The Definitive Guide to the WordPerfect Merge Feature

by J. Jeppson Wright

WordPerfect Advanced Merge Handbook (DOS/Win) covers the advanced WordPerfect Merge language for WPDOS 6.1/6.2 and WPWin 6.1 and later. You'll learn how to do a basic merge, then you'll jump right in to more advanced features.

You'll learn how to merge with more than one form or data file, merge into tables, merge only selected records, set up different types of form files, merge with database or ASCII delimited files, etc.

Sample applications are also included on the CD.

Table of Contents

  1. The Basic Merge
    Introduction To Merging
    The Data File
    The Form File
    Basic Merged Letters and Envelopes
    Selecting Records to Merge
  2. The Advanced Merge Commands
    The Advanced Merge Command Menu
    Displaying Messages on the Screen
    Merge Variables
    Expressions and Operators in Merge
    Useful Odds and Ends
    Looping Subroutines in Merges
    Decision-making Merges
    The Parsing Commands
    Chaining, Nesting, & Substituting Merge Files
    Running Macros from a Merge
    System Variables in Merges
    Handling Errors and Cancels
    Debugging Merge Files
  3. Applications
    Checking for Blank Fields
    Merging from the Keyboard
    Turning Merge Code Display Off
    Merging to the Printer
    Merging Lists
    Merging Labels
    Creating Duplicate Labels
    Merging Consecutively Numbered Labels
    Merging with ASCII Delimited Files
    Merging with the Address Book
    Merging with Database Files
    Merging Into Tables
    Merging With Multiple Data Files
    Manipulating Data Files
    Restarting a Merge
    Specifying Different Text for Each Record
    Associating a Different Data File
    Deleting Duplicate Records
    Multiple Lists from One Data File
    Automating the Entry of Data
    Starting a Merge with a Macro
    Sorting Merge Data Files
  4. Appendices
    1. CTON/ASCII Chart
    2. Function Key Scan Codes (WordPerfect for DOS)
    3. System Variables
    4. SYSTEM(Rightcode) Values: Numeric Value Order
    5. SYSTEM(RightCode) Values: Code Order
    6. Answers to Quizzes
    7. Merge Troubleshooting Guide
    8. Expressions and Operators
Approximately 320 pages, PDF format

WordPerfect Advanced Merge Handbook (WP 5-16)
$25, includes application files

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