Delmarva Canoe and Kayak Race Circuit

Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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This circuit was not resurrected in 2006, or 07, here's hoping for 08, but just in case here's how they did it.


2002  Canoe & Kayak Race Resultsand  2003 and 2004 results copied from the Survival Products website.

Here are the rules and race classes from the Survival Products site just in case they decide to remove it from their site. 


Racers may be in any or all races.


Racers must compete in the same class with the same partner in at least 3 of the 6 races to accumulate points in the circuit.


Competitors may enter 3 races in one class and 3 other races in a second class, and be eligible for circuit awards in both classes.


A "DNF" (did not finish) at any race is not a disqualification from the circuit but is worth no points.


Competitors may enter more than 3 races and drop their lowest scores, keeping only the best 3.


Points will be awarded in each class as follows: 1st place 5 points, 2nd place 3 points, 3rd place 1 point.


In the instance of a points tie, the lower gross time will be awarded the win.


An absence at 3 races voids all points but does not preclude competition in remaining races.


An advanced team is one in which either paddler has placed in the top five in a race with five or more entries in that class for the past three years.


Novice or advanced status will be determined at race 1 and will remain unchanged through the year.


Any racer not finishing must report to race officials ASAP.


Racers are duty-bound to help others in jeopardy.


One PFD per person must be worn or carried in the boat.


Minimum age to race is 14.


Only single-blade paddles are allowed to canoeists.


Self bailers and decking allowed.


Boats must remain on the race course.


All times will be recorded to the nearest second and winners will be determined by order of finish.


Waiver must be signed at each race site.


Races will be held rain or shine.


The circuit committee reserves the right to rescind or change the rules at any time.


A standard canoe is any non-racing type of canoe not over 18.5' long and may be constructed of any material.


A competition cruiser is a racing-type canoe of a maximum 18.5' length, with a 4" waterline of not less than 14 3/8% of the length measured within one foot of the midpoint.



  1. Tandem Kayak

  2. Short Kayak (14'6" or less) men

  3. Short Kayak (14'6" or less) women

  4. Short Kayak (14'6" or less) senior men 50 & up

  5. Short Kayak (14'6" or less) senior women 50 & up

  6. Long Kayak (max.18') men

  7. Long Kayak (max.18') women

  8. Long Kayak (max.18') senior men 50 & up

  9. Long Kayak (max.18') senior women 50 & up

  10. Extra Long Touring Kayak (not surf skis) 18' & up

  11. Standard Solo Canoe

  12. Standard Tandem Canoe Novice men

  13. Standard Tandem Canoe Advanced men

  14. Standard Tandem Canoe Novice women

  15. Standard Tandem Canoe Advanced women

  16. Standard Tandem Canoe Novice mixed

  17. Standard Tandem Canoe Advanced mixed

  18. Standard Tandem Canoe Novice seniors (comb. age 101 & up)

  19. Standard Tandem Canoe Advanced seniors (comb. age 101 & up)

  20. Tandem Competition Cruiser

  21. Solo Competition Cruiser

  22. Open Class (surf skis, Olympic boats, outriggers, etc.)


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