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Equal Temperaments approximated in Just Intonation


In 1979, in the Spring/Summer issue of "Interval" magazine, I published "Ratios For Equal-Temperment", excerpted below:
Here are several tables I generated to translate tempered scales into close ratio (just intonation) approximations.

These tables were generated using John Chalmers' algorithm for converting decimal fractions ... to ratios. The ratios I give are succesive approximations from that algorithm... Of course there are many other ratios that are close to any given tempered interval, but I just list close approximations, starting with low-number ratios..


Here is an implementation of the algorithm I used for the above-mentioned article, compiled for MS-DOS: et2ji.exe (30K).
Also, here is the source code in "C": et2ji.c (3K).
Below is the comment header from the source code:
et2ji : to approximate equal tempered tones by just intonation intervals
	 et2ji #tones/oct [tolerance(cents) [show all?(Y/N)] ]
  the first argument is the number of tones per octave (may be noninteger)
  the second argument is the tolerance in cents [optional; default is 1.0]
  the third argument [optional; default is No], if present means
	 show all intermediate approximations as well as best ones
	 (warning: this may make output lines very long!)
  the output, for each tempered tone, gives tone number, cents, and
  successive JI approximations with cents error.
  NOTE: these JI intervals do NOT include all simple nearby ones.
  I got this algorithm from John Chalmers; thanks John!
Finally, here is a sample output, given the command-line input
   et2ji 7
7-tone equal temperament: just approximations to 1 cent
  1 ( 171.4): 10/9 (+11.0) 11/10 (-6.4) 21/19 (+1.8) 32/29 (-1.0) 53/48 (+0.1)
  2 ( 342.9): 5/4 (+43.5) 6/5 (-27.2) 11/9 (+4.6) 39/32 (-0.4)
  3 ( 514.3): 4/3 (-16.2) 35/26 (+0.3)
  4 ( 685.7): 3/2 (+16.2) 52/35 (-0.3)
  5 ( 857.1): 5/3 (+27.2) 18/11 (-4.6) 23/14 (+2.3) 41/25 (-0.7)
  6 (1028.6): 9/5 (-11.0) 29/16 (+1.0) 96/53 (-0.1)

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