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So occasionally you'll get asked to help out as a support or safety kayaker.  Pay is often a tee shirt, free food, and a sore butt.  If you're lucky a neat bag of swag.  But the real pay is to see people enjoying paddling, meeting new paddlers, and refreshing old friendships.  You'll meet  a new paddler and if you're really lucky you'll see them come back each year.  And what could be better than helping them on their journey to improve their skills and push their limits.   On the weekend of May 8-10 there were two events, OkoumeFest and the Delmarva Paddle Sports Expo.
Yes, look closely, that's NoBigWater in a beautiful wooden stripper out on the bay.  Who'd da thought Dave and Pete, Dave's the one without a head.  He was looking for something under water.  Must have been important because he was upside down a lot. Here's Pete coming out to greet us.  Whatever Dave was looking for,  Pete started looking for too shortly after this pic was taken.
A big attraction was the wooden paddle board. There were dories and all sorts of splendid looking wooden craft on the water.  See CLC's site for more photos.
How does it get any better.  Well maybe have a spot built for Spot instead on the lap I think   And this young Lady has gone from a casual paddler of recreational boats
To an accomplished  Greenland paddler, building her own skin on frame kayak, tuliq, and skills.  She must not have known about whatever it was Dave and Pete were looking for. She kept her face up while doing the balance brace.  That's what you're supposed to do. And she's done it in style.  Here she's in the Petrel

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