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Browning Model 1922 .32ACP

Pistole 626(b)

This neat little pistol came into my possession upon the death of my uncle Pete. He in turn had received it from his cousin Kenneth who had been a Major during the Second World War, and had captured it from a German Officer during the final days of the war.


It came with the original holster and two FN 7.65 marked magazines as shown above.


The pistol is a virtual billboard of Nazi Waffenamt stampings. It took me forever to discern what the one in front of the BROWNING is, until I looked at it upside down. It is a double-strike WaA140 mark without the eagle. Search me. There are more eagles on this thing than in the Alaskan wilderness!


My wife has declared it to be "her" pistol, which is fine, as she is a dead eye with it. I only wish she would take a shine on something a little more practical for self-defense. Oh well, being comfortable and accurate with a weapon is a good start.


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