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on May 27, 2000 it was...

    At last! -- after four months of building two kayaks with Chris, we had the formal baptism of my 'yak.  (Sweet Pea's had made it into the water a few weeks earlier).

      I followed behind Chris's Jeep in my tin-can 1983 Toyota Tercel, carrying on top my kayak, which is twice the length of the car....  This is the first formal portrait of all three Beckman-built boats: mine on top of my car; the Beckman family's 3-seater on the right of his car rack; and Sweet Pea's 1-seater on the left.

We all felt blessed by the appearance of Chris's extraordinarily noble and formidable brother-in-law, Sweet Pea's devoted Uncle Chuck, who met us on Indian River Bay, just north of the Indian River Inlet, with his own recently-purchased kayak.

It was Memorial Day Weekend, and we would soon find that the less than ideal weather --  overcast, steady wind and lots of chop --  had scared off a most motorboat traffic.  That was certainly OK by us.

    It was exhilarating, at long last, to put my boat into the water alongside Sweet Pea's.  Chris and I had spent many hours building and anticipating the first time the boats would be out together.  

So it was a mighty sweet feeling to go from this... this...







Sweet Pea and her pal Jonathan say "who cares if the weather is funky?"

"The Armada" L to R: Chuckie, Jonathan and Chris, Sweet Pea

Jonathan and Chris in the exquisite 3-seater

L to R: Chuck, Jim, Sweet Pea


A couple of happy guys in their kayaks... 





I stabilize after doing 17 consecutive Eskimo rolls....



Boats built by Beckman & Friends from kits by

See more on building the newest boat in the fleet at Beckman's Boatique

And here are some images we've acquired along the way of learning new skills

Sweet Pea learning from Margaret Killen.  Margaret and her husband Ray teach kayaking.
Obe Dan Kayakobe imparts the power of the Force.  Armed with his Euro water saber Roland prepares to enter the world of the paddling elite.  The Jet-bye Kayakers.
Newly empowered, Rolling Roland completes one of many successful rolls.  Darth Bliven and the evil empire will be no match this race season.  RR claims to have been holding back last year, but with new skills and "the force", he will be an even greater force to battle.  RR feels he can now become aggressive in his paddling.

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