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Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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Results of the 2014 15th Annual Broadkill Canoe and Kayak Race are right here as a pdf or webpage


The 15th Annual Race will be held Saturday August 23rd.  Details to follow, but they are essentially the same as last year. 

From the Cape Gazzette August 15, 2014

The 15th annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race is just around the bend. This popular 10-mile race up the scenic and challenging Broadkill River in Milton will  take place Saturday, Aug. 23.

Paddlers with all levels of experience have a chance to test their mettle in several categories - single or tandem canoe or kayak; fast kayak; paddleboard or four-person or more canoe. Besides awards for the winners, there will be a prize for the best race costume.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. at Oyster Rocks with the race start at 10. The race ends in Milton’s Memorial Park.

The Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race takes place in conjunction with Bargains on the Broadkill, a festival sponsored by the Milton Chamber of Commerce with vendors, food, and the far less strenuous Great Duck Race offering cash and other prizes to the first 25 winners. Family and friends can enjoy the festival and then cheer on the canoe and kayak racers as they reach the finish line.

Racers are encouraged to preregister to guarantee they will receive a T-shirt. However, registrations are allowed the day of the race.

Sponsors for the race are still being accepted. Individuals or businesses that wish to support this wet and wild event, should contact Maryellen Kiernan at or call 302-684-8889 for further information.


They are still perfecting the registration form.  We'll post a link as soon as we know.

To wet your whistle, here's a video from Jeff Firkin who was Firkin cruising in the 4 man canoe

Irish Eyes is sponsoring the event benefiting the Milton Chamber of Commerce


 The 15th Annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak race will be held the fourth Saturday in August.  This is the largest canoe and kayak race on the Peninsula.   It starts with registration  at Oyster Rocks Road. North of Lewes Delaware and ends 10 miles later in Milton.  Pre register or sign up the day of the event.  Registration begins at 8:00 am.  Race starts 10:00.

Contact Irish Eyes at 302-684-5005

We've found Irish Eyes to be strategically located near the finish line.  $cheap PBR's

Irish Eyes Website


The 14th annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race    


A big thank you to Irish Eyes for taking this race on at the last minute and doing a superb job!




haven't seen any photos or videos posted yet this year.  Send us a link


Results from the 13th Annual Broadkill Canoe and Kayak Race.



Here they are!  These are the absolute no-shit final results.  Posted Sept 22.

Final Race Results 2012


We are open to your suggestions for further improvements. Send us an email at 

Marc Clery has excellent photos click here

From the C-4 Team

Parts 1-2-3 of the C-4 forward facing Go-Pro camera at the Broadkill race can be found here: 


per Dave Armstrong: Please feel free to post/share the links.


from the press release

The 13th annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race    

Saturday August 25th, 2012

Always the 4th Saturday in August unless it is not.


Day of Race Check-in Starts at 8:30 AM

Race Starts Promptly at 10 AM

Start - the end of Oyster Rocks Rd (off Rt 1 near Lewes)

Finish - Milton Memorial Park


The Milton Theatre brings the drama outdoors at the "wild & wet" 13th Annual Canoe and Kayak Race to support the future of the theatre. This popular race invites both pros and amateurs to paddle 10 miles on the beautiful, unspoiled Broadkill River for the greater glory of personal accomplishment, a bit of recognition and a medal.


Check-in starts at 8:30 a.m. at the end of Oyster Rocks Rd. (Rd 264), which is the starting point for the race.  You may also register at this time but we recommend that you register in advance.     

Click here for 2012 Registration Form  

If you register by July 25th, you receive a free commemorative t-shirt! 

The registration form has the classes and costs. 


Starting Point:  The race begins at 10:00 a.m. from the end of Oyster Rocks Rd.  There is a tiny parking area at the launch site.  However, it is much better if you arrange to be dropped off.     

Map to Oyster Rocks Road


Finish:  The race ends at Milton's Memorial Park to the sound of thunderous applause and the presentation of medals! 


In Memorial Park, the Bargains on the Broadkill event will be taking place with plenty to keep fans and families entertained until (and well-after) the arrival of our paddlers.   


Call the Milton Theatre office at (302) 684-3400 for additional informtion.   

Call Quest Kayak (302) 745-2925 for information about rentals and the shuttle service. 




12th Annual Canoe and Kayak Race on the Broadkill is




Here's the 2011 results




We are updating as corrections are brought to our attention, and as of April we are still correcting data, but our aim is to get it right, sometime, soon, maybe.

We are still missing the names of 3 paddlers and I have three paddlers that I don’t have times for, including Eric.  

 Mike and Alycia did a great job of helping out the Milton Theatre volunteers.  I loved the staggered start, but I suspect it may have lead to more work for the scorers at the end.  Our hats off to anyone that undertakes organizing a race. 

So please send corrections to the results, including spelling and such to

We do at least try to get it right.

I'll add this years race to the master composite when time permits.


The Official site can be found at Milton Theatre

They are the final word on all things having to do with the race.  We just report here and try to help them out with passing on the results.

 Jere's photos from 2009


New  We have assembled a composite spreadsheet with all of the years results in one place. 

Broadkill River Single Canoe and Kayak results. 

Broadkill River Dual Canoe and Kayak results.


Results for They are here






2007 2006 2005 2004  2003 2002 2001 sorry we have no data for 2000



The 2010 11th Annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak race will be held on August 28th, the fourth Saturday in August in conjunction with the Milton Bargains on the Broadkill and Great Duck Race.  Hosted as a fundraiser for the Milton Theatre this is the largest canoe and kayak race on the Peninsula.   Registration starts at 8:30 am and at Oyster Rocks Road. North of Lewes Delaware.  The race starts at 10:00 am and ends 10 miles later in Milton .  Pre register or sign up the day of the event.  Contact  302-684-3400.

   Insiders report:  We should be riding a strong incoming tide all the way to Milton.



from the Delaware Public Archives

Like the Native Americans before them, the European settlers of the 17th and 18th centuries utilized the Broadkill River as a means of transportation. Clearing of lands resulted in an abundance of grain and wood products. To transport these products to market, local craftsmen fashioned small vessels from the timbers of the prime hardwood forest that covered the land. Expanding settlement and the resulting increase of exports led to the construction of larger vessels capable of sailing to more-distant ports. As the number and size of these vessels increased, the reputation of local builders began to grow as well.

Located at the highest point of navigation, the tiny village of Milton offered the advantage of proximity to the inland forests, and by the early 1800s a majority of the shipyards were located here. While earlier vessels had been built for local commerce, the Broadkill industry’s reputation for quality fueled a demand for ships by outside interests. The size of vessels grew steadily, and local shipwrights were routinely producing ships for the coastal and Trans-Atlantic trade by the mid-19th century. Increasing preference for steam-driven ships, the physical limitations of the river, and the lack of quality timber, resulted in the rapid decline of the industry in the 1890s. By the dawn of the 20th century the Broadkill’s “golden age” as a center for shipbuilding was over.


Updated 8/5/07  Results of the 8th Annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race

Joe Warren and Cyndi Janetzko took first in the single kayak divisions, again.  Bill Hahn was back and asking about how all the old Delmarva Race paddlers were doing.  He had to trade Charlie in on a younger and sexier bow paddler and this was their first race.


August 4th 2007            The 8th annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak Race                     

 The 8th Annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak race will be held August 4th.  A little earlier this year than previous years to help celebrate Milton's Bicentennial   Registration  at Oyster Rocks Road. North of Lewes Delaware and ends 10 miles later in Milton .  Pre register or sign up the day of the event.  Contact Karen at  302-684-3400.  Previous years results  2001200220032004, 2005 2006 sorry I have no data for 2000.  Last year we found the newly opened Irish Eyes to be strategically located near the finish line.  $1.00 PBR's!         2007 Registration, Brochures and Liability forms

Note There are registrations out there that have a misprint about no canoes over 17'.  This was printed in error, if you got one of those please disregard.


From 2006


123 +/- boats participated.  Mostly families in their recreational boats, but also an impressive showing of fast racing canoes and kayaks.  165 years of combined experience.


But these ladies tell it better, so be sure to see Susanita's race report posted on her website The Purple Mirage .   She has a section set aside for Susan William's great trip reports too, including this race.  Cyndi's up front account of the race weekend can be seen at Updates From The Water

There has been some spirited discussion about the race and racers on the Delmarva Paddlers message board.


Photos are posted to Marc Clery's Website .


From the News Journal Rubber ducks, boats hit the Broadkill 



2006 Press Release

The 7th Annual Broadkill River Canoe and Kayak race will be held August 26th and a dedication was presented in honor of Mitch Madgruda.  This was also in the booklet they distributed.

We, of the Broadkill River Canoe & Kayak Race were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of our friend and friendly competitor, Mitchell Madgruda.  In what can only be understood as a freak accident of weather and/or equipment, it was reported that Mitch, 47 and a "Master" level paddler, set out from the Washington Canoe Club on the Potomac River north of Key Bridge in Washington, DC in late February for a routine practice, and never returned. His body was found a day later near Bolling Air Force Base. Madgruda had been training for the General Clinton 75-mile race held each Memorial Day on the Susquehanna River.  Mitch was an experienced boater who designed and built his own kayak and he wore a suit that should have protected him for up to 30 hours in the water. The circumstances surrounding Mitch’s death remain uncertain.

I first spoke to Mitch by telephone in early 2003, when he contacted my office for information on the 4th Annual Broadkill River Race. He also offered to spread the word of the race to all the kayak & canoe groups and paddling circuits in the DC Metropolitan area. I spoke with him every year after that, and sent him flyers & registration forms, which he distributed to all of his contacts. I credit Mitch with helping to make what could have remained just a “local” paddling event, into one of the most popular and well attended races on Delmarva. He of course went on to win the 4th Annual and placed second in the 5th Annual. We missed his challenging presence last year, when family commitments kept him from attending the 6th Annual. And from now on…. we will just miss him.

Karen Duffield, Broadkill River C&K Race organizer



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