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I build things, buildings, roads and such for a living.  I also build and repair kayaks and this winter we hope to have 3 or 4 ready to go for the spring.  I've been paddling for many years and love the look and feel of a wooden boat.  But we've repaired plastic boats, one that had been badly damaged leaning against a water heater chimney, and fiberglass boats.  I'll even buy an old boat just to spruce it up.  I can't keep them all so almost the entire fleet is always available for purchase.  I'll just make a new one. 

We are taking a partially completed CLC North Bay kit boat and modifying it.  The fellow who started this project got the hull right so we have a bit of a head start.  The NB has had some pretty rough comments about it, especially as it pertains to weather cocking.  But since we already have one (see below) and it's big brother the NBXL in our fleet we know the problems.  This boat is being chopped and sectioned to use a Hot Road term.  It should roll well and with a modified keel line track better too, while still being maneuverable.  We will be tracking the progress right here.  I'm too heavy to use this boat on a regular basis so it will likely go right to the auction block.   Sherry Perry uses a modified North Bay as her main kayak.  Bill Whitcomb did hers, this is my interpretation of what the kayak needed and adjusted for a larger paddler. 

Okoume Stock, that's Sweet Pea paddling past the onlookers in her North Bay.  It's special to build a wooden boat and talk to others about it.  It's very special to share information with other wooden boat builders.  It's most special to build a boat for your daughter.

That's also Sweetpea, many years later, in her well used North Bay at the top page banner photo.

 Loving her new boat
Learning some Greenland stroke techniques from Mark Rodgers of Superior Kayaks. Also learning from Mark  what Daddy should exactly do to make her paddle better.  Mark is a craftsman, I listened closely.  Shortly after this picture was taken Sweet Pea learned how far her boat would lean, and how to swim with a kayak attached. After a hot shower and lunch we left to return to Delaware and a Philly's game that night. 

Sweet Pea is growing up.

Now look it just doesn't get any better for dad then taking the twins out in a boat.


Charlie's boat was in dry dock for refurbishing.  A CLC Patuxent 19.5, it was built by a local boat Captain, and now Charlie is giving it good use as a race boat.
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