Bat House

I'll report here when bats take up residency.

If you think bats are creepy disgusting creatures, you should visit the web pages of Bat Conservation International. There is a lot of useful and interesting information there. Bats are major eaters of insect pests like mosquitoes and crop-damaging moths. They are also major plant pollinators in many parts of the world, including the Southwest US. If you still think they're creepy, bear with me -- I like to have them around.

I had been intending to put up at least one bat house near our new house. I got "goosed" a little when one of the carpenters reported finding bats inside the house in places where we were about to enclose the space in question. I didn't want to trap a colony in the house with no way out, so I figured it was past time to provide better accommodations for bats outside the house.

So I went to the BCI web pages where I ordered two of the BH-7 Insulated Bat Houses. When they arrived, I had them set up on two 4x6 pressure-treated timbers. I joined the timbers with pressure-treated plywood panels 24x36 which face North and South. I then had the Bat Houses installed on the panels, one facing North and one facing South. This will give the widest range of temperatures possible inside the houses.

In retrospect, I should have mounted them on pivoting poles so that I could lower the houses for cleaning. The first thing to take up residence was some nests of Yellow-Jacket wasps.

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Erecting the bat house The easy way to put up a bat house: stand back and take pictures while the carpenters put it up using the Sky-Trak.

Awaiting some bats Ready for bats.

The BH-7 bat houses turn out to be made by Marvin and Linda Maberry. (Their web site) It is their model "PI". There is plenty of information there, including how and where to put up bat houses. You could order directly from them, but if you think bats are important, you should order from BCI and let them make a little profit. Better yet, join up. The BCI web pages

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