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This site contains sample shop layouts for woodworkers.

It includes plans for dedicated woodworking shops, as well as for shops in shared space, such as garages and basements. Wherever practical, the plans are made available in electronic form (such as Visio) so that you can download and modify the plans for your own use.

If you're a Visio user, the Wood Shop Visio page has woodworking templates and stencils for laying out a home woodworking shop.

To submit a shop plan, please email me with your plan (or a link to your plan) and I'll share it here so that other woodworkers can review, and perhaps draw inspiration from, your ideas.

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Dedicated Woodworking Shops

Workshop graphic Dennis' Shop. This shop plan was created by my brother-in-law, who is planning a two-level shop. The graphic on the right shows the top level. (Click on the image for an enlarged view.)

The shop, 50' by 30', will be built on a hillside, and there will be ground-level entrances to each level. He plans to run dust collection along the ceiling of the lower floor, so that on the upper floor the dust collection ports and gates will be at floor level. Ingenious! No dust collection equipment taking up space on the shop floor.

The space will temporarily serve as living quarters, so there's a washroom and kitchenette on the left side to accommodate that. Hand-tool storage will be in cabinets under the miter saw and drill press stations. Wood storage will be along the open wall space above the workstations, and along the south wall.

(In case you're wondering, the lower level will be used for storage and maintenance of antique farm tractors.)

A nice, well-thought-out layout, with plenty of space to handle in-feeds and out-feeds!

Posted December 16, 2012.

Workshop graphic Larry B's Shop. This shop plan, available in Visio format, is a well-thought-out layout for an expansive 42' x 30' shop.

In designing his shop, Larry got great advice from the fine woodworkers at Saw Mill Creek, which I highly recommend as a forum for information and advice about all things woodworking.

In fact, if you're planning your shop layout, there's a lot to be learned from this discussion thread at Saw Mill Creek.

Posted May 22, 2005.

Workshop graphic Jeff's Shop. This shop plan, available in Visio format, features dust collection, sanding station, planer, table saw with extension and router, bandsaw, and more.

Posted July 28, 2004.

Workshop graphic Jeremy's Shop. This shop plan, available in Visio format, has layered diagrams for walls, electrical, cabinets, and equipment. It's a high-level layout for a future "dream shop".

You can download the plan in Visio 2000 format or Visio 5 format.

Posted June 30, 2004.

Workshop graphic Wildings Shop. This layout will make you drool. Joe and Laura have a detached heated shop in a 25x40 pole building. Very well equipped, this is a serious shop, with tools, shelving and workbenches in abundance.

Click on the layout for a larger image. You can see more at the Wildings' website.

Posted June 30, 2004.

Workshop graphic Charlie B's Shop. Charlie designed his shop with two distinct areas. To quote Charlie, one side is the "clean, quiet area" - a place for contemplation, layout, assembly and finishing. The right half of the shop is The Space of Dust and Noise - where large, expensive pieces of exotic woods are converted to valueless, hard to dispose of sawdust, chips and scraps.

In planning your shop, Charlie recommends seriously considering wall hanging tool cabinets with doors deep enough to store chisels etc.

Note how his layout of each side (below) let you see not just the floor plan but also the side view of every wall.

From his site you can click on the right wall hanging tool cabinet to see where over 100 tools reside.

Click on the layouts for larger images. You can see more at Charlie B's website.

Workshop graphic Workshop graphic

Posted June 30, 2004.

Garage Woodworking Shops

Workshop graphic Smiths' Woodshop. Most of the woodwork carried out in this 10x16 shop area is cabinets and sectional built-ins. The saws and router are on lockable casters and can be moved to suit the need for working long stock.

The floor-to-ceiling shelving doubles as a ripping station. Clamps hold a 4x8 sheet horizontally, so that plywood can be rough cut using a skill saw and an 8' clamped straightedge.

The table saw has extensions for wide or long stock as does the mitersaw. The dust collection system runs most of the perimeter with gates near the equipment. Stored under the bench are a portable bandsaw, a belt/disc sander, and a metal vise that clamps on the workbench. Handtools are hung on the walls above their respective power tools.

Click on the layout for a larger image. Posted May 18, 2006.

Workshop graphic Frank's WoodShop. This layout takes advantages of a 2-bay garage, 32'x24'. It houses miter saw, lathe, planer, radial arm saw, drill press, router, bandsaw, jointer, and tablesaw - - and still leaves space to do woodwork..!

Click on the layout for a larger image. You can see photos at Frank's website.

Posted June 30, 2004.

Workshop graphic Patrick's WoodShop. This shop uses one bay of a 3-bay garage. In about 9'x15', the shop layout includes bandsaw, a mobile jointer, oscillating spindle sander on a rolling cabinet, compressor inside that cabinet, and a mitersaw / planer on a fliptop cabinet.

You can click on the layout for a larger image.

You can download the plan in Visio 2000 format or Visio 5 format.

Posted June 30, 2004.

Workshop graphic Bill's WoodShop. This shop is in a 22'x22' open-rafter garage. The efficient plan accommodates a Rockwell Unisaw, Jointer, Metal/Wood Bandsaw, Belt Sander, Radial Drill Press , Scrollsaw, 12 x 36" Lathe, 12.5" Thickness Planer, Router Table, Dust Collector, Woodworking Bench, Clamp Rack, and more.

You can see more at Bill's website.

Posted June 30, 2004.

Basement Woodworking Shops

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