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  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics of Musical Harmony
  • Fibonacci Suite for retuned piano, seven hands 2001 Apr 20
  • Software
  • Fractal Editor (for DOS/Win, educational and entertaining)
  • Public Key Encryption (for DOS/Win, also educational and entertaining)
  • Encapsulated PostScript for Just Intonation (easily editable EPS files to graphically explore scales in JI)
  • Equal Temperament to Just Intonation (for DOS/Win, to convert ET to JI
  • Photos of 2003 Europe Tour 2003 Oct 02
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  • Contact Information

    Music Publications

    I am a founding member of the Just Intonation Network, an international organization of composers, musicians, and theorists interested in acoustically pure tunings based on the harmonic series (see D.B. Doty's site for more about JIN), and have published several articles in their journal 1/1 (back issues available from Frog Peak Music), including the following:
  • Superparticular Pentatonics
  • Fibonacci Gamelan Rhythms
    (see Ron Knott's Fibonacci Series page for lots of fascinating information on Fibonacci numbers.)
  • Harmonic-Melodic Diagrams
  • A Tour Up The Harmonic Series
  • A Justly-Tuned Guitar
  • On Piano Retuning
  • Pentatonics I Have Known
  • Rational Notation
  • Also see:
  • Fibonacci Suite for retuned piano, seven hands 2001 Apr 20
  • Encapsulated PostScript for Just Intonation (easily editable EPS files to graphically explore scales in JI).
  • Fret choices for Just Intonation Guitars (an informal article) 1999 Oct 10
  • Software

    NOTE: All software made available through this page and subsidiary pages is supplied on an "as is" basis, with no warrantees of any kind. The author bears no responsibility for any consequences of using this software.

    Fractal Editor

    I wrote a DOS program for exploring "Iterated Function System" fractals. The same fractal "recipes" can be used in a PostScript file (the printer does all the work.) Originally this project was for Discovery Day at NPS.

    Public Key Encryption

    I wrote another DOS program to demonstrate how the RSA algorithm for public key encryption works. This program performs the actual encryption (using feeble 15-bit keys) on short messages or text files. Originally this project also was for a Discovery Day workshop at NPS.

    LaTeX Thesis Style

    I developed a LaTeX (2.09) style for NPS theses; see the README file on the NPS site.

    Encapsulated PostScript for Just Intonation

    In the course of my music theoretical explorations, I have found certain graphical representations helpful in understanding scales and tunings in just intonation. EPS for JI gives a variety of easily editable EPS files to graphically explore scales in JI.

    Equal Temperament to Just Intonation

    Some composers working in various Equal Temperaments (equal divisions of an octave) wnat to know how an ET scale might be interpreted in just intonation. ET to JI gives a program that, for a given ET scale, shows successive JI approximations to each tone.

    Other Interests

    The theory of acoustically pure musical harmony (just intonation) fascinates me; I have written some articles in this vein. I enjoy singing choral music; I have been a member of I Cantori di Carmel since 1989. Guitar is another pleasant musical pastime; due to my interest in acoustically pure intonation, I have made an alternate fingerboard [GIF:4KB] for playing blues in A, from an interchangeable fingerboard kit. Sailing is another of my hobbies, and I am a (lapsed) member of the NPS Sailing Association. I also hunt down wild mushrooms and eat them (the good ones, that is, like Agaricus augustus, Boletus edulis, Morchella sp., etc.).

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