1990 Honda CRX SI

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I have tried to keep this car as original as possible with only a few mods.  This 1990 Honda CRX SI has been my commuter car for about a year now and gets great gas mileage, about 35~36 with mixed driving.  The original engine in the car started running a little ruff so the car was parked for 4 years, outside.  The paint looks great except for the hood and roof, which aren't bad, but not perfect.  I replaced the engine a year ago with a 2000 Civic EX D16Y8 VTEC motor with 108k at that time with the odometer reading 160k.  At that time I replaced the timing belt, water pump, clutch and flywheel.  All the oil changes have been done on schedule at "Import Auto Center" in Tacoma, they do excellent work and I take all my Hondas there.  Stereo has been upgraded to a Pioneer CD player with some upgraded speakers also.  The car does have an alarm I think it was a Alpine if I remember right but the remote was lost years ago.  The high beam headlight bulbs have been replaced with 3k amber fog lights, great night vision, lights look stock when they are off.  The car does have one issue...  The fuel pump does not pick up the last half of the tank.  The car runs great above a half tank but acts like it's running out of gas at half tank.  I have always keep it above so it was never an issue for me.  I would have fixed it a long time ago but I think the tank needs to be dropped down to access the fuel pump.  Doesn't sound fun.  The car also has $1000 in new SKUNK2 suspension.  It handles very well but the ride is a little stiff.  I consider myself an spirited driver so it doesn't bother me.  My wife says it feels like a go-kart... whatever??  New tires on the front.  Everything else is complete and original.  Everything works, windows roll up and down fine even ALL of the dash and climate control lamps.  Mileage now reads 175k.


    D16Y8 VTEC

    FIDANZA 8 pound flywheel

    EXEDY stock clutch & pressure plate


    SKUNK2 Pro Series full coil over $800 http://www.skunk2.com/suspension-2.php?code=COVS

    SKUNK2 Pro Series upper mount $160