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Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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A great article by Ray Killen

Delmarva Paddlers Retreat including links to the photos from 2007


Qajaq USA

All things Greenland, from forums to plans.


I get a lot of questions asked about my Greenland stick.  I bought the 2x4 cedar from American Cedar in Lewes Delaware and used Chuck Holst's plans as a starting point.  Why do I paddle with it, simply I get the results I'm looking for.  It doesn't have quite the acceleration of a big wide blade Euro paddle , but I can paddle with it all day with little effect on my wrists or tendons.  It's also easier to brace and roll with.  I'd recommend finishing it with a equal part mixture of turpentine, varnish and boiled linseed oil.  Not sure? Then go to the lumber yard, hand select a few cheap 2x4s and practice making one. 

 Making a Greenland Paddle by Chuck Holst.  Good information and well illustrated. Requires downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Matt Johnson suggests in his video (link below) on making a GP paddle using Chuck's plans to get a wider board and cut out your 2 x 4. 

Matt has a lot of good suggestions, but it is not the only way.  (We're always suspicious of a clean workshop)


Tim and Sandy stopped on by the house and using Chucks' instructions, Matt's video, and my tools they made two paddles.  Not that I think Sandy will ever get hers wet.  She had that wood polished.

Dave's Pool Rolling

You can go a lot of places to see Greenland rolling, but only here can you see Dave doing his thing.  The narration has almost nothing to do with what he is doing.


Traditional Kayaks

Appreciating and Understanding Arctic Kayak Designs Through
Research, Replication, and Use
by Harvey Golden
Kayak Demo - West Greenland Style be sure to click on "more videos from this user

Some folks you meet in life just need one name.  Dubside is one of those folks.  His videos are well done and informative.  See the site for information of Greenlandic pronunciations, rolling and ropes videos and even more on Commando Camping.


Blogging from Greenland


W a l d e n Q a j a q S o c i e t y
Fools roll in where Euros fear to tread

Rebuilding the Legendary Baidarka
In the Aleutian Islands, scientists recreate the ancient baidarka - a ocean-going kayak that was critical to the survival of the region's native people. (from PBS a Neat video with Greg Barton and George Dyson featured)


2006 Delmarva Paddlers Retreat Info


Paddling With “A Stick”…Greenland Paddles Re-discovered  an interesting review of Greenland paddling



This is interesting.    The video quality of this is not the greatest, but it's still fun to watch.  It's from a 1933 German film starring Leni Riefenstahl. 

Scroll down to "The Inuit" and download.

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