Dewey Drive Band

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Dewey Drive Band is a trio of vocals, drums, bass and guitar; based out of Burlington Vermont playing a wide variety of B-sides and originals including Country, Americana, Swing, R&B, Blues, and Rock & Roll.

From Country to Cream!

Kendrick Brown - Drums & Vocals
Rick Belford - Guitar & Vocals
Kurt Ries - Guitar & Vocals

Up Coming Live Performances:

Bayview Eats Colchester, VT

Summer 2014 Dates:
Saturday 06/21/14 5:30
Friday 07/04/14 5:30
Saturday 08/23/14 5:30
Saturday 09/27/14 5:30

Monkey House Winooski, VT

Saturday 11/30/13 8PM
Saturday 04/19/14 8PM

James Moore Tavern Bolton Valley, VT

Saturday 01/18/14 8PM
Saturday 02/15/14 8PM
Saturday 03/22/14 8PM

On The Rise Bakery Richmond, VT

Friday 04/19/13 8-10 PM

Summervale Burlington, VT

Thursday 09/05/13 5:30PM

Private Party Richmond, VT

06/29/13 6-10 PM

City Hall Park Burlington, VT
BoneStock Music Fest Northfield, VT

08/10/13 2:00 PM

Private Party Hinesburg, VT

08/23/13 7-10 PM

Red Square Burlington, VT

Monday 09/30/13 7-10 PM














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