Surfing 06

Paddling Delaware and the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia

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Surfing the shoals off Assateague Island. 

Click on the picture for a larger version.  I'm still learning this little ole Optio WPI.  It's no Nikon, but it is waterproof and it fits in my pocket.  "F8 and be there" 

We started out early in the morning.  Cyndi had camped out at Assateague after a course she took at Coastal Kayaks and Nelson drove over from DC to meet us.  Be sure to See Cyndi's blog.

Waiting for the waves

Unlike beach breaks, these waves where hard to predict where they would form and then how they would break.  Except that they always seemed to be on either side of Cyndi.

Nelson however got this good one.

He's in low, he's cooking.

Oops it's got him. A quick roll up and Nelson was right back at it.

We all had some great rides, Cyndi and Nelson were nice enough to keep surfing while I tried to figure out the camera and get some shots.  Such as they are. 

After getting worn out playing about a half mile off shore in the shoals, we said goodbye and headed up along the Ocean City beach.  

Where we meet this local paddle boarder.  He was a wealth of information about the OC Inlet and the area.  He asked to join us, and we "escorted" him through the inlet and back into the Assawoman Bay.  

And then he just got up on the board and showed us how it's really done.


It was a good day.  After finding breakfast we all promised to do this again, only next time maybe we could find a day when low tide was closer to 8:00 am instead of before 6:00.  Nelson had a long day. 


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