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Our reading period for unsolicited or non-subscriber submissions from February 1 through May 31st.

All submissions are now made through our online submission manager.   NO OTHER FORM OF SUBMISSION IS CONSIDERED. 



We are announcing our first theme issue for the upcoming reading period (issue 13): superstition. All other guidelines remain current with regards to the theme.

The American Poetry Journal publishes poetry, poetry reviews and essays about poetry only. Starting in the summer of 2008, the magazine will appear once a year in summer.  All decisions will be made by no later than June 30th. We consider submissions from subscribers for publication in print all year round. If you are subscriber it is important to indicate so in your submission or it will not be read outside of our submission .

The primary interests of The American Poetry Journal  include fresh imagery, metaphor, and strong soundplay. The APJ is not interested in: poems about family members; poems about the poet; the poem; or writing a poem; or poems with an overabundant "I". Please be sure to check out the Mission statement.

Please send submissions of no more than five original and unpublished poems. A cover letter is a nice way to break the ice but not necessary, however, be sure to include contact information such as: name, address, phone, and email on the page of each poem. Note that the APJ ONLY accepts submissions through our submission manager.

An awareness of poetics, wide exposure to a variety of poets’ work, and an appreciation of craft contribute to a well-written piece. Book reviews should critique and interpret the contents, form, and packaging (if relevant) of the poetry book. Please provide background and context as needed, including previous books by the author, comparable books in the marketplace, and other books engaged in dialogue. To avoid conflicts of interest, reviewers should not submit reviews of books by authors whom they know personally. The piece must contain the reviewer’s original opinions as substantiated by the poems. Quotes are encouraged, but should not be overused; preference is given to the reviewer’s qualitative statements. Quotations of three lines or more of text should be set off with a line of space above and below, and an additional five spaces to the left. Reviews should be approximately 500 to 1,500 words. Use a 12 point standard font (Times New Roman) and set the text double-spaced. Please submit reviews as Word attachments (.doc extensions only, no .docx files) using our submission manager.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable with notice of such, but please notify us immediately if the work we are considering has been accepted elsewhere. The APJ’s reporting time is approximately 1-10 weeks for subscribers, for non-subscribers it will be the month of June. All contributors recieve one copy of the magazine.

For a few hints about our editor's preferences, visit the links page on the editor's personal site under "The Dancing Bear Reader."

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