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What Wizards Look Like
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The Gods

You know as well as I how many bearded master wizards bedecked with staffs and cloaks actually exist out there. But every wizard builds their own look, what is yours?

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A Wizard's Wardrobe

anatomyYou are probably well aware of the typical wizard garb, but let's go over it again just for kicks. Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of interest is the wizard staff. Every wizard has one and for a good reason, this staff supplies him with a much needed influx of energy. The staff acts as his lightning rod to the rest of the universe, that's why he can do such amazing things with it as light a path, flame an enemy or simply use to it lean on. A wizard is not a wizard without his staff, a phallus of power, the staff shows us that this guy knows how to handle himself despite apparent weakness. The other most important garment is the wizard's cloak. Usually gray or some earthy color, the cloak protects him from the weather, camoflages him within the forest, and establishes his place as outside the normal folk. You just know his cloak has seen more than yours has. Now, everyone knows about the witch's hat and the wizard's hat, pointy cones of power which continue to project the wizard's great power from the top of his head to his feet on the ground. Sometimes the hat has stars covering it, sometimes it is worn through, sometimes it is a simple felted number that just keeps his head warm. The inclusion of the sword here is important because all wizards are willing to get their hands dirty to accomplish their goals, this includes fighting. Even if a wizard doesn't have a sword you will probably find a fine dagger (or a really sharp pair of scissors) among his posessions. Finally we come to the gray/white beard, the hardest piece of costume to come by. Especially if you are a female wizard and view the gray beard as a badge of wisdom and experience. The beard is unimportant as long as there is something else on one's person to denote their experience and knowledge. I will never have a beard to speak of so I bedeck myself in other honorific symbols. We know for a fact that Gandalf was eventually the bearer or Narya, the Ring of Fire, so we know wizards are a fan of jewelry. Put all these concepts together and you begin to get the picture of what wizard regalia is really about. With this in mind I put forth my own Wizard's Wardrobe Primer:

Staff - The wizard's finest tool, and an extension of your body. You can find one, buy one, or construct one but any way you slice it this staff will be your shoulder to lean on, your wand supersized, and the avenue through which the your earthly/personal energy flows.

Cloak - Made for the days when the snow is blowing outside and still you want to take a wizard walk out of doors. It protects you from weather true, but it also protects you from negative vibes, hungry animals, mossy rocks and watchful eyes if you have the hood up.

Hat & Scarf - Perhaps you have a pointy wizard's hat, perhaps no, that's not really important. What is important is keeping your head warm. Also, the neck. If you need a little color in your costume consider a scarf. The greatest of wizards need to keep comfortable on their journey.

Belt/Cord - Simple yes, but mentionable none the less. If you are the type of wizard to carry magical sundries with you then you will need something to sling them on. The encircling girdle can also come to signify the connection between the wizard and the great knowledge he contains.

Jewelry - These tend to take the form of the honorific symbols I mention above. On a chain of silver or gold a wizard can hang any ideogram to express any idea or mythos. Jewels of the earth are well suited to be used in jewelry and they add another dimension of meaning.

Book - The final and unknowable element of wizard regalia. Be it someone else's book or one handcrafted in the depths of magical mundanery, the grimoire or tome of the wizard, carries all the knowledge you have come across so far, or simply your random thoughts for the past year.

Magical Clothes - No, these aren't specific garments worn only in ritual and never seen by a single soul besides yourself. These clothes are the ones you feel comfortable in, the ones that just have that little magical something extra and still get the job done. In the end wear what you like.

It is interesting to realize that you probably have all of these things already; staffs are easily obtained in the forest. So there is really only one item that is most fun in its proper form; the cloak. But after all, a wizard is still a wizard if he is naked. We give power to our costumes because they empower us in return, so go for the item that makes you happy but remember that wizards are all different ages and colors so in the end it is most important to be yourself.

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