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The long-running show lasted 10 seasons. Each episode was about 2 hours long including the commercials. In addition to the bad movie being featured there were sometimes little shorts, usually preceeding the movie. Below is an ordered list of the movies that MST3K showed through it's duration.

"Movie Sign!!!"
[They scream that out in every episode with three flashing lights.]
Number Movie Title DVD - Provider
102The Robot vs. The Aztec MummyYes - MST3K Fans
103Mad MonsterYes - MST3K Fans
104Women of the Prehistoric PlanetYes - MST3K Fans
105The Corpse Vanishes
106The Crawling Hand
107Robot MonsterYes - MST3K Fans
108The Slime People
109Project MoonbaseYes - MST3K Fans
110Robot HolocaustYes - MST3K Fans
111Moon Zero TwoYes - MST3K Fans
112Untamed Youth
113The Black ScorpionYes - MST3K Fans
201Rocketship X-MYes - MST3K Fans
202SidehackersYes - Rhino
203Jungle GoddessYes - MST3K Fans
204Catalina CaperYes - Rhino
205Rocket Attack USAYes - MST3K Fans
206Ring of TerrorYes - MST3K Fans
207Wild Rebels
208Lost ContinentYes - MST3K Fans
209HellcatsYes - Rhino
210King DinosaurYes - MST3K Fans
211First Spaceship on VenusYes - MST3K Fans
212Godzilla vs MegalonYes - MST3K Fans
213Godzilla vs The Sea MonsterYes - MST3K Fans
301Cave DwellersYes - Rhino
302GameraYes - MST3K Fans
303Pod PeopleYes - Rhino
304Gamera vs BarugonYes - MST3K Fans
305Stranded in SpaceYes - MST3K Fans
306Time of the ApesYes - MST3K Fans
308Gamera vs GaosYes - MST3K Fans
309The Amazing Colossal Man
310Fugitive AlienYes - MST3K Fans
311It Conquered The WorldYes - MST3K Fans
312Gamera vs GuironYes - MST3K Fans
313Earth vs the SpiderYes - MST3K Fans
314Mighty JackYes - MST3K Fans
315Teenage Caveman
316Gamera vs ZigraYes - MST3K Fans
317Viking Women & the Sea SerpentYes - MST3K Fans
318Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2Yes - MST3K Fans
319War of the Colossal Beast
320The UnearthlyYes - Rhino
321Santa Claus vs The Martians
322Master Ninja
323The Castle of Fu ManchuYes - MST3K Fans
324Master Ninja 2
401Space TravelersYes - MST3K Fans
402The Giant Gila MonsterYes - MST3K Fans
403City LimitsYes - MST3K Fans
404Teenagers from Outer Space
405Being from Another PlanetYes - MST3K Fans
406Attack of the Giant LeachesYes - MST3K Fans
407Killer ShrewsYes - MST3K Fans
408Hercules UnchainedYes - MST3K Fans
409The Indestructable Man
410Hercules vs the MoonmenYes - MST3K Fans
411The Magic SwordYes - MST3K Fans
412Hercules & the Captive WomenYes - MST3K Fans
413Manhunt in SpaceYes - MST3K Fans
414TormentedYes - MST3K Fans
416Fire Maidens of Outer SpaceYes - MST3K Fans
417Crash of the MoonsYes - MST3K Fans
418Attack of the Eye CreaturesYes - MST3K Fans
419Rebel Set
420Human DuplicatorsYes - MST3K Fans
421Monster A-Go-Go
422The Day the Earth FrozeYes - MST3K Fans
423Bride of the Monster
424Manos: Hands of FateYes - Rhino
501Warrior of the Lost WorldYes - MST3K Fans
502HerculesYes - MST3K Fans
503Swamp DiamondsYes - MST3K Fans
504Secret Agent Super Dragon
505The Magic Voyage of SinbadYes - MST3K Fans
507I Accuse My Parents
508Operation Double 007Yes - MST3K Fans
509The Girl in Lovers LaneYes - MST3K Fans
510The Painted Hills
512MitchellYes - Rhino
513The Brain That Wouldn't DieYes - Rhino
514Teenage StranglerYes - MST3K Fans
515The Wild, Wild World of BatwomanYes - Rhino
516Alien from L.A.Yes - MST3K Fans
517The Beginning of the EndYes - Rhino
518The Atomic BrainYes - Rhino
519OutlawYes - MST3K Fans
520Radar Secret ServiceYes - MST3K Fans
521Santa Claus
522Teenage Crime Wave
523Village of the Giants
524Twelve to the MoonYes - MST3K Fans
601Girls TownYes - MST3K Fans
602Invasion USAYes - MST3K Fans
603The Dead Talk BackYes - MST3K Fans
604Zombie NightmareYes - MST3K Fans
605Colossus & the Headhunters
606The Creeping TerrorYes - Rhino
607BloodlustYes - Rhino
608Codename: Diamond HeadYes - MST3K Fans
609SkydiversYes - Rhino
610The Violent YearsYes - MST3K Fans
611Last of the Wild HorsesYes - MST3K Fans
612StarfightersYes - MST3K Fans
613The Sinister Urge
614San Francisco InternationalYes - MST3K Fans
615Kitten with a Whip
616Racket GirlsYes - MST3K Fans
617The Sword & the DragonYes - MST3K Fans
618High School Big Shot
619Red Zone CubaYes - Rhino
620Danger, Death RayYes - MST3K Fans
621The Beast of Yucca FlatsYes - MST3K Fans
622Angel's RevengeYes - Rhino
623The Amazing Transparent Man
624Samson vs the Vampire WomenYes - MST3K Fans
701Night of the Blood BeastYes - MST3K Fans
702The Brute Man
703Deathstalker & the Warriors from HellYes - MST3K Fans
704The Incredible Melting Man
705Escape 2000
706Laser BlastYes - MST3K Fans
801Revenge of the CreatureYes - MST3K Fans
802The Leetch Woman
803The Mole PeopleYes - MST3K Fans
804The Deadly MantisYes - MST3K Fans
805The Thing that Couldn't Die
806The Undead
807Terror from the Year 5000
808The She Creature
809I Was A Teenage Werewolf
810Giant Spider InvasionYes - MST3K Fans
811Parts: The Clonus HorrorYes - MST3K Fans
812The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who
Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
Yes - MST3K Fans
813Jack Frost
814Riding with Death
815Agent from H.A.R.M.Yes - MST3K Fans
816Prince of SpaceYes - MST3K Fans
817Horror at Party BeachYes - MST3K Fans
818Devil Doll
819Invasion of the Neptune MenYes - MST3K Fans
820Space MutinyYes - Rhino
821Time ChasersYes - MST3K Fans
822Overdrawn at the Memory BankYes - Rhino
901The Projected Man
902Phantom PlanetYes - MST3K Fans
903The PumamanYes - MST3K Fans
904WerewolfYes - MST3K Fans
905Deadly BeesYes - MST3K Fans
906Space Children
907HobgoblinsYes - MST3K Fans
908Touch of Satan
909GorgoYes - MST3K Fans
910Final SacrificeYes - MST3K Fans
911Devil FishYes - MST3K Fans
912The Screaming SkullYes - MST3K Fans
913Quest of the Delta Knights
1001SoultakerYes - MST3K Fans
1002Girl in Gold BootsYes - Rhino
1004Future WarYes - MST3K Fans
1005Blood Waters of Dr ZYes - MST3K Fans
1006Boggy Creek II
1007Track of the Moon BeastYes - MST3K Fans
1008Final JusticeYes - MST3K Fans
1009HamletYes - Rhino
1010It Lives By Night
1011Horrors of Spider IslandYes - MST3K Fans
1013Danger: DiabolikYes - MST3K Fans
MovieThis Island EarthYes - Universal

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