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We were married on Valentine's Day, 2002. We will have pictures for the whole world to see. I am truly happy now. I wish her and I could have found each other long before, then neither one of us would have been hurt the way we were in the past. We have the Lord to thank for bringing us together. Frank is truly my sole mate, friend, and lover. I cannot thank God enough for bringing him to me and my daughters, for they truly love him just as much. I pray that all couples find true love and happiness as I have.

We have made it 10 years and have many more to go. We have bought a home in McDonald, Pennsylvania and things are going great for all of us.

Frank is an electrician with the UPMC Childrens Hospital in Lawernceville, Pa.

Noretta has her Masters degree in counseling and working as a Therapist at Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Washington Pa.




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