Artist Profile: Samuel Tolbert

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Mr. Tolbert notes that music for sale on his website is suitable for worship services when the church may be temporarily without a musician. Check out Sam's website to get more info. on him, products and services: Sam's Muzik Co,

Also, look at another website that features his music, along with that of other gospel music artists:
Good Stewards Ministry

For more links, please Google "Samuel Tolbert"

Chants and Responses:

God Be With You
Theres Something About that Name (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus)
Yes, Lord
(8 of these)


Like some of the other artists featured, we've had knowledge of the work of Samuel Tolbert for sevaral years. Sam has so kindly granted his permission to list his MIDI files for FREE downloading and playing on your computer. We thank him, and we thank Him for the increase. Enjoy.

Mr. Tolbert brings the "holiness" style to his playing of traditional and comtemporary black gospel music. This reveals his background in the Church of God in Christ. However, Sam is not limited to one style. When he plays "How Great Thou Art" or the other version of "Blessed Assurance," anyone can hear the range of his versatility. What wonderful Christian music. Sam says that he put together several of these songs as demonstrations and samples for music lessons, which are available on his website.

We love the the line on Sam's web page that says, "All Glory and Honor to God." Hallelujah! There, you may find more information about Mr. Tolbert's edcuation and experience.

Mr. Tolbert pursues several interests, and he knows IT... He obviously sequences a lot of music. He is a Minister of Music and gives lessons. A great proponent of excellence in himself and others, he always encourages muscians to progress and improve.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

At the Cross
Blessed Assurance (Ver. 1)
Blessed Assurance (Ver. 2)
Down at the Cross (Ver. 1)
Down at the Cross (Ver. 2)
I Am Thine
Jesus Is All the World to Me
Lord I Want to Be a Christian
Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
What a Friend We Have in Jesus
(11 of these)

Older Gospel Music:
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
Come Out of the Wilderness
Do Lord Remember Me (Ver. 1)
Do Lord Remember Me (Ver. 2)
He's Got the Whole World in His Hand
He Touched Me
He's Sweet I know
Highway to Heaven (Walking up the King's Highway)
We've Come This Far by Faith (Ver. 1)
We've Come This Far by Faith (Ver. 2)
(10 of these)

Newer Gospel Music:
Available to You (Ver. 1)
Available to You (Ver. 2)
Do Not Pass Me By
Glory To Glory
God Be Prasied
God Will Take Care of You (Ver. 1)
God Will Take Care of You (Ver. 2)
Great Is Your Mercy
He Has Done Great Things For Me
Holy Lord God Almighty
I Can Go to God in Prayer
New Thing with Me
Perfect Praise
Praying Spirit
We Fall Down
(16 of these)

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