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     Transliterations Copyright © 1997 by Jordan Lee Wagner.

[The Ark is opened. Stand.]

An-im z'mi-rot v'shi-rim e-e-rog,
ki ei-le-cha naf-shi ta-a-rog.

Naf-shi cham-da b'tseil ya-de-cha,
la-da-at kawl raz so-de-cha.

Mi-dei da-bri bich-vo-de-cha
ho-me li-bi el do-de-cha.

Al kein a-da-beir b'cha nich-ba-dot,
v'shim-cha a-cha-beir b'shi-rei y'di-dot.

A-sap-ra k'vod-cha v'lo r'i-ti-cha,
a-dam-cha a-chan-cha v'lo y'da-ti-cha.

B'yad n'vi-e-cha b'sod a-va-de-cha
di-mi-ta ha-dar k'vod ho-de-cha.

G'du-la-t'cha ug-vu-ra-te-cha,
Ki-nu l'to-kef p'u-la-te-cha.

Di-mu ot-cha v'lo k'fi yesh-cha,
vai-sha-vu-cha l'fi ma-a-se-cha.

Him-shi-lu-cha b'rov chez-yo-not,
hin-cha e-chad b'chawl dim-yo-not.

Va-ye-che-zu v'cha zik-na u-va-cha-rut,
us-ar ro-sh'cha b'sei-va v'sha-cha-rut.

Zik-na b'yom din u-va-cha-rut b'yom k'rav,
k'ish mil-cha-mot ya-dav lo rav.

Cha-vash ko-va y'shu-a, b'ro-sho,
ho-shi-a lo y'mi-no uz-ro-a kawd-sho.

Tal-lei o-rot ro-sho nim-la,
k'vu-tso-tav r'si-sei lai-la.

Yit-pa-eir bi ki cha-feits bi,
v'hu yi-h'ye li la-a-te-ret ts'vi.

Ke-tem ta-hor paz d'mut ro-sho,
v'chak al mei-tsach k'vod sheim kawdsho.

L'chein ul-cha-vod ts'vi tif-ara,
u-ma-to lo it-ra a-ta-ra.

Mach-l'fot ro-sho k'vi-mei v'chu-rot,
k'vu-tso-tav tal-ta-lim sh'cho-rot.

N'vei ha-tse-dek, beit tif-ar-to,
ya-a-le na al rosh sim-cha-to.

S'gu-la-to t'hi v'ya-do a-te-ret,
uts-nif m'lu-cha ts'vi tif-e-ret.

A-mu-sim n'sa-am a-te-ret i-n'dam,
mei-a-sher ya-k'ru v'ei-nav ki-b'dam.

P'ei-ro a-lai u-fei-ri a-lav,
v'ka-rov ei-lai b'kawr-i ei-lav.

Tsach v'a-dom lil-vu-sho a-dom,
pu-ra v'dawr-cho b'vo-o mei-e-dom.

Ke-sher t'fi-lin her-a le-a-nav,
t'mu-nat A-do-nai l'ne-ged ei-nav.

Ro-tse v'a-mo a-na-vim y'fa-eir,
yo-sheiv t'hi-lot bam l'hit-pa-eir.

Rosh d'var-cha e-met, ko-rei mei-rosh
dor va-dor, am do-resh-cha d'rosh.

Shit ha-mon shi-rai na a-le-cha,
v'ri-na-ti tik-rav ei-le-cha.

T'hi-la-ti t'hi, l'ro-sh'cha a-te-ret,
ut-fi-la-ti ti-kon k'to-ret.

Ti-kar shi-rat, rash b'ei-ne-cha,
ka-shir yu-shar al kar-ba-ne-cha.

Bir-cha-ti ta-a-le l'rosh mash-bir,
m'chu-leil u-mo-lid tsa-dik ka-bir.

U-v'vir-cha-ti t'na-a-na li rosh,
v'o-ta kach l'cha kiv-sa-mim rosh.

Ye-e-rav na si-chi a-le-cha,
ki naf-shi ta-a-rog ei-le-cha.

[The Ark may be closed.]

L'cha A-do-nai ha-g'du-la, v'ha-g'vu-ra v'ha-tif-e-ret,
v'ha-nei-tsach v'ha-hod. Ki chol ba-sha-ma-yim u-va-a-rets.
L'cha A-do-nai ha-mam-la-cha, v'ha-mit-na-sei l'chol l'rosh.

Mi y'ma-leil g'vu-rot A-do-nai, yash-mi-a kawl t'hi-la-to.

The Ark is closed.  Remain standing if standing, seated if seated.


[If there are no mourner's present, this occurence of the Mourner's Kaddish is omitted.  As always, it is omitted if there is no minyan.  Mourners rise; all others remain standing if standing, seated if seated.  The mourners recite the navy blue text.]


Yit-ga-dal v'yit-ka-dash sh'mei ra-ba, (A-mein.)
b'al-ma di-v'ra chi-ru-tei, v'yam-lich mal-chu-tei
[ v'yats-mach pur-ka-nei, vi-ka-reiv m'shi-chei.
 (A-mein). ]
b'chai-yei-chon uv'yo-mei-chon
uv'chai-yei d'chawl^beit Yis-ra-eil,
ba-a-ga-la u-viz-man ka-riv,
v'im'ru: A-mein.

Y'hei sh'mei ra-ba m'va-rach
l'a-lam ul'al-mei al-ma-ya. [Yit-ba-rach]

Yit-ba-rach v'yish-ta-bach,
v'yit-pa-ar v'yit-ro-mam v'yit-na-sei,
v'yit-ha-dar v'yit-a-leh v'yit-ha-lal, sh'mei d'ku-d'sha, b'rich hu,

(b'rich hu)      
 [Some Chassidic and Sfardic congregations say "A-mein"]
l'ei-la min^kawl^bir-cha-ta v'shi-ra-ta,
tush-b'cha-ta v'ne-che-ma-ta, da-a-mi-ran b'al-ma,
v'im'ru: A-mein.

Y'hei sh'la-ma ra-ba min sh'ma-ya,
[ to-vim ], a-lei-nu v'al kawl^Yis-ra-eil,
v'im'ru: A-mein.

O-seh sha-lom bim-ro-mav,
hu ya-a-seh sha-lom a-lei-nu v'al kawl^Yis-ra-eil,
v'im'ru: A-mein.  





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