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Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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Survival Products had their Demo Day on Mother's Day. 

What we found were many Dads with the kids in tow.  And the Dad's looked like they were having fun.  And the Mom's where at home in peace and quiet.

 And I'm a sucker for a pretty smile  so I asked her to smile, and she did and so did she
Remember, back before you were married, when splashing your date or slacking off and making her paddle  was called flirting.

And there were Mom's there taking it easy


And there where Moms and daughters too
But there was this one young lady that caught my eye.  Maybe it was all those years with my daughter's travel softball team.

She had such a natural, and powerful, stroke.  She obviously could feel the water.  She is also a pitcher with a top notch softball team.

And she had game. 

going from this (actually I didn't take any photos of her shaking on her knees just before these photos)

to this  It's 5:00, she wouldn't come off the water.
Mom, I mean it was her day, couldn't be outdone.  I'm thinking there is some strong DNA in this family
Mom had her time in the kayak too.

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