age 13 in 1910 Census with family in Montgomery, AL; m. Joseph Emanuel DOLBEAR on 20 DEC 1917 at Montgomery, AL; d. 8 NOV 1967 at Montgomery, AL; buried at Oakwood Cemetery Annex, Montgomery, AL.

2.  JOHN FRANKLIN, son of  JOHN WILLIAM,  b. 15 APR 1860 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; m. Charlotte LINEHAN on 8 AUG 1888; listed as Chief of the Montgomery, AL Fire Department in the 1900 and 1910 Census; possibly the John F. listed in Alabama Land Records as purchasing 160 acres in Huntsville, AL on 5 NOV 1884, and about 80 acres in Huntsville on 24 AUG 1896; possibly the John F. Browder listed in Montgomery, AL Directories as an engineer at 724 Washington St, in 1883, and as an engineer for the Dexter Fire Co. at 41 S. Goldthwaite St, in 1895; d. 6 JUN 1916 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL.



JOHN FELIX, b. 8 MAR 1893 at Montgomery, AL; not listed with family in 1900 or 1910 US Census; m. Bessie ________ on 18 AUG 1914; WWI Draft Registration dated 5 JUN 1917 shows him living at 124 Herron St, Montgomery, AL with wife and child under 12, a pipe fitter for Southern Railway in Selma, AL; the Montgomery, AL U.S. 1930 Census lists him as Felix, a salesman of machinery, at age 37 with wife Bessie, 37 (married at age 21) and sons Harry 13, John 11 and Wallace 5; d. 3 APR 1951 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.

SUSANNE, b. AUG 1889 in AL, listed at age 10 in 1900 Census, with family in Montgomery, AL; not with family in 1910 Census.

ANNIE, b. OCT 1890 in AL, at age 9 in 1900, and at age 19 in 1910 Census with family in Montgomery, AL.

FELIX, b. MAR 1893 in AL, at age 7 in 1900 Census with family in Montgomery, AL, listed as a “runner” for First National Bank in 1910 Census, at age 17 with family.

NELLIE, b. DEC 1894 in AL; listed at age 5 in 1900 and at age 15 in 1910 Census with family in Montgomery, AL.

MINNIE SAYRE, see above.

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, b. 2 APR 1899 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; listed as “Eliza” at age 1 in 1900, and as Elizabeth at age 11 in 1910 Census with family in Montgomery, AL.

MARY GRACE, b. 12 AUG 1902 in AL, listed in 1910 Census with family as “Grace” age 8..  

LUNA, b. 1904 in AL; in 1910 Census with family at age 6.    

LAWRENCE STEPHEN, b. 25 NOV 1913 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.  

3.     JOHN WILLIAM, son of WILLIAM,  b. 1835 in Montgomery County, AL; m. Susan B. GARDNER  on 10 APR 1858 at Montgomery County, AL; probably the John Browder that served in Company F of the 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., shown in The Record of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 Pike County, Alabama, compiled by Margaret Pace Farmer; d. in 1862.



JANE ANNA, b. 1859 in Montgomery County, AL.

JOHN FRANKLIN, see above.

WILLIAM, b. 1861 in AL.

3.  WILLIAM, son of ___________,  b. 1789 in Montgomery County, AL; m. Ellen ROLLO about 1830; appears in 1840 Census for Montgomery, AL; d. 1 DEC 1849 in Montgomery County, AL.



MARY, b. 1833 in Montgomery County, AL.

ELIZABETH, b. MAY 1835 in Pine Level, Montgomery County, AL.

JOHN WILLIAM, see above.

MARTHA, b. 20 APR 1837 in Pike County, AL.

JEREMIAH, Dr., b. 1840 in Montgomery County, AL; m. Nora BARNETT.

LAWRENCE SANDERS, b. 27 MAR 1842 in Montgomery County, AL.

SARAH, b. 1843 in Montgomery County, AL.

HARRIET UNICE, b. 16 FEB 1847.


1.  MARGARET “MAGGIE” HENRIETTA, daughter of _____________, b. 26 NOV 1855 in LA; m. 16 NOV 1875 to Henry Atwood DOLBEAR probably in AL; d.  4 SEP 1933 in New Orleans, LA; buried 7 SEP 1933 at Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Mobile Co, AL.

2.  __________, son of _______ , b._______ in England or Scotland; m.  Margaret (possibly) SCHMIDT (b. in 1836 in LA; remarried Walter PARKINSON; d. 31 MAR 1875 at age 39).






1.  ELIZA JUDITH, daughter of _____________, b. 18 JUL 1816 in Washington County, Mississippi (although 1860 Census shows her birthplace as Washington, AL); m. 1) Carter SANGFORD on 14 APR 1835 in Clarke County, Al by Minister of the Gospel, A. Sale; m. 2) ______ ROBBINS; m. 3) Griswold Hubbard DOLBEAR  ca 1840 in AL; 1860 Census shows Eliza as head of the family in Grove Hill, Clarke County, AL, with Griswold missing; the 1870 Census shows G.H. Dolbear 65 with Eliza 54, with children; Alabama Land Records exist for Eliza J. Dolbear, dated 18 DEC 1897 for 318 acres in St. Stephens, AL, d. after 1897 at Jackson, Clarke County, AL.

2.  ______________, son of ______________, b.      m. _________________ 


ELIZA JUDITH, see above.



1.  MARY6, daughter of SAMUEL5, b. 13 DEC 1782 at Montville, CT; m.  Elisha DOLBEARE 19 SEP 1802 at Montville, CT; d. 3 MAY 1863.

2.  SAMUEL5, son of EZEKIEL4, b. 1748; m. Anna HILL; d. 19 AUG 1807 at Montville, CT; a farmer; lived on the farm given to him by his father, on Colchester Road; d. 19 AUG 1807 at Montville, CT; the farm was sold to George ALLEN, later owned by George FOX, son of Brintnal.


CHARLES6, b. 17 MAR 1775 at Montville, CT; d. 25 MAR 1855.


MARTHA6, b. 1777 at Montville, CT; d. 25 NOV 1796.

WASHINGTON6, b. 27 OCT 1780 at Montville, CT; m. 31 JAN 1808 to Eleanor DOLBEARE.


MARY6, see above.

NANCY6, b. 19 JUN 1785 at Montville, CT; m. Rufus ROGERS

JOSEPH6, b. 12 MAY 1786 at Montville, CT; m. Norah BUCKINGHAM.

LYMAN6, b. 14 MAR 1789 at Montville, CT; m. Laura BRADFORD.

PEGGY6, b. 1 OCT 1792 at Montville, CT; m. Wilber ________.

3.  EZEKIEL4, son of SAMUEL3, b. 1721 at Montville, CT; m. Mehitabel LAMSON; d. 20 MAR 1800 at Montville, CT.


MEHITABEL5, b. 1746 at Montville, CT; m. Nathaniel VIBBER.


SAMUEL5, see above.

BRINTNAL5, b. 1750 at Montville, CT; m. Mary HILL.

MARGARET5, b. 1753 at Montville, CT; m. George B. DOLBEARE.

CHARLOTTE5, b. 1754 at Montville, CT; m. Jonathan HILL.

EZEKIEL5, b. 1758 at Montville, CT; Elizabeth CHESTER.

4.  SAMUEL3, son of SAMUEL2, b. 24 APR 1681 at Montville, CT; m. Margaret BRINTNALL; d. 12 FEB 1754 at Montville, CT.


SAMUEL4, b. 1707 at Montville, CT; m. Abigail HARRIS.


MARGARET4, b. 21 APR 1709 at Montville, CT; m. Nathaniel COMSTOCK.


ELIZABETH4, b. 1711 at Montville, CT; m. Isaac AVERY.

HANNAH4, b. _____ at Montville, CT.


BENJAMIN4, b. 29 AUG 1715 at Montville, CT; m. Abigail (FOX) BROCKWAY.


EZEKIEL4, see above.

5.  SAMUEL2, son of THOMAS1, b. 1650; m. Mary LESTER on 30 MAR 1675-6; d. 4 SEP 1727 at Montville, CT.


ELIZABETH3, b. 2 JUN 1677 at Montville, CT.


SAMUEL3, see above.

ABIGAIL3, b. ______ at Montville, CT; m. Charles HILL.

HANNAH3, b. _____ at Montville, CT.

6.  THOMAS1, son of SAMUEL-1, b. 1608; m. 1) Rebecca FRENCH; m. 2) Hannah BROOKS on 13 OCT 1647; d. 1658.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage : "FOX, THOMAS, Cambridge, freem. perhaps, of 1644, selectman 1658, and often after, for sec. w. m. Ellen, wid. of Percival Green, wh. d. 27 May 1682, as Harris gives the inscript. aged 82, and took ano. w. 21 Apr. foll. Elizabeth [[vol. 2, p. 197]] wid. of Charles Chadwick, wh. 22 Feb. 1685, left him again a widower, and he took, 16 Dec. foll. ano. w. Rebecca Wythe, wid. of Nicholas, and he d. 25 Apr. 1693, aged 85. Prob. he had no ch. exc. Jabez, b. 1647, H. C. 1665, to bear up the uncert. tradit. honor, ascribed to him, of descent from the autb. of the Book of Martyrs. For these two Thomases, I have varied from Farmer in the dates, respectively, of freem.'s oath. The reason may be very slight, but the Concord man seems to have been the elder of the two; and tho. of the four names of freem., above and below those of these two Foxes, three are of Concord, yet two of them heard of not indeed bef. 1639, while Hayward, of those adm. early in 1638, was of Concord 1630, and, of course, Hutchins of Cambridge might seem to balance him; still the preponderance is for Concord. Certainly the Smeedly two were here some yrs. bef. being adm. freem. Bond boldly conject. p. 765, that he was the same as Thomas of Concord, in wh. I dare not follow his lead. He thereby makes the wid. of Percival Greene to be third w. and the wid. of Chadwick fourth w. of Thomas Fox. Seven of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and equal number at Yale, Brown, and Dart. coll."



SAMUEL2, see above.

ELIZABETH2, b. ____ at Montville, CT.


1.  SARAH D., daughter of Dr. CHRISTOPHER, b. 20 JAN 1753 at Montville, CT; m. John DOLBEAR on 22 DEC 1769 at Montville, CT; d. 9 JUN 1828 at Montville, CT.

2.  Dr. CHRISTOPHER, son of JOSHUA, b. 17 JUL 1729 at North Parish of New London (Montville), CT; a physician; m. Eleanor FITCH about 1752 at Montville, CT; d. 14 MAY 1793 at Montville, CT.


SARAH D., see above.

DANIEL, b. 1755 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Rachel HILLHOUSE (dtr of Judge William and Sarah (GRISWOLD) HILLHOUSE) on 11 OCT 1779; m. 2) Charlotte COMSTOCK (dtr of Nathaniel and Anna (STARK) COMSTOCK on 18 DEC 1812; d. 7 or 17 OCT 1828.

CHRISTOPHER, b. in 1760 at Montville, CT; m. Nancy MASON (dtr of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (FITCH) MASON; d. 20 APR 1840.

LEMUEL, b. _____ at Montville, CT; m. Mary RAYMOND (dtr of Joshua and Lucy (JEWETT) RAYMOND) on 24 JAN 1786.

ELEANOR, b. _____ at Montville, CT; m. Levi SMITH of Hartford, CT.

ABIGAIL NORTH, b. 10 NOV 1770 at Montville, CT; m. 1 NOV 1787 to Perez COMSTOCK (son of Nathaniel and Sarah (BRADFORD) COMSTOCK).

3.  JOSHUA, son of JOSHUA, b. 20 JAN 1697 at Montville, CT; m. Elizabeth CHRISTOPHERS on 31 AUG 1719 at Montville, CT; d. 12 NOV 1763 at Montville, CT.


ELIZABETH, b. 24 APR 1720 at Montville, CT; m. Oliver HAZZARD of South Kingston, RI.


MERCY, b. 24 DEC 1721 at Montville, CT; m. Thomas WILLIAMS.


JOSHUA, b. 22 DEC 1723 at Montville, CT; m. Lucy JEWETT.


JOHN, b. 18 JAN 1725 at Montville, CT; m. Elizabeth GRISWOLD.


EDWARD, b. 15 FEB 1727 at Montville, CT; m. Sarah DOUGLASS.


CHRISTOPHER, see above.

4.  JOSHUA, son of JOSHUA, b. 18 SEP 1660 at Montville, CT; m. Mercy SANDS on 29 APR 1683 at Montville, CT; d. in 1704 at Block Island, RI.


SANDS, b. 16 FEB 1684 at Montville, CT.


ELIZABETH, b. 18 NOV 1687 at Montville, CT.


MARY, b. 21 JUL 1690 at Montville, CT; m. Jonathan ROGERS.


CALEB, b. 16 JUN 1693 at Montville, CT.


ANN, b. 1695 at Montville, CT; m. William WHITING.


JOSHUA, see above.

5.  JOSHUA, son of RICHARD, bapt. 3 MAR 1639 at Montville, CT; m. Elizabeth SMITH on 10 DEC 1659 at Montville, CT; a farmer; served in Pequot War; one of the first purchasers of land in the North Parish of New London (Montville), CT; d. 24 APR 1676 at Montville, CT of a wound received in the “Great Swamp Fight” with the Narragansetts on 19 DEC 1675.


JOSHUA, see above.

ELIZABETH, b. 24 MAY 1662 at Montville, CT; m. David RICHARDS.

ANN, b. 12 MAY 1664 at Montville, CT.

HANNAH, b. 8 AUG 1668 at Montville, CT; m. Thomas AVERY.

MARY, b. 12 MARR 1671-2 at Montville, CT; m. John CHANDLER.

EXPERIENCE, b. 20 JAN 1673-4 at Montville, CT; d. 25 JUN 1689.

MAHITABEL, b. 19 DEC 1675 at Montville, CT; d. young.

6.  RICHARD, son of _______, b.   m. Judith _______; a mariner; settled Salem, MA; had a brother John who was at Beverly, MA in 1670; a freeman on 14 MAY1634; proprietor in 1636; removed to Seabrook with wife in 1662; deeded land to son-in-law Oliver MANNERING in 1668; d. in Saybrook, CT in 1692.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "RAYMOND, RICHARD, Salem, perhaps br. of the first John and of William, freem. 14 May 1634, had there bapt. Bathseba, 11 July 1637, wh. m. 29 July 1659, Humphrey Coombs; Joshua, 3 Mar. 1639; Lemuel, 3 Jan. 1641; Hannah, Feb. 1643; Samuel, 13 July 1645; Richard, 2 Jan. 1648; Elizabeth 28 Apr. 1650; and Daniel, 17 Apr. 1653, all prob. by w. Judith; rem. to Norwalk, thence in 1664 to Saybrook, there d. 1692. RICHARD, Saybrook, s. of the preced. d. as early as 1680." 


JOHN, b. ______ at Montville, CT; m. Mary BETTS.


BATHSHEBA, bapt. 11 JUL 1637 at Montville, CT.


JOSHUA, see above.

LEMUEL, bapt. 3 NOV 1641 at Montville, CT.

HANNAH, bapt. 12 DEC 1642 at Montville, CT; m. Oliver MANNERING.

SAMUEL, bapt. 13 JUL 1645 at Montville, CT; m. Mary SMITH.

RICHARD, bapt. 2 NOV 1647 at Montville, CT.

ELIZABETH (ELIZA), bapt. 28 FEB 1650 at Montville, CT.

DANIEL, bapt. 17 FEB 1653 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Elizabeth HARRIS; m. 2) Rebecca Loy.



1.  MARY, daughter of SAMUEL, b. 1710; m. George DOLBEARE in 1740; d. 1 JAN 1790 at Montville, CT.

2.  SAMUEL, son of MATTHEW, b. _______; m. Rebecca BURR on 30 NOV 1704.


JOHN, b. ____.


NATHANIEL, b. ____.


SARAH, b. ____; m. Daniel FITCH on 16 NOV 1732 at Montville, CT; d. at 90 years of age.


MARY, see above.

ABIGAIL, b. ____.

REBECCA, b. ____.

ESTHER, b. ____.

THOMAS, b.____; m. Anna BURR.

ANDREW, b. ____.

3.  MATTHEW, son of THOMAS, b. 1643; m. 1) ________; m. 2) Mary FITCH (2) dtr of Thomas FITCH of Norwalk, CT; freeman 1664; d. 26 OCT 1715 at Stratfield, CT.


MARY, b. _____; m. Capt. Daniel FITCH in MAR 1698 at Montville, CT; d. 16 SEP 1752 at Montville, CT.


SAMUEL, see above.

Unknown Child, b. ____.

Unknown Child, b. ____.

Unknown Child, b. ____.

Unknown Child, b. ____.

4.  THOMAS, son of ________, b. 1586 at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England; m. 1) in 1610 to Alice ______ (b 1587) who came to the Boston, MA with him from England on 30 APR 1634 in the “Francis” of Ipswich, England; moved to Wethersfield, CT; m. 2) Mary FITCH in 1641; moved to Fairfield, CT in 1644; built first grist mill on Mill Plain; original will with signature still at Fairfield, CT town hall; d. 1655.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "SHERWOOD, THOMAS, Stratford, or Fairfield, first at S. 1645, had come to Boston, 1634, in the Francis from Ipswich, aged 48 with w. Alice 47; and ch. Ann, 14; Rose, 11; Thomas, 10; and Rebecca, 9; and may be thot. to have had others, b. bef. or aft. or both, for his will of June 1657, pro. 4 June 1658, ment. s. John and Thomas, d. Mary, w. Sarah, and refers to other ds. without nam. them. His est. was good. THOMAS, Fairfield, or Stratford, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. was, perhaps, rather than his f. the freem. of 1664; and prob. had that Thomas, propound. for freem. 1672. But his inv. of May 1676, ment. no w. or ch. Of this name, eleven had been gr. at Yale 1846." 


By wife Alice

ANNA, b. 1620 in England; came over with parents.

ROSE, b. 1623 in England; came over with parents.

THOMAS, b. 1624 in England; came over with parents.

REBECCA, b. 1625 in England; came over with parents.

By wife Mary

MATTHEW, see above.


1.  SARAH, daughter of JOHN, b. 10 JUL 1675 at Boston, MA; m. John DOLBEARE on 9 JUN 1698 in Boston, MA by Cotton Mather; d. 15 JAN 1745.

2.  JOHN, son of _________, b. ______; a pewterer; m. 1) Mary PITTOM on 9 FEB 1698; m. 2) Elinor (Elener) _______ in Boston, MA; probably d. in Boston, MA.  

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "COMER, JOHN, Boston, was b. 26 Apr. 1644, as he said, but his f. is not kn. by w. Elinor had John, b. 12 Aug. 1674; William, 28 Nov. 1678; Thomas, 6 Sept. 1680; and Mary, 16 Dec. 1685."



JOHN, b. 12 AUG 1674 at Boston, MA; m. before 1704 to Mary ______.


SARAH, see above.

WILLIAM, b. 28 NOV 1678 at Boston, MA.

THOMAS, b. 6 SEP 1680 at Boston, MA.

MARY, b. 15 DEC 1685 at Boston, MA.


1.  CHARLOTTE, daughter of MICHAEL J., b. 22 FEB 1870 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; shown with family in 1880 Census; m. John Franklin BROWDER on 8 AUG 1888; d. 18 JAN 1960 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL; buried on 20 JAN 1960 at Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL.

2.  MICHAEL J., son of CORNELIUS, b. 29 SEP 1835 in Cork, Ireland; came to U.S. in 1850 to New Orleans with parents; m. Charlotte LINK on 21 JUN 1863 in New Orleans, LA; moved to Montgomery, AL; as related to Charles Dolbear by his grandmother Charlotte, Michael had a saloon in Montgomery and during the Civil War, Federal troops tore up the saloon tied Michael behind a horse, and made him walk to St. Megs (6 miles) before turning him loose to walk home; 1880 Census shows Michael in Montgomery at 45 a retail grocer, with wife Charlotte 32, and children Elisabeth 14, Mary 12, Charlotte 10, Dennis 7, and Kate 9 months; shown living in 1900 Census on 107 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL age 64 a grocer, with wife Charlotte age 52, mother of 10 children, with 6 still living, and children: Mamie age 31, Joseph age 17, and Dennis age 26; d. 30 JAN 1908 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.


ELISABETH, b. 1866 in AL, as listed in 1880 Census with family.


MAMIE, b. JUN 1868 in AL, , living with parents in Montgomery, AL in 1880 and 1900 Census.


CHARLOTTE, see above.


DENNIS , b. 24 JAN 1873; shown in Montgomery, AL directory for 1891 at 411 Dexter Avenue, a mail clerk for “gen office AMRR”; living with parents in Montgomery, AL in 1880 Census and again in 1900 Census, a clerk for the railroad; WWI Draft Registration card shows Dennis living at 209 Herron St., Montgomery, AL on 12 SEP 1918, a book-keeper for Oscar Norman, living with his mother; listed in 1930 Census for Mobile, as a roomer with John Sheen family on Morgan Avenue, at age 57, a book-keeper for an auto repair shop; d. 12 NOV 1956; buried 14 NOV 1956.


JOSEPH , b. FEB 1883/1893 in AL, living with parents in Montgomery, AL in 1900 Census, a salesman in a grocery store; m. Ollie N. _______; had children Joseph H. b. 1920, Charlotte P. b. 1925, and Mary K. b. 1928, is shown in 1930 Census with wife and children as a shipping clerk for a wholesale dry goods company, in Portland, Oregon.


KATE , b. about 1879 in AL, as listed in 1880 Census.


PATRICK , b. after 1880, not shown 1880 Census with family.


HARRY , b. after 1880, not shown in 1880 Census with family; supposedly d. while diving into a gravel pit.


3.  CORNELIUS, son of (possibly Michael), b. 1 NOV 1806 in Cork, Ireland; m. Mary _________ (b. ca 1809 in Cork, Ireland, d. 24 FEB 1877 at Montgomery, AL, buried with husband); came to U.S. with wife and children about 1850; d. 6 APR 1875 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL.


MICHAEL J., see above.


MARY, b. _____; M. Michael DOW.


PATRICK , b.___



1.  SUSAN D./B., daughter of STEPHEN, b. 1840 in Montgomery County, AL; m. 1) John W. BROWDER in 1857 in Montgomery County, AL; m. 2) James W.A. MASON on 30 MAR 1864; shown at age 29 living with 2nd husband and Browder children: Annie age 11; John age 10, and William age 9 in 1870 Census for Montgomery, AL; m. 3) _______ AMOS before 1880, who may have d. before 1880; Susan is shown as Susan AMOS age 39 in 1880 Census in Montgomery, AL with daughter Annie age 21, and sons John Browder age 20 a harness maker and William Browder age 19 a miller; d. 11 AUG 1880 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.

2.  STEPHEN, son of STEPHEN, b. 1805 at Marion, SC; m. Elizabeth _______(b. about 1805 in SC); in 1850 Census in Montgomery, AL age 45 with wife Elizabeth age 45, both b. in SC, and children Catherine E. 17, Francis I. 14, Alphena M. 12, Susan B. 10, Enos M. 8, John H. 6, and Wesley Morris and wife Hensly D. and infant son  James D.; d. before 1860, as wife is shown as head of house in 1860 Census at age 54, b. SC, with children: Fanny age 22, Ennis age 18, and John age 15, all b. in AL.


UNKNOWN CHILD, b. about 1831 in AL.


CATHERINE E., b. 1832/3 in AL.


FRANCIS I., b. 1835/6 in AL.




SUSAN D., see above.


ENOS M., b. 1841/2 in AL.


JOHN F., b. 1843/4 in AL.


WILLIAM, b. 1852 in AL.


3.  STEPHEN, son of WILLIAM, b. about 1780 in Darlington District, SC;  m. ______; d. about 1840 in Darlington District, SC,


STEPHEN, see above

2.  WILLIAM, Rev., son of _________, b. about 1750 in VA;  m. to  ______DRAPER; d. 1806 in Williamson County, TN.


JAMES, b. 1795 in Darlington, SC.


STEPHEN, see above.


ELIJAH, b. 1808 in Darlington, SC.


JOSHUA, b. 1810 in Darlington, SC.



1.  ELLEN, daughter of JOHN, b. 1813 in Sumter, SC; m. 1) to William BROWDER about 1830, who d. in 1849; m. 2) to Lemuel ROUSE on 29 MAR 1859 in Montgomery, AL.

2.  JOHN A., son of  WILLIAM, b.  1770 at Marlboro, SC; m. 1) about 1793 to Dica/Dicey GODBOLD (b. 1775 in SC) in SC; m. 2) Mary Francis FLOYD (b. 1790 in NC) about 1820 at Sumter, SC; supposedly had 10 children; d. between 1830 and 1840 in Montgomery County, AL.


UNKNOWN CHILD , b. about 1794 at Marlboro, SC.


UNKNOWN CHILD, b. about 1796 at Marlboro, SC


ELIZABETH , b. 1797 at Marlboro, SC; m. Landers CARLISLE.


JOHN A. , Jr., b. 1800 Marlboro, SC; m. Dorcas MONEY on 28 OCT 1834 at Montgomery,

Montgomery County, AL; d. 1860 in Montgomery, AL


WILLIAM H., b. 1803 at Sumter, SC;


JESSE GODBOLD, b. 1 JAN 1805 at Sumter, SC;.


UNKNOWN CHILD , b. about 1810 in Kershaw County, SC.


UNKNOWN CHILD, b. about 1812 at Sumter, SC


ELLEN, see above.


LAWRANCE/LAWRENCE F., b. 1815 at Marlboro, SC.


MILES GREEN, b. 1817 Sumter, SC; m. Martha A. ______.


2.  WILLIAM, son of ________, b. about 1750 in SC; m. Milly HAMILTON (b. 1754 in SC); sold 150 acres of land in Marlboro County, SC for $500; received pay for military service during the Revolutionary War 1783-1784 in the Wilmington District, NC; in 1800 U.S. Census for Marlboro County, SC; d. about 1812 in Kershaw County, SC.  


JOHN A., see above.



1.  ANNA, daughter of GEORGE, b. 9 JUL 1752 at Montville, New London County, CT; m. Samuel FOX ; d. 2 JAN 1805 at Montville, CT.

2.  GEORGE, son of JONATHAN, b. in 1713 at Montville, CT; m. Johanna VIBBER in 1738; d. in 1760 in Montville, CT, under peculiar circumstances, he disappeared and his body was found several months later in the woods.


CHARLOT, b. 23 SEP 1739 at Montville, CT; d. in 1752 drowned at Fox’s Pond, in CT.


GEORGE, b. 27 DEC 1740 at Montville, CT; d. in 1752 drowned at Fox’s Pond, in CT.


JOANNA, b. 15 APR 1742 at Montville, CT; m. Atwell CHAPEL.


WILLIAM, b. 13 JUL 1745 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Ruth FORSYTH; m. 2) Eunice ____.


JONATHAN, b. 27 JAN 1747 at Montville, CT; m. Charlotte FOX.


MARY, b. 6 APR 1750 at Montville, CT; m. Brintnal FOX.


SAMUEL, b. 27 APR 1751 at Montville, CT; m. Martha COMSTOCK.


ANNA, see above.


3. JONATHAN, son of CHARLES, b. DEC 1674; m. Mary SHERWOOD (2); d. in 1725.


JANE, bapt. 8 MAR 1703 at Montville, CT; m. Abraham AVERY.


RUTH, bapt. 1 FEB 1707 at Montville, CT; m. Jonathan BUSHNELL.


MARY, bapt. 23 APR 1710 at Montville, CT.


CHARLOT, bapt. 6 JUN 1711 at Montville, CT.


GEORGE, see above.


JOHN, bapt. 11 SEP 1715 at Montville, CT.


4. CHARLES, son of GEORGE, b. at Barlow, Derbyshire, England; came from Maryland to New London, CT in 1665; m. Ruth (BREWSTER) RICKET on 16 JUL 1668; a merchant, girdler by trade, chosen town recorder of New London on 25 FEB 1669-70; d. OCT 1684 at Montville, CT.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "HILL, CHARLES, New London, came from Maryland 1665, but was b. in Barlow, near Chesterfield in Derbysh. s. of George, was a merch. of distinct. partner with the Christophers, going to and from Barbados. From that isl. he brot. the first news of the gr. fire in London 1666, as set forth in his let. to Gov. Winthrop of 16 Jan. foll. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 66. He m. 16 July 1668, Ruth, wid. of John Picket, had Jane, b. 9 Dec. 1669; Charles, 16 Oct. 1671; Ruth, bapt. 29 Oct. 1673, and Jonathan, Dec. 1674; his W. d. of Jonathan Brewster, d. 30 Apr. 1677, and he m. 12 June 1678, Rachel, d. of dep.-gov. John Mason, wh. with inf. ch. d. 4 Apr. of next yr. He was a useful man, recorder of the town, and clk. of the Co. Court, and d. 1684."


JANE, b. 9 DEC 1669 at Montville, CT.


CHARLES, b. 16 OCT 1671 at Montville, CT; m. Abigail FOX.


RUTH, b. OCT 1673 at Montville, CT; died young.


JONATHAN, see above.


5. GEORGE, son of __________, b. at Barley, Derbyshire, England; m. __________; came from England to Virginia on 20 JUN 1635.


CHARLES, see above.




1.  ELEANOR, daughter of DANIEL, b. 4 FEB 1734 at Montville, CT (twin); m. Dr. Christopher RAYMOND about 1752 at Montville, CT; d. 17 MAR 1826 at Montville, CT.

2.  DANIEL, son of Capt. DANIEL, b. about 1709; m. Sarah SHERWOOD on 16 NOV 1732 at Montville, CT; d. 12 MAY 1755 at Montville, CT.


ELEANOR, see above.


ABIAH, b. 24 FEB 1734 at Montville, CT (twin); m. Jonathan GARDNER.


RACHEL, b. 2 DEC 1735 at Montville, CT; m. Joseph PECK.


DANIEL, b. OCT 1737; d. JUL 1738.


MARY, b. JAN 1740; d. AUG 1741.


SARAH, b. JUN 1742; m. Stephen BEEBE.


MARY, b. JUL 1744; m. John BRADFORD.


ANNA, b. 4 JUN 1746; m. Elisha FOX.


SAMUEL SHERWOOD, b. 2 FEB 1752; d. unmarried on APR 1809.


JAMES, b. 2 AUG 1752; d. young.


ABIGAIL, b. 22 DEC 17542; m. Wetherel LATIMER.


3.  Capt. DANIEL, son of JAMES, b. 16 AUG 1665 at Montville, CT; m. Mary SHERWOOD  in MAR 1698 at Montville, CT; d. 3 JUN 1711 at Montville, CT.


ADONIJAH, b. APR 1700 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Sarah FITCH; m. 2) Anne HYDE GRAY.


JAMES, b. 18 OCT 1703 at Montville, CT; m. Ann DENISON.


LEMUEL, b. JUN 1704 at Montville, CT; m. Mary BIGELOW.


MARY, b. SEP 1707 at Montville, CT; m. Rev. James HILLHOUSE.


DANIEL, see above.


4.  Rev. JAMES, son of __________, b. 24 DEC 1622 at Bocking, Essex, England; from England to Hartford, CT in 1638; admitted to ministry at Saybrook, CT in 1646; moved to Norwich, CT in 1660; m. 1) in 1648 to Abigail WHITFIELD (dtr of Rev. Henry WHITFIELD, d. 1659);  m. 2) Priscilla MASON in OCT 1664  at Montville, CT; was pastor of Norwich, CT church until he resigned in 1696 due to age and infirmity; moved to Lebanon, CT in 1696 or 1702; was a Chaplain during King Philip’s War; d. 18 NOV 1702 in Lebanon, CT.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "FITCH, JAMES, Saybrook, b. 24 Dec. 1622, at Bocking, Co. Essex, was brot. a. 1638, to N. E. but where he was prepar. for the min. is unkn. tho. prob. with Hooker and Stone of Hartford, as the inscript. on his tells, mak. the period of study seven yrs. and is in Mather's sec. classis. ord. 1646, by w. Abigail, d. of Rev. Henry Whitfield, had James, b. 2 Aug. 1649; Abigail, 5 Aug. 1650; Elizabeth 2 Jan. 1652; Hannah, 17 Dec. 1653; Samuel, early in Mar. 1655; and Dorothy, Apr. 1658. His w. d. 9 Sept. 1659; and next yr. he rem. to sett. Norwich with large pt. of his S. people, m. 2 Oct. 1664, Priscilla, d. of Maj. John Mason, had Daniel, b. Aug. 1665; John, Jan. 1668; Jeremiah, Sept. 1670; Jabez, Apr. 1672, H. C. 1694; Ann, Apr. 1675; Nathaniel, Oct. 1679; Joseph, Nov. 1681; and Eleazur, 14 May 1683; all ment. as liv. in the will, 1696, and all but the last had fam. He gave up his office 1696, rem. to Lebanon, and d. 18 Nov. 1702. His d. Abigail m. prob. the sec. John Mason of Norwich; Elizabeth m. 5 Sept. 1674, Rev. Edward Taylor of Westfield, and d. 1689; Hannah m. it is said, Thomas Meeks, or Mix; Dorothy m. Nathaniel Bissell; and Ann m. 5 Oct. 1698, Joseph Bradford; but this makes strange discord with the Geneal. Reg. IV. 46 and 49. "


DANIEL, see above.


JOHN, b. JAN 1667 at Montville, CT; m. Elizabeth WATERMAN.


JEREMIAH, b. SEP 1670 at Montville, CT; m. Ruth GIFFORD.


JABEZ, b. APR 1672 at Montville, CT; m. Elizabeth APPLETON.


ANN, b. APR 1675 at Montville, CT; m. Maj. William BRADFORD.


Capt. NATHANIEL, b. in 1679 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Ann ABEL (1681-1728); m. 2) Mindwell TISDALE; d. in 1759.


JOSEPH, b. NOV 1681 at Montville, CT; m. 1) Sarah MASON; m. 2) Ann WHITING.


ELEAZER, b. 14 MAY 1683 at Montville, CT; m. Martha BROWN.



1.  ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN, b. _______ ; m. Joshua RAYMOND on 31 AUG 1719 at Montville, CT; d. 12 MAY 1730 at Montville, CT.

2.  JOHN, son of CHRISTOPHER, b. 3 SEP 1668 at New London, CT; m. Elizabeth MULFORD in 1696; inherited the “Black Point” lands in London, CT from his father in 1687; d. 3 FEB 1703 in the Barbados.


ELIZABETH, see above.

JOHN, b. _____; inherited the “Black Point” lands in 1703 at his father’s death; lost at sea July 1723, while returning as a passenger from the Barbadoes


2.     CHRISTOPHER1, son of CHRISTOPHER-1, b. 1631/32 at Cherston Ferrers, Devonshire, England; m. 1) Mary BERRY before 1662 in England, who died on 13 JUL 1676 at age 54; came to New London CT, about 1665, with his family and brother Jeffrey, both mariners; entered a business partnership with Charles HILL of New London and together they purchased the ship “New London” from Mould & Coit (first shipbuilders in New London); in 1668 they purchased the barque “Regard” from the same shipbuilders, and in 1671-2 the sloop “Charles”; Christopher also had full or part ownership in the ship “Success” and the sloop “Norwich”; m. 2) Elizabeth (BREWSTER) BRADLEY (dtr of Jonathan2 BREWSTER, and widow of Peter BRADLEY) about 1667 in New London, CT; Christophers and Hill bought a wharf on Mill Cove in 1673, and in 1679 Christopher obtained a land grant of three rods of waterside land in Mill Cove from which the firm launched vessels that traveled to “Madeira, Fayal, Surinam, St. Kitt’s, Turk’s Isle, Bermuda, Europe and the West Indies”; purchased a great deal of land in New London and was a participant in a number of land disputes about in which town the land belonged; also purchased land called “Black Point” from descendants of the Indian named “The Giant” that involved litigation with Thomas LEE of Lyme, that was resolved in 1686; the “Black Point” lands were inherited by son John; d. 23 JUL 1687 in New London, CT.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "CHRISTOPHERS, CHRISTOPER, New London 1667, mariner, of Devonsh. brot. from Barbados w. Mary, and ch. Richard, John, and Mary. His w. d. 13 July 1676, aged 54, and he m. Elizabeth wid. of Peter Bradley, d. of Jonathan Brewster, and d. 23 or 25 July 1687, aged 55, if the gr.stone wh. makes his age ten yrs. less than that of his w. be correct. Perhaps the best change would be that on the w.'s stone, as she might well be thot. younger; but the evidence is strong, that the inequality was real, and she felt her disadvant."


By wife Mary

MARY, b. 1657 in England; came to New London in 1665 with brother and parents.

RICHARD, b. 13 JUL 1662 at Chofton’s Forris (probably Cherston Ferris), Devonshire, England; came to New London at age three with his sister and Parents; became partners with his father in 1681; married his step-siste Lucretia BRADLEY (from step-mother Elizabeth’s first marriage) on 26 JAN 1681-2; became partners with his brother John at his father’s death; at various times held almost all of the important offices of town and state; a judge in County, Probate, and Superior Courts; d. 8 JUN 1726.

By wife Elizabeth

JOHN, see above.




1.  MERCY, daughter of JAMES, b. ____ at Block Island, RI; m. Joshua RAYMOND on 29 APR 1683 at Montville, CT; d. 3 MAY 1741 at Lynne, MA.

2.  JAMES, son of HENRY, b. 1622 at Reading, Berkshire, England; from England in 1638; settled at Portsmouth, RI in 1640; before 1673 settled Block Island, RI; deputy for the General Court for New Shoreham County in 1665; assistant warden in 1676; commander of militia company in King Philip’s War; m. Sarah WALKER, dtr of John WALKER of Block Island; d. 1695 at Block Island, RI.


MERCY, see above.


JOHN, b. ____ .

2.     HENRY, son of Sir EDWIN SANDYS, President of the Virginia Compny in London, b. 1585 in England; freeman 6 OCT 1640; m. Sybil _______ before 1622 in England; came from England in 1638; dismissed to church in Rowley, MA 24 SEP 1639; assigned ¼ of ship “Welcome” on 11 MAR 1648; had many creditors; an early settler of Boston, at Rowley in 1639, returned to Boston in 1651; d. 1654 at Portsmouth, RI. 

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "SANDYS, HENRY, Boston, merch. adm. of the ch. with w. Sybil, 20 Dec. 1638, and on 6 Jan. foll. had d. bapt. Deliverance, wh. d. young; but in Nov. foll. was with others dism. to form new ch. at Rowley; freem. 7 Oct. 1640, when the clk. call. him Sand; had Samuel, b. 1640; Deliverance, again, Aug. 1644; rem. back to B. and had John, 28 Aug. 1646, and d. Dec. 1651. His d. Mary d. 14 Oct. 1654."


JAMES, see above.


DELIVERANCE, bapt. 11 JUN 1638; probably d. before 1644.




JOHN, b. 28 JUN 1646.


MARY, b. ____; d. 14 AUG 1654.


SAMUEL, b. 20 APR 1640; d. 20 FEB 1658.


MERCY, b. 24 JAN 1640.



1.  ELIZABETH, daughter of NEHEMIAH, b. 1645; m. Joshua RAYMOND 10 DEC 1659; d. 1 MAY 1712.

2.  Rev. NEHEMIAH, son of ___________, b. 1605 in England; from England to Plymouth, MA in 1637; m. Sarah Anne BOURN in 1639; moved to Stratford, CT;  at New Haven, CT in 1644; moved to New London, CT in 1660; arrived at Norwich, CT in 1669; d. 1686 in Norwich, CT. 

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "SMITH, NEHEMIAH, New Haven, had Sarah, and Mary, b. 1642; Hannah, 1644, all bapt. 14 Dec. 1645; Mercy and Elizabeth 1645, both bapt. 22 Feb. 1646; and Nehemiah, bapt. not (as in Geneal. Reg. IX. 362) 24 Oct. but 25, 1646; all in right of his w. Sarah; kept the sheep of the town 1644-9 and rem. soon aft. to New London, and a. 1660 to Norwich, freem. 1669, d. 1686, leav. w. Ann and four ds. Mary, w. of Samuel Raymond; Ann, w. of Thomas Bradford; Elizabeth w. of Joshua Raymond; and Experience, wh. m. 1 Nov. 1677, Joshua Abel."


ELIZABETH, see above.


ANN, b. ___; m. Thomas STERRY.


NEHEMIAH, b. ____; m. Lydia WINCHESTER. From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: "SMITH, NEHEMIAH, New London, only s. of the preced. m. 24 Oct. 1669, Lydia, d. of Alexander Winchester of Rehoboth, had Lydia, [[vol. 4, p. 128]] b. 29 Oct. 1670; Nehemiah, 14 Nov. 1673; Samuel, 2 June 1676; Martha, Oct. 1678; Daniel, 29 Oct. 1680; and Margaret, 1683; was in very high esteem, and d. 8 Aug. 1727; his w. d. 1725."



1. REBECCA, daughter of NATHANIEL, b. _______; m. Samuel SHERWOOD on 30 NOV 1704.

2.  NATHANIEL, son of JEHUE, b. 1640; m. Sarah WARD before 1673; a lawyer, deputy of the General Court; d. in 1712.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BURR, NATHANIEL, Fairfield, s. of Jehu the first, freem. 1664, had m. Sarah, d. of Andrew Ward, as his wid.╒s will, of 1665, names this d. and her two ch. Sarah, and Nathaniel. Both these ch. d. bef. the f. wh. had sec. w. Ann, and d. 26 Feb. 1712. His will of four days bef. names seven ch. viz. the dec. Nathaniel, wh. had left four ch. and John, Daniel, Esther, Ann Allen, Rebecca Sherwood, and Mary Labarre. "


REBECCA, see above.


Col. JOHN, b. 1673; m. Deborah BARLOW; d. in 1750.


ANN, b. in 1675; m. Lt. Gideon ALLEN in 1696; d. in 1747 at Fairfield, CT.


2.     JEHUE , son of _____, b. 1600 in England; m. _______ STEDMAN; from England to Roxbury, MA with Gov. Winthrop in 1630; freeman 18 MAY 1631; removed with Pynchon to Springfield and Fairfield, CT; one of the founders of Springfield, MA in 1635; a carpenter; signed compact in 1636; settled Fairfield CT; probably d. before 1654.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BURR, JEHU, Roxbury 1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winthrop req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was sw. 18 May foll. Of his w. the bapt. name is not seen, tho. she was, at the same time with h. mem. of the ch. He was a carpenter, appoint. in 1633, by the Col. governm. to see to "the bridges betw. Boston and Roxbury," wh. suggests interest. queries in our topogr. In 1636 he rem. with Pynchon to the foundat. of Springfield, and for that town, not suppos. to belong to Mass. in 1638, was rep. at Hartford; and soon after went to Fairfield, of wh. he was rep. 1641, 5, and 6, prob. d. soon after. Four s. Jehu, John, Daniel, and Nathaniel, are kn. and perhaps he had not other ch. How easy mistakes occur in read. ancient MS. is well exhibit. in this man's case. Copy from entr. in Col. rec. 1630 and 1631, of his name, print. in my list of freem. as Appendx. to Winthrop II. 361, giv. it John; and the well-practis. eyes of Pulsifer, transcrib. for the Antiq. Soc. of Worcester, and the more scrupulous Paige, in the Reg. of N. E. Hist. Geneal. Soc. III. 90 and 1, were equal. deceiv. and even Felt, wh. had giv. so many yrs. of his life to those rec. fell under the same delusion; while, to immortalize the wrong, it is assert. by Trumbull, in Conn. Rec. I. 12. In read. the sec. and fourth letters of this bapt. name, not one in a thousand experts would be likely to differ from us, as John appears in the reverse proportion to Jehu. Yet from the unusual distinctness of the Roxbury ch. rec. wh. I have examin. and the concur. later ones at Springfield and elsewhere. all doubt is dispel. Trumbull, in Conn. Col. Rec. I. 12. of his text; and the 1835 Ed. of Winthrop's Hist. II. 441, had giv. the true name.”


JEHU, b. 1625 in England; came over with father in 1633. From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BURR, JEHU, Fairfield, s. prob. eldest, if the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. m. Mary, d. of Andrew Ward, had sev. ch. certain. Daniel and Esther, in the will 1665 of their gr. mo. Ward. But other childr. he had, prob. some by this w. and some by ano. w. Esther, wid. of Joseph Boosy. He was a promin. man, rep. 1659, 60, and after junct. of Conn. with N. H. sev. yrs. In Philip's war he was capt. [[vol. 1, p. 307]] trust. as one in a commissn. with gr. powers; and d. prob. in 1692, as the inv. of his est. was made 31 Oct. of that yr. The will of 11 Jan. 1690 names ch. Daniel; Peter, H. C. 1690; Samuel; Esther; Elizabeth; Sarah; Joanna; and Abigail (of wh. some were minors); beside Mary, wh. had m. Samuel Wakeman, and was d. leav. a d.”


Maj. JOHN, b. ca 1633; m. ca 1672 to Sarah FITCH; d. 1694. From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BURR, JOHN, Fairfield, br. of the preced. perhaps b. after his f. came to Roxbury, was adm. freem. of Conn. 1664, rep. 1666, and with his br. Jehu, 1670, and more yrs. was major, and d. 1694. His w. was, it is said, Sarah Fitch, but whose d. she was is not told, and for the ch. in partial default of rec. we must accept his will, nam. John, b. 2 May 1673; David; Samuel, 2 Apr. 1679, H. C. 1697; Jonathan; Sarah, 25 July 1675; Mary, 19 Aug. 1683; and Deborah; the last two unm. Joseph, b 21 June 1677, and Ebenezer, 7 Feb. 1682, d. bef. their f. The wid. Sarah, in her will, of 8 June 1696, names only the ds. Sarah Chauncy, wh. m. 29 June 1692, Rev. Charles of F., Mary, Deborah, and s. Samuel. "


NATHANIEL, see above.


 FITCH (2)


1. MARY, daughter of THOMAS, b. __________; m. Matthew SHERWOOD; d. 16 SEP 1752 at Montville, CT.

2.  THOMAS, son of ________, b. in 1612 in England; m. 1) Anna STACIE (STACEY) in 1632; from England to colonies in 1637; settled Norwalk, CT in 1651; deputy of the general court 1654-57; clerk of train band in 1656; m. 2) Ruth CLARK; d. in 1704 at Norwalk, CT.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " FITCH, THOMAS, Norwalk, s. of Thomas of the same, a serg. in 1672, had four ch. of wh. one d. bef. him. He d. 1690, leav. Sarah, then aged 21; Thomas, 19; Mary, 16; and Samuel 2 1/2. The third Norwalk Thomas, [[vol. 2, p. 170]] s. of the preced. wh. d. 10 May 1731, was f. of Gov. Thomas, so that not only one generat. but two, were sunk in the common statement, as giv. by Farmer, of progenit. of the Gov. THOMAS, Wethersfield, s. of Samuel of the same, m. a. 1680, Abigail, d. prob. youngest of William Goodrich of the same, had Thomas, b. 20 July 1681, d. young; and Sibbil, 2 Nov. 1684, d. in few wks. as did the mo. in 5 days. He next m. Sarah, d. of Samuel Boardman of the same, had four ch. of whose names we are ign. and d. 17 Oct. 1704."


MARY, see above.


Capt. THOMAS, b. 1630.


SARAH, b. ______; m. Maj. John BURR.


JOHN, b. 1642; m. Rebecca LINDALL.




1. CHARLOTTE,  daughter of _________, b. 20 MAR 1847 in Cork, Ireland; came to U.S. art age 3 with parents in 1850 to New Orleans, LA with Linehan family; her family d. of yellow fever and Charlotte was left an orphan; m. Michael J. LINEHAN on 21 JUN 1863 in New Orleans, LA; moved to Montgomery, AL with husband; d. 4 JAN 1928 at Montgomery, Montgomery County, AL.

2.  ___________, son of _______, b.  


CHARLOTTE, see above.



1. JOHANNA, daughter of JOHN, b.  31 OCT 1712 at Montville, CT; m. George HILL in 1738 at Montville, CT.

2.  JOHN, son of __________, b. 25 OCT 1689; m. Johanna WILLIAMS (b. 1685); a farmer and landholder; first appears as inhabitant of New London North Parish in 1711; previously lived in Groton, CT; d. in Montville, CT.  


JOHANNA, see above.


JOHN, b. 6 JAN 1713 at Montville, CT; m. Amy COPP.


MARCY, b. 9 JAN 1715 at Montville, CT; m. Abraham HARDEN.


WILLIAM, b. 15 NOV 1717 at Montville, CT; m. Ann LEFFINGWELL.


NATHANIEL, b. 6 FEB 1720 at Montville, CT; m. Desire BROWN.


THOMAS, b. 9 NOV 1722 at Montville, CT; d. when 17 yrs old.


SARAH, b. 24 DEC 1724 at Montville, CT; d. at 2 years old.


MARGARET, b. 20 NOV 1726 at Montville, CT; m. John COMSTOCK.


ANNA, b. 6 DEC 1729 at Montville, CT; m. John CHAMPLIN.



1. MARY, daughter of GEORGE, b. 1672; m. Jonathan HILL; d. 1733.

2.  GEORGE, son of ___________, b. _______; m. _________; d. 1 MAY 1674 at New London, CT.    From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " SHERWOOD, GEORGE, New London, d. 1 May 1674. "


MARY, see above.





1. RUTH3, daughter of JONATHAN, b. 3 OCT 1631 at Jones River, MA; m. 1) John PICKETT of New London, CY; m. 2) Charles HILL on 16 JUL 1668  at Montville, CT; d. 30 APR 1677 at Montville, CT.

2.  JONATHAN2, son of WILLIAM1, b. 1584 or 1593 in England; came over in 1621 on the Fortune, 1st ship after the Mayflower, arriving 10 NOV 1621; a ribbon weaver; was in Leyden, Holland in 1617, went to Plymouth Colony, a freeman in Plymouth in 1633; m. Lucretia OLDHAM on 10 APR 1624 at Plymouth, MA; removed to New London, CT in 1649; d. in 1659 at Montville, CT.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BREWSTER, JONATHAN, Plymouth, eldest s. of Elder William, b. at Scrooby, in Co. Notts, on the road to Doncaster in Yorksh. from wh. it is only 12 or 13 miles dist. in a manor belong. to the archbp. of York, under wh. his gr.f. was tenant on long lease, had been instruct. only by his glorious f. either in his native ld. or the doz. yrs. resid. in Holland, where he was left by the Elder to take care of two sis. with his own fam. Without the sis. he came in the Fortune 1621, in June 1636, was in command of the Plymouth trading, ho. on Conn. riv. and gave notice to John Winthrop, gov. of the fort at Saybrook, in a letter in my posses. of 18 June, of the evil designs of the Pequots; [[vol. 1, p. 245]] rem. to Duxbury, of wh. he was rep. 1639, the earliest assemb. of deputies in that Col. thence to New London, bef. 1649, there was selectman, d. bef. Sept. 1659, hav. in Sept. 1656 project. to ret. to Eng. with his fam. By w. Lucretia, he had William, and Mary, both, prob. but the first, certain. b. in Holland; Jonathan; Benjamin, bef. ment.; also, Grace, Ruth, Hannah, and perhaps Elizabeth some of these b. prob. at New London. Mary m. 12 Nov. 1645, John Turner of Scituate; Elizabeth m. a. 1654, Peter Bradley; Grace m. 4 Aug. 1659, Daniel Wetherill; Hannah m. 23 Dec. 1664, Samuel Starr; and Ruth m. John Picket, and next, Charles Hill, and d. 30 Apr. 1677. "


WILLIAM, b. 9 MAR 1625  at Plymouth, MA.


MARY3, b. 16 APR 1627 at Plymouth, MA; m. John TURNER, Sr. in 1645.


JONATHAN, b. 17 JUL 1629 Plymouth, MA.


RUTH3, see above.


BENJAMIN3, b. 17 NOV 1633 at Duxbury, MA; m. Ann DARTE.


ELIZABETH3, b. 1 MAY 1637 at Duxbury, MA; m. 1) Peter BRADLEY on 7 SEP 1653; had four children by Peter, who d. in 1637; m. 2) Christopher1 CHRISTOPHERS after 13 JUL 1676; d. FEB 1708.


GRACE3, b. 1 NOV 1639 in Duxbury, MA; d. in 1684.


HANNAH3, b. 3 NOV 1641 at Duxbury, MA; m. in 1664 to Samuel STARR.


NATHANIEL3, b. _______ at Montville, CT.

2.     WILLIAM1, son of WILLIAM-1, b. 1566-7 at Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England; m. before 1593 to Mary ______(d. before 1627); 4th signer of the Mayflower Compact; was educated in Cambridge, England in Latin and Greek; ruling Elder of the church 1620-44; invoice of his estate on 5 JUN 1644 included 63 books in Latin, and 300 to 400 books in English; d. 10 APR 1644 at Plymouth, MA..

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BREWSTER, WILLIAM, Plymouth, the famous Elder, claim. of liberal Christians everlast. gratitude, as the earliest of disting. Puritan laymen in Eng,. came in the Mayflower, 1620, with his w. two younger s. the w. of the eldest, and her s. William. He was b. 1563 (prob. but earlier by some computa.) at Scrooby, in Nottinghampsh. at the manor hall of wh. vill. belong. to the archbp. of York, he afterwards long resid. the same house at wh. Cardinal Wolsey had made his last stop, bef. reach. home in his final journey, on compulsory retirement from court, after banishm. by King Henry VIII. thirty yrs. earlier. His f. [[vol. 1, p. 246]] prob. William, was tenant under liberal lease from archbp. Sandys, and the s. was educ. some time at Cambridge Univ. and his f. bec. as subtenant of Scrooby manor, the possessor of that very resid. of the Cardinal, and the s. therein worship. God accord. to the simple forms of the chief protestants of Protestantism. After very honora. serv. with Davidson, secr. of Queen Elizabeth he partook in the fall of that statesman, the conseq. of the Queen's heartless deception and treachery; and abandon. 1587, political life. Devot. hims. for many yrs. to relig. he was the first promin. layman wh. reject. conform. to the ceremon. of the ch. of Eng. He was in the employm. of the crown, however, as postmaster bef. Apr. 1594, at Scrooby, above a doz. yrs. after leav. London; there he m. the w. Mary. With his young friend, Bradford, after a doz. yrs. to be made Gov. of New Plymouth and others, he pass. a. 1607 or 8, into Holland for enjoym. of worship without the many idle forms, on wh. King James had set his heart, and was rul. Elder of the ch. at Leyden of wh. John Robinson was teach. as he had been prob. at Scrooby. His ds. Patience and Fear, came in the Ann, 1623; and on 5 Aug. of next yr. Patience m. Thomas Prence, afterwards the gov. and d. 1634; and Fear m. 1626, Isaac Allerton, as his sec. w. and d. 1633. His w. d. bef. 1627; and Gov. Bradford says the s. Wrestling d. bef. never m. He had early rem. to Duxbury, and there, under the same roof with Love, d. 16 Apr. 1643, after one day's illness. His inv. has proof in the titles of the books of honora. regard for letters. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 174. Bradford's Memoir of him is in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. 461. See, also, Davis's Morton; Hunter's First Colonists of N. E., of wh. the best impres. is in 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 52; and Shurtlef's Recollect. of the Pilgr. in Russell's Guide to Plymouth. It may be useful to mark the error of so valua. an auth. as Baylies, in II. 6, where he gives to our most glorious of the Mayflower's passeng. three ch. Lucretia, Mary, and William, and is even so rash as to say, two of them were b. in America. Yet if b. on our side of the water, he ought to have presum. they could not, from his age, be ch. of the Elder. The first was w. others, ch. of Jonathan."


JONATHAN, see above.


LOVE, b. ______.


WRESTLING (WRASLING), b. _____; d. as a young man.


FEAR, b. ______; m. ca 1626 to Isaac ALLERTON; d. in 1634.


PATIENCE, b. _____; m. Thomas PRENCE.


WILLIAM, b. ___


MARY, b. _____




1. PRISCILLA, daughter of Maj. JOHN, b. 1641; m. Rev. James FITCH in OCT 1664.

2.  Maj. JOHN, son of ________, b. 1600 in England; came over in Winthrop’s Fleet; settled Dorchester, MA before 1634; a freeman in 1634; a captain and chief commander in Pequot War; m. 1) _______; m. 2) Ann PECK (dtr of Rev. Robert PECK) in JUL 1639 in Hingham, MA; sold house and lot in Hingham, MA on 5 MAY 1647; moved to Windsor, CT in 1635; at Saybrook, CT in 1647 and Norwich, CT in 1659; representative of the General Court 1637-41; commissioner of United Colonies 1647-61; deputy governor 1659-69; organized the first troop of horse in the colony 1657-58; d. in 1672.

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " MASON, JOHN, Dorchester, tho. thot. by some to have come 1630, with Winthrop prob. came early in 1632, was in Dec. of that yr. sent as lieut. with 20 men against a pirate at the E. for wh. in July foll. he was paid £10, and bec. capt. in Nov. aft. was first on the list of freem. 4 Mar. 1635, and disting. then by title of capt. rep. 1635 and 6, and this yr. rem. with Warham to Windsor, of great serv. in milit. and civ. life, finished the Pequot war, in 1637, being in chief com. rep. 1637 to 41, then Assist. to 59, then dep.-gov. for eight maj.-gen. and commiss. for the Congr. of N. E. 1647, 54, 5, 6, 9, and 61. From Windsor he rem. 1647 to Saybrook, thence to first sett. of Norwich 1659. By first w. wh. d. at W. we kn. not of any ch. but he took sec. w. in July 1639, nam. Peck, and had, perhaps, Isabel; certain. Priscilla, b. Oct. 1641; Samuel, July 1644; John, Aug. 1646; Rachel, Oct. 1648; Ann, June 1650; Daniel, Apr. 1652; and Elizabeth Aug. 1654; and d. at N. 30 Jan. 1672, in 72d yr. All that the diligence of Prince, the annalist, could gather to prefix to his Hist. of the Pequot war may be read in 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 122; and later inq. adds little; yet in Sparks's Amer. Biog. Vol. III. of 2d Series, is a copious [[vol. 3, p. 168]] biogr. of the great capt. writ. with much felicity, by the Rev. George E. Ellis. Isabel m. 17 June 1658, John Bissell of Windsor; Priscilla m. 8 Oct. 1664, Rev. James Fitch; Elizabeth m. 8 May 1671, Thomas Norton; Ann m. John Brown of Swanzey, and Rachel m. 12 June 1678, Charles Hill, as his sec. w. Thro. Daniel, the youngest s. the late Hon. Jeremiah deriv. descent.  "


PRISCILLA, see above.




1.  ELIZABETH3, daughter of SAMUEL2, b. 1676 at Long Island, Suffolk County, NY; m. John CHRISTOPHERS; d. 4 AUG 1720 at New London, CT.

2.  SAMUEL2, son of JOHN1, b. 1644 at East Hampton, Suffolk County, NY; m. Esther CONKLING; d. 21 AUG 1725 at East Hampton, NY. 


ELIZABETH3, see above.


2.  JOHN1, son of THOMAS-1, b. 1606 at Cadburye, South Molton, Devonshire, England; m. Friedeswiede ______before 1644 at Long Island, NY; d. 1686 at East Hampton, NY. 

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " MULFORD, JOHN, Easthampton, L. I. 1650, one of the first sett. says Wood, 44, perhaps went home for some time, and came again in the Speedwell, 1656, from London when the name appears Mulfoot; was chos. Assist. 1658, had commiss. from Conn. in 1664 as a magistr. and 1674, as a judge. "


SAMUEL2, see above.



1.  SARAH ANNE, daughter of THOMAS, b. 1615; m. Nehemiah SMITH in 1639; d. 1684.

2.  THOMAS, son of _______, b. 1581 at Bourne, Lincolnshire, England; m. Elizabeth ______ before 1615; came to Plymouth, MA in 1636; the eldest of the original Marshfield, MA settlers; a deputy for the General Court 1642-45; on Guard duty at his garrisoned home in 1643; d. 1664 at Marshfield, MA. 

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " BOURNE, THOMAS, early at Marshfield, may prob. have come from Co. Kent, bring. fam. hav. been at Plymouth 1637, freem. of that col. 2 Jan. 1638, had w. Elizabeth bur. 18 July 1660, aged 70, was a man of substance and repute, d. a. 1664, aged 83, leav. wid. Martha, ch. prob. all by w. Elizabeth John, above ment.; Martha, wh. m. 1. John Bradford, s. of the Gov. 2. Thomas Tracey, d. at Norwich 1689; Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 1638, Robert Waterman; Ann, m. 21 June 1640, Nehemiah Smith; Margaret m. Josiah Winslow, br. of Gov. Edward; and Lydia m. Nathaniel Tilden. His will of 2 May 1664, made s. John excor. names ea. d. and Lydia, d. of Lydia, beside John, Thomas, Joseph, and Robert Waterman, and Mr. Arnold, his min.  "


SARAH ANNE, see above.


MARTHA, b. ______; m. 1) John BRADFORD; m. 2) Thomas TRACY.


MARGARET, b. ____; m. in 1636 to Josiah WINSLOW.





1.  DICA/DICEY, daughter of JOHN, b. 1775 in SC; m. John A. ROLLO about 1793 in SC; d. about 1818 at Sumter, SC.

2.  JOHN, son of JOHN, b. about 1763 in Craven Co., SC; m. ________ before 1775 in SC; d. about 1811 in Marion Co., SC.


DICA/DICEY, see above.


3.  JOHN, son of JOHN, b.  24 JUL 1739 at Mares Bluff, Marion Co., SC; m. Priscilla JONES in 1760 at Craven County, SC; d. about 1790 in SC.


ZACHARIAH, b. about 1761 at Craven Co., SC


JOHN, see above.


JESSE, b. about 1765 at Craven Co., SC


JAMES, b. 1785 at Prince George Parrish, Georgetown Dist., SC


LYDIA, b. before 1780 at Craven Co., SC


 ROWAN, b. about 1783 at Craven Co., SC


UNKNOWN CHILD, b. about 1780.


4.  JOHN, son of ________, b.  at Suffolk County, England; m. Elizabeth McGURNEY  in 1736 at Marion District, SC; d. 1765 at Marion District, SC.


JOHN, see above.


JAMES, b. 1741 at Mar’s Bluff Community, Craven Co., SC


THOMAS, b. about 1742 at Mar's Bluff, Craven Co., SC


SARAH ANN “SALLIE”, b. about 1750 at Georgetown District, SC


ELIZABETH, b. 1752




1.  PRISCILLA, daughter of _________, b. 1745 at Marion County, SC; m. John GODBOLD in 1760 at Craven County, SC; d. about 1814.

2.  ___________, son of _______, b.  


PRISCILLA, see above.





Note: This line is strictly conjecture until it can be proven.

1.  MARGARET, daughter of JOHN, b. 1839 at New Orleans, LA (see 1850 Census New Orleans Municipality 2 Ward 3); m. ________ ROBBS in New Orleans, LA prior to 1855.

2.  JOHN, son of _______, b. 1800 in Germany; m. ____________(b. 1808 in Germany); 1850 Census shows he was a “dealer in chickens”. 


JAMES, b. 1837 in PA, listed in 1850 Census with family in LA.


MARGARET, see above.


MICHAEL, b. 1847 in LA; listed in 1850 Census with family in LA.


NATHAN, b. 1847 in LA; listed in 1850 Census with family in LA.




1.  LUCRETIA, daughter of JOHN, b. 1600 in England; came over with father and mother on the “Anne” in 1623; settled in Plymouth Colony; m. in 1624  to Jonathan BREWSTER at Montville, CT; d. 1678 at Montville, CT.

2.  JOHN, son of _______, b. _____; came over on the “Anne” in 1623; with wife, daughter Lucretia, and a man named Christian PENN; an Indian trader; removed to Nantasket and Cape Ann, MA; a freeman in Watertown, MA in 1631; d. in 1646.  

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " OLDHAM, JOHN, Plymouth, came in the Ann 1623 with a comp. so that in div. of lds. next yr. he was reckon. for ten heads; in less than two yrs. gave office by siding with Rev. Mr. Lyford, and was punish. with more contempt than severity, driven to Nantasket, thence, with Conant, to Cape Ann, home in 1628, so well reconciled to the Plymouth governm. as to be trusted by them with their prisoner, mischief-making Morton, back to N. E. late in 1629, or early in 1630, freem. 18 May 1631, with prefix of respect, liv. at Watertown, much engag. in trade with the Ind. especial. by water, rep. in the first Gen. Court 1634, was k. by the Ind. in his shallop, July 1636, off the mouth of Narraganset Bay. Admin. of his est. was, of course, had in Mass. but in the noble Conn. Rec. by J. H. Trumbull, I. 43, we see that ancillary process was had in that the earliest action being at their court, 1 Sept. held at Watertown, now Wethersfield, and next, in Oct. at Newtown, now Hartford. Of the largest creditors there were Gov. Cradock of London, Gov. Hopkins of Hartford, and Clement Chaplin of Wethersfield, wh. certain. vouch from large opportunity of acquaint. for his good conduct. Hinman, in his first Ed. 127, mistook the side of the acco. or inv. in the rec. making Gov. C. a debtor to O. We may conject. that he had w. and childr. but certain. is not attaina. We kn. only, that by a petitn. to our Gen. Ct. William Bridge, in 1644, sets forth that 21 yrs. bef. he came with J. O. his f.-in-law.In 1635 the Elizabeth and Ann brot. from London two youths of this name, John, aged 12, and Thomas, 10, neither of wh. was likely to be his s."


LUCRETIA, see above.


MARY, b. b. ______; m. William BRIDGE1; in Watertown, MA in 1636; d. in 1646 in Charlestown or Boston, MA.  



1.  ANNA (ANNE), daughter of Rev. ROBERT, b. _____; m. Maj. John MASON in 1640; d. at Saybrook, CT.

2.  Rev. ROBERT, son of _______, b. _____; a preacher of the gospel in Hingham, England; came over with wife and 2 children and 2 servants in 1638; settled Hingham, MA; d. before 10 APR 1658.  

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage: " PECK, ROBERT, Hingham, prob. br. of Joseph, was bred at Magdalen Coll. Cambr. where he had his degr. of A. B. and A. M. the latter 1603, was min, over 30 yrs. at Hingham, Co. Norfk. yet was harass. for nonconform. to some of the ceremon. by Bp. Harsnet, his diocesan, whose imprudence in honor of the ch. wa so gr. as to excite complaint from the peop. of Norwich in 1623 to the Ho. of Commons in Parl. Two successors in that see were milder, White and Corbet, especial. the latter, but when Wren, that bird of ill omen, came to the cathedral, no puritan could long serve at the altar. Mather gains the delight of tell. in his Magn. how this Peck was put under a bushel, III. 214. He came with w. two ch. and two serv. in the Diligent, 1638, and on 28 Nov. of that yr. was ord. freem. 13 Mar. foll. but soon aft. the overthr. of the absol. rule by the long Parliam. he emb. 27 Oct. 1641, with w. and s. Joseph, for home, and went back to his old parsonage, there d. 1656. Brook's Purit. III. 263-5. "


ANNA (ANNE), see above.


THOMAS, b. ____.


SAMUEL, b. ____.


ROBERT, b. ____; d. before 1658.


JOSEPH, b. ______; may have d. in England. 




1.  SARAH, daughter of JOHN, b. _____; m. James SANDS; d. 1709.

2. JOHN, son of _______, b. _____.  "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage, lists a number of John WALKERs, however this entry seems to be the closest fit: " WALKER, JOHN, Boston, freem. 14 May 1634, had been of the ch. of Roxbury, when adm. but rem. to B. to find, perhaps, wider sympathy for his heresy, was of the number of disarm. with the major pt. of fellow worship. Nov. 1637, rem. to R. I. very soon, and is one of the earliest subscr. to the coven. of civ. governm.“


SARAH, see above.


DOROTHY, b. 1642; m. Capt. Roger JONES.



1.  HANNAH, daughter of HENRY, b. _____; m. 1) Thomas FOX on 13 OCT 1647; m. 2) Andrew LESTER.

2. HENRY, son of _______, b. _____ in England; came to Boston, MA in 1630; m. Sussannah (______) RICHARDSON, widow of Ezekiel RICHARDSON of Charlestown, MA; was at Concord, MA in 1639 and Woburn, MA 1649.  

From "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692" by James Savage, we find three possible listings: " WALKER, HENRY, Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639; had Joseph, b. 12 Apr. 1641. HENRY, Wallingford, m. 21 Dec. 1676, Hannah, wid. of Samuel Blackley, had Thomas, b. 27 Mar. 1679; and he contin. at W. to 1713. He came, says tradit. from Cheshire, Eng. and may have been s. of John of New Haven, or perhaps his br. HENRY, Woburn, perhaps the same as him of Concord, d. 12 Apr. 1683, his w. Susanna hav. d. 15 Sept. 1681, but I find not the m. nor the age. He m. 12 July 1682, Annis Jaquith. His will was of 18 July 1682. In it he names this w. and the ch. John, Timothy, wh. was of Billerica, Isaac, and Sarah, w. of John Mousall, wh. were then liv.  "


HANNAH, see above.


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