Strip Tease

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He's vice. She's nice. This potent combination has to be handled with care!

It seemed easy enough.  Hit the local all-male strip club, pick a likely target, and hire him for her best friend's bachelorette party.  But the stripper who catches Caroline's eye has a different agenda.  He's an undercover cop, and Caroline ends up under arrest Ė for solicitation!

Tony DiMarco realizes too late that he's made a mistake.  Caroline's reputation and business are suffering, and he feels responsible.  He feels something else, too Ė the pull of red-hot desire.  He wants Caroline, but she's afraid that he's just trying to make up for his mistake.  Can this determined vice cop teach her to trust again?

What people are saying...

Flirty, frisky and downright funny! STRIP TEASE is going to knock your socks off. ~ Susanna Carr


"The characters were enchanting, romantic, funny and very sexy. You are rooting for them from the get go and the ending can only make you smile. I did not want to have to stop reading this one!"

~Northern Nymph, Literary Nymphs


"Strip Tease is a story that will leave you with a smile on your face. The characters are well written and enjoyable.... Sparks fly even when they each had misconceptions about each other. Their interactions are what I really enjoyed about Strip Tease. There were laugh-out-loud portions as well as heartbreaking moments which makes this one, at least for me, a keeper. Iíll be on the lookout for more books by Ms. Davies."

~Trang, eCataromance


"The chemistry between Caroline and Tony sizzles and the love scenes will steam up the computer as you read STRIP TEASE. Kate Davies is a new author to me, but her writing sparkles and has me ready to check out her backlist.

Head on over to Samhain and pick up the delightful STRIP TEASE for a winning tale of a couple who start out on the wrong foot, but soon canít wait to get naked with each other."

~Holly Tibbs, RRT Erotic


"STRIP TEASE is a thoroughly enjoyable story that readers will smile their way through. I absolutely love the determined spirit that both characters possess and the playful banter that exists throughout the storyline.... Kate Davies does a beautiful job depicting Tony and Carolineís vulnerabilities and quirks so that you feel like youíve known them forever."

~Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies


"Strip Tease was a joy to read.  The main and secondary characters were a lot of fun....Caroline and Tony had a very sensual sexual relationship.  I thought the plot was well thought out and written perfectly. The secondary characters didnít take center stage, and they added to Caroline and Tonyís relationship in a positive way. Ms. Davies wrote a very entertaining story bringing two very different people together, overcoming obstacles and misunderstandings.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Davies." 

~LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Strip Tease starts off with a hilarious scenario that quickly escalates into something really hot and romantic.  Tony is the kind of guy any woman would want.  He's handsome, sexy and he loves his mom too.  Caroline is a sweetheart.  She is strong and yet vulnerable.  With a great guy, a sweet girl and some steamy sex, Strip Tease has got it all!"

~ Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed


"Strip Tease is a fun and creative follow up to Ms. Daviesí Taking the Cake. Tony and Caroline definitely have an auspicious beginning but instead of alienating them, it draws them closer together. I wonít say Caroline wasnít a bit miffed about her ďarrest,Ē but she had the good humor to be able to laugh at the absurdity of it too which really endeared her to me. Tony and Caroline have some really magnetic chemistry but more importantly, they have a genuine bond which exists even from their rocky beginning. It unites them in a way that perhaps more traditionally introduced couples donít have. Kate Davies has wowed me once again and Iím happy to say that Strip Tease is a flirtatious and charming romance."

~ Sarah W., The Romance Studio