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Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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From Brian Blankenship:

Four people clocked the race at 7.3 statute miles (race organizers
reported distance in nautical miles)

Here are the results:

Kayak Attack 2007 Race Results 7.3 Miles

Name Time Place in Class Place Overall
Short Kayak (14ft or less) Men
Jeff Lusk 1.27.03 1st place 12
Matt Raymes 1.46.20 2nd place 17
Wayne Napoli 2.16.01 3rd place 22

Short Kayak (14ft or less) Women
Becky Beauchamp 1.54.25 1st place 20 (4th Woman)

Long Kayak (up to 18ft) Men
William Woodruff1.11.54 1st place 5
Kent Gaffey 1.23.28 2nd place 10
Michael M. Eline1.33.20 3rd place 14
Ed Foss 1.39.25 4th place 15

Long Kayak (up to 18ft) Women
Kristina McCoy 1.22.36 1st place 9 (2nd Woman)
Ashly Joyner 1.29.20 2nd place 13 (3rd Woman)

Open Class (18ft or longer) any boat
Brian Blankinship1.03.22 1st place 1
Joe Warren 1.04.11 2nd place 2
Ron Clore 1.10.04 3rd place 4
David Moore 1.11.35 4th place 6
Chris B 1.26.50 5th place 11

Solo Canoe all
Lance Roozedoal 1.07.55 1st place (OC-1) 3
Tina Leone 1.19.26 2nd place (OC-1) 8 (1st Woman)
Larry Bliven 1.48.58 3rd place (C-1) 18

Tandem Canoe Men (C-2)
William Hahn/
David Phillips 1:52.39 1st place 19
Donald Bull/
Scott Bull 2.01.26 2nd place 21

Tandem Canoe Women (Mixed) (OC-2)
Neil Macindoe/
Katie Macindoe 1.16.45 1st place 7

Leisure Paddle
Jay W. Timmons 1:43.54 1st place 16

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