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Delmarvakayak.net is simply a aggregator for local kayaking news and information.  The name was chosen to reflect the geographic area by that same name, with hopes that the site will eventually represent the entire  peninsula.  Right now original content tends to be strongly based in Southern Delaware, the area local to the webmaster, Chris Beckman.  "Write what cha know".  We gladly post other's work, but you have to send it to us.  Pay is good, life long gratitude and twice what I pay myself, which is two beers at Dogfish Head.

The site was created in response to a need about 10 years ago.  It was for years hosted as part of my free web space from my ISP server.  In Jan of 08 we went "official"  and in July added delmarvakayak.com too, as the Milton Theater had put out thousands of brochures for the Broadkill Race out with that url.  There are several local kayaking message boards, our favorite is Delmarva Paddlers, but there is also PennKayaking, Chesapeake Paddlers Association, and JSSKA.  There are several smaller groups too.  Except for CPA you need to be a member of one of these groups to get any information.  So this site with its popular Current Events page was founded as a place that would show up quickly on Google and be an easy place to find local information paddler.  I hope we have achieved that goal.

A second goal of the site is to help promote paddling safety.  Especially as it pertains to cold water.  Our waters around here are inviting 12 months out of the year, but for 8 of those months much of the water is deceivably cold.  Cold enough to quickly render a swimmer incapacitated.  Each year we loose a few paddlers, fishermen, or duck hunters who capsize and drown.  So see our Cold Water pages; 

And wear your life jackets, please.


A disclaimer;

As stated this site is an independent site, and not officially affiliated with any group, message board, organization or paddling related business.  I do occasionally help Coastal Kayaks  out with tours, in return they help me put on safety and rescue sessions.   I've been know to help Quest Fitness too and will show up as a safety kayaker for places like Survival Products and Chesapeake Light Craft.  The Delmarva Paddlers Retreat is a separate entity, not associated with this website or the message board of the same name.  They were first to use the name.  And I help there too, and wouldn't miss it.

The site is non-commercial and fully funded by Beckman, much to the wife's disgust.  We may perhaps pick up some local sponsorship, it will however not be anyone associated with the kayaking business and will be clearly noted as a sponsor.  I try to be as unbiased as possible.  I'm an old grey-bearded curmudgeon so that's not always easy.  I however am easy, feed me and buy a beer or two and I'll post your event.  Of course if it has to do with local paddling I'd have posted it anyway, but food and beer's good too.  Especially sausage sandwiches.

I hope you enjoy the site, and some of the local content.  See you on the water and be sure to say HI.

Chris Beckman



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